It’s news ’cause it ain’t news

A DA delegation is coming! And it includes big names!

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… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 27 May 2013. 17h40. A DA delegation is to vist Oudtshoorn on Tuesday to speak to “stakeholders”.
Probably Agri, the business chamber, and a few other representative organisations.

Ivan Meyer, the WC leader, will be here too! Or not.

Like Theuns Botha (whoopee!) and Anton Bredell (hurrah!) would have come too but arn’t anymore. Or maybe they are still coming. Who knows?

The delegation was supposed to visit George on Monday and Oudtshoorn Tuesday, but the George visit was postponed.

2009. The DA wins the Western Cape.




2013. The DA’s back!

2014. Election year.

Go figure.


What will they spin us this time!?

For a record of the DA’s failed promises to Oudtshoorn, click here.

Us poor people of Oudtshoorn must really look like rank idiots to the DA Leadership.

Maybe we are.

We keep voting DA and ANC…

Doesn’t matter how one cuts this, it just ain’t news but that it’s not news.

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3 thoughts on “It’s news ’cause it ain’t news

  1. It is well know that the average memory span of a country bumkin is limited to say the least, if fact a study carried out by The Institute of Political Manipulation puts this at best at two to three weeks. With this information it is prudent that resources are better spent appeasing the affulent of the mother city. If fact the………..eeerrr, what was that, oh ja…………the tensile strength of reinforced concrete is contained in the rebar with the…………….eeerr, oh yes……….as I was driving down York steet I noticed that there is a new bowling alley

  2. Wakkerskrik Oudshoorn Business Chamber and Agri.
    Withold your funds and contributions to both DA and ANC completely untill they DELIVER – how simple can that be…OR, suffer the ‘konseekwenchies’ you clever people !!

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