The SIU Report is given to JZ!

Juig al wat leef!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 21 May 2013. 18h25. The SIU Report on Oudtshoorn has finally been presented to the Presidency!

The SIU arrived in February 2011 after the President mandated it on
January 31 that year.

On 25 July O!O dug up the preliminary report dated 18 July 2011, and published details to the equal dismay of the SIU and fingered individuals and WC governmental functionaries.

On 20 February this year O!O reported that the SIU management was to submit the report by the end of February.

They were two months late, but the thing has been done.

Unfortunately, yes, of course there’s an ‘unfortunately’, Oudtshoorn’s report is one of some 24 reports presented together.

With the Oudtshoorn version consisting of some 96 arch files, O!O suspects that it will not be “studied” first. Or second. Or eleventh…

But at least it’s there.

And in this South Africa of ours this submission is cause to celebrate.

I’m off to have a double water with ice.

Perhaps I should make that a tripple water as I recall Anton Bredell’s comment in Die Hoorn of May 16 – something to the effect that he had no received the report. Does he even know it has been delivered to one of Jacob Zee’s junior boys friday?

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One thought on “The SIU Report is given to JZ!

  1. Meneer bedoel die agbare mnr Bredell wag op die verslag? 96 arch files? Wat gaan hy daarmee maak? Nou ja toe. Kom ons wag en kyk…..en kyk…… en kyk…….en kyk. Hopelik volg vervolging…… dan kyk ons weer….en kyk … en kyk…..en kyk. Dan volg skuldigbevindings. Dan volg die appelleringsproses……..dan kyk ons weer…..en kyk…… en kyk….en kyk. Wat ‘n volslae gekkespul!!

    Bredell wag vir die verslag……. Om te wat? Wat ‘n donnerse gekkespul!! En intussen is daar duisende ongemagtigde aanstellings by OM. Duisende? Ok…… Feit bly staan daar is f…..n baie van hulle. En Bredell wag vir sy verslag?

    Jaap is reg. wanneer gaan ons begin petrol bomme gooi en karre aan die brand steek? Sal iemand dan luister?

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