DA rumours NPP deal

To what possible end can Stellenbosch Mayco members come up with this one!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 26 May 2013. 06h45. It still does not even begin to explain the tarradiddle, but it appears that the Stellenbosch DA Caucus is not prepared to give the MPAC chair to an ANC councillor.

It is sort of the done thing to have an opposition member chair MPAC, a sort of Scopa at local government level – Municipal Public Accounts Committee.

Likewise, in Oudtshoorn, it appears as if the ANC is unwilling to have a DA member chair MPAC.

All very silly, but there you are. It’s politics. Where thick skins are called for but the skinless abound.

The NPP member in Stellenbosch, Lincoln Stander, appears to be more acceptable to the DA Caucus than any ANC councillor.

But surely Stander reports to Badih Chaaban, the devil himself if helen Zille and Theuns Botha is to be believed…

Mrs Zee has not replied to my enquiry below.

If only local councils will not be treated as sandpits found at pre-school playgrounds…

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 25 May 2013. 15h45. Having been told the tall tales I wrote Helen Zille this afternoon:

Please… What POSSIBLE reason can there be for Stellenbosch Mayco members who have never even met me, to tell me that the DA is offering the sole NPP councillor the chairmanship of MPAC in return for political control in Oudtshoorn!?

Are we playing silly buggers now?

We don’t have enough to do of a Saturday with Monday deadlines!?

Ye gods and faeries!

No, I never reveal my sources.

She has not replied yet, but Badih Chaaban did: “Howzit u rebel without a cause lol, i know nothing about anything of that nature.”



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