Marius Fransman on the DA’s putsch in Oudtshoorn

ANC WCape leader questions whether DA was behind recent violence, says the “take over” of council was unprocedural

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 2 June 2013. 23h10. In a democracy citizens and political parties must respect due process and do things in the confines of the law. Where democracies are not in place, such practices are disrespected. That then normally leads to illegal takeovers of governments, or generally known as coup-de-tats.

It is now common knowledge that the DA becomes desperate to take over more councils (like that of Potchefstroom’s Tlokwe municipality) and they are reverting to desperate means, for example by starting a campaign saying to younger generation that the DA fought against apartheid!

What’s however of great interest to me is what they’ve done last week in Oudtshoorn. Just getting back to certain facts about that council… It’s an ANC-led coalition which over the last 12 months has gone through unnecessary wrong things, like maladministration, illegal appointments of people outside the proper process, certain mayco (mayoral committee) members that tried to effect certain illegal actions. The ANC decided to intervene, take action and restructure.

A few weeks ago the ANC officials (office bearers) went there and communicated the message. One evening at the end of April, the deputy secretary (Ms Maurencia Gillion), others and I were faced with an angry mob that wanted to attack leadership and damaged property.

At that point already we knew certain comrades in Oudtshoorn were involved, including councilors, and we knew that they already had secret talks with the DA.

The ANC however decided to be firm and not to allow threats that the council will fall derail us from cleaning up the mess in council. Some were also hell-bent to try and get Piet Luiters to become the mayor, even though we advised differently!

The question that the DA, and one of its provincial leaders Theuns Botha in particular must answer, is: Was that attack that evening also part of their plan for take over? 

We know that some of our councilors were involved. What we didn’t know was if the DA and Botha had a hand in it and what that role was. That question remains unanswered. It also remains to be clarified whether he already in the week of that attack had meetings with the ANC councilors.

If he didn’t, which DA members had such meetings? I am not asking if they had meetings… we just don’t know yet which DA members met them!

So last Friday the DA in their words “took over” the council. As stated above, in a democracy there is due process. One just doesn’t wake up one morning and take over a municipality. The fact that Botha personally was involved means he must explain how such an unscrupulous act occur and why was he involved with an illiberal and illicit activity.

The law and rules indicates that when you want to remove someone like a mayor, a formal written communication must go to the Speaker and be signed by the majority of the council, at least six days before a requested meeting for such motion of removal or also known as no-confidence.

It’s only then that such a motion is placed on the agenda. The question therefore is: Has this happened? The answer is no! Thus, Friday’s deliberate act was to create disorder, and bring turmoil to the administration.

The two list and three ward councillors under the ANC banner went into a DA caucus meeting in a treacherous way. They did not have the dignity or honour to first inform their comrades of their intent.

They were misled by the DA and it seems Botha in particular, fell for the lie that they can change the council immediately and did the ultimate sin: They back stabbed comrades they worked with.

In politics people can change views and their parties. That can be forgiven. But, then you do it in dignity and not in a disgraceful way by cheating & deception.

I’ve started by indicating what happens in a democracy and what is an illegal take over. The DA had shown its hand by one of their most senior members, Theuns Botha, that they will stop at nothing, not even an illegal act, in order to satisfy their greed for power.

What is different to what they have done here and what happens when coup d’état take place in other parts of the world? A coup d’état happens when someone (or a group) illegally takes over a democratically elected and compiled government.

A small group of people then plan, by creating chaos and havoc, and by force take over. This is normally condemned by anyone that upholds the principles of democracy and respects the Rule of Law.

The DA therefore in their lust for the Oudshoorn “take over” has shown their hand. They are not real democrats. They created conditions for an illegal take over.

They could not follow due process as the law dictates. They had to create instability in that area and communities.

The only question that remains is whether they were involved – overtly or covertly – with the attempted attack on us that dreadful Tuesday night at the end of April!

Statement issued by ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman, June 2 2013

First published on Politicsweb

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5 thoughts on “Marius Fransman on the DA’s putsch in Oudtshoorn

  1. wow!! ouch!! eina!!! Does Fransman have someone who writes for him? If he was to be Judged on this statement, I would say he is totally stupid and an illiterate ignoramus!

  2. I think it is time that the possibility of “jail time” be considered for politicians involved in dubious tactics.

  3. Maar manne sooo kan dit ok nie aan gaan nie.
    Of julle lei op oudtshoorn of julle word gelei.

    11 op n single bed
    En elkeen wil voor slaap?

    Aneea , julle word mos goed besoldig. Of wat

    “for example by starting a campaign saying to younger generation that the DA fought against apartheid!”

    Jesus, Now everyone has to know just how dirty the ANC really is. to rewrite history with such lies is beyond reprehensible.

    Everyone knows that the then PFP, under the leadership of the late Helen Suzman was the only voice of reason and opposition in the apartheid government and that to say otherwise is, madness.

    @ Marius Fransman, just because you have thrown your lot in with the ruling party doesn’t give you the right to spread lies. You are despicable and you have pissed me off.

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