DA retains George Ward 6

How the result influences Oudtshoorn and Eden

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 23 May 2013. 05h55. The DA won yesterday’s by-election in George Ward 6.

DA 1,329 (53.29%)
ANC 575 (23.06%)
ICOSA 422 (16.92%)
COPE 55 (2.21%)
Smart (Independent) 35 (1.4%)
Korsten (Independent) 78 (3.13%)
IEC TOTAL 2494 (57.88%)

The by-election was the result of the death of the previous councillor.

Icosa invested significant resources in this by-election, without much success.

The absence of the NPP is noteworthy as the party has all but wiped out the Icosa support base in Oudtshoorn.

With Icosa bent on participating in next year’s provincial and national
elections, the party’s resources will be stretched to breaking point. This might well afford the NPP an ideal opportunity to attack Icosa in its backyard – Kannaland.

Kannaland is expected (high probability) to be incorporated into Oudtshoorn for the 2016 local government elections and a strong NPP at that time may well influence the makeup of the Oudtshoorn and Eden councils.

Icosa’s run for a parliamentary seat next year can have no basis in practice but to give its convicted child rapist “president”, Jeffrey Donson, access to more moola.

While irrefutable proof exists for talks between the DA and Icosa with a view to working together for political control in Oudtshoorn and Kannaland, the DA still steadfastly refuse to consider the NPP as a partner… Because Helen Zille hates Badih Chaaban’s guts.

O, the DA is spinning some story about Chaaban being Lucifer’s Cape consultant, but the DA seems quite willing, although Zille would freak at the knowledge withheld from her, to associate with someone who stole virginity off a 15 year old, while refusing to work with someone who beat them to some support.

And then there’s the DA’s support, in 2007, of another Jeffrey – Swartbooi, who nearly conned Oudtshoorn out of R50m!

DA politics: Choose your buddy, as long as it’s not Baadih.


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3 thoughts on “DA retains George Ward 6

  1. The DA is king.
    Elvis Presley was called in to assist, tighter the shooked up Ayaa
    Congrats .
    The anc is lazy.
    They will ague…. For you, even if it means they must do so amoung themselves.
    While icosa must be bitterly disappointed,they are not to be ignored.
    Cope, the nice wise guys, maybe too nice.
    Independents, haai siestog , mamma. Aybo haybo

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