Chicken wings and papsakke

Archbishop Helen of Leeuwenhof hits George

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 19 May 2013. 17h00. It’s a broad church with quite diverse congregations, is politics.

The DA faith is celebrated in numerous sectarian denominations.

One such service was held earlier today in George, where the archbishop, Helen of Leeuwenhof, presided.

No fewer than three lesser prophets preceded the Arch.

George mayor Charles Standers spoke on the successes of the DA controlled citlet (I think it’s a great little word for a small city!). He spoke briefly. It was a speechlet.

The deputy mayor, also the DA George chair, focussed on DA political successes in George and in the Western Cape, and looked into the future of successes in the Northern Cape, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

The DA candidate, Hendrik Ingo, then spoke and, I kid you not, was “annointed”. Complete with the laying on of hands.

Ye gods and faeries and ancient alien visitors to earth…

Ai, jai, jai, jai, jai, jai, jai. Jai-jai, jai, jai.

Zille spoke. But I was there no more.

Is it just me, or has politics morphed into religious scams?

One thing is for certain, and it’s not rocket science to be sure: To be elected into power one has to have the majority of the bumpkinly in the pocket.

The ANC naturally has most of those.

And the DA is gaining ground.

Who has the most chicken wings and papsakke?

Who can be most appealing to the great unwashed?

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2 thoughts on “Chicken wings and papsakke

  1. Is the archbishop coming to Mossel Bay? I wonder if she will make a public appearance here to address the untold number of unhappy followers. Or will see come under the cover of darkness and collude to out-wit, out-play and survive at all cost.

  2. Can we gather that archbishop Helen is not going to point her holy chariot towards the Swartberge to come and tend her flock of Oudtshoorn ostriches? (or is it herd or is it swarm?) Which makes me think that the DA is not unlike ostriches – they look beautiful in their colours, they dance mating dances, they sit on huge eggs which never seem to hatch and once they do hatch what comes out of the egg is so fragile it has to be nursed for months and months and many don’t make it. Regarding Oudtshoorn the only HUGE difference between the DA and an ostrich is that an ostrich DOES NOT bury its head in the sand when it is faced with a problem.)

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