D-day for MM candidates

Final evaluation and interviews today

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 17 May 2013. 06h30. The final five candidates for municipal manager will be tested, evaluated and interviewed today.

By Oudtshoorn’s Brains Trust.

Ye gods and faeries and all talking animals of mythology and children’s tales, eggs excluded!

The shortlist of 5 was adjusted after Dr Edward Rankwana, a UFS PhD and current George director, withdrew from the initial list after the death of CFO Deon Lott.

Here is a concise note on each candidate.

Jafta Booysen, is the current MM of Beaufort West. The DA caucus have little confidence in him, especially because of apparent illegal appointments.

Francois Human, is the current Oudtshoorn Director Corporate Services.

The Kannaland Dekker Report of May 26, 2004; and subsequent disciplinary hearing found:

1. That Human shut his eyes to continuing malpractice;
2. That disciplinary action against Human was recommended for non-compliance with statutory obligations;
3. That Human (and several senior managers repoprting to Human) were to be suspended… pending the finalisation of the proposed disciplinary hearings;
4. That Human was held accountable for the alienation of municipal land.

On July 23 2004, Human, and two senior managers reporting to Human – Deputy Municipal Manager Reggie Timmie and Treasurer Hennie Nel – were in fact suspended, and Human later “encouraged” to depart, by the then Local Government and Housing MEC, Marius Fransman, after they allegedly mismanaged municipal funds.

The subsequent displinary hearing cost Kannaland R37,834.15.

Yet, O!O has heard mostly positive reports of Human’s tenure in Oudtshoorn.

What should count most against Human is the fact that he is a political appointment of Icosa – the party headed by that convicted child rapist Jeffrey Donson. Human is, in some mabacre way, a fruit of a political forbidden tree.

But before O!O comes down too heavily on Francois, why should he denounce his political (unofficial) boss if the likes of jesse Duarte and Marius Fransman and all the local ANC councillors support Donson’s continued darkening presence!?

And before DA leaders and councillors rush to endorse O!O’s diatribe, what about their continued support for the spousal abuser Mayor Memory Booysen of Bitou!?

Monde Stratu, by all accounts the current frontrunner hails from Knysna and holds a B.Proc from the University of Pretoria. He is the current head of community services of Bitou in Plett where he was charged with financial misconduct; mismanaging the Robberg Waste Disposal Facility; employment contract irregularities; and breaching the Code of Good Conduct for Municipal Staff Members in recommending budget adjustments which apparently led to finacial loss.

Khayalethu Mrali, is shrouded in complete mystery. Like Basil Fawlty’s man-servant Manuel, I know n-o-o-t-h-i-n-g. Someone? Anyone? And does the dearth of data adumbrate disaster, or… duh.

Mziwandile Tantsi, is a former mayor of Cradock, and MM of Queenstown.

Oy vay, mine longsuffering readers, it is with regret that I remind you that the last appointment made by our “dear leaders” was Thandekile Mnyimba…

Oy, a Yiddishe expression, is not so much a word as a vocabulary – it is an expletive; an ejaculation; a threnody; a monologue.

Rosten lists 29(!) uses of which I close with the last: “O-O-O-o-o-oy”, meaning at-the-end-of-one’s-wittedness, or I-can’t-stand-any-more…

1970. Rosten, Leo.The Joys of Yiddish. Pocket Books. New York. 277-279.

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7 thoughts on “D-day for MM candidates

  1. Whats wrong with the above choices,, All the above candidates show great potential to become true anc lap dogs,, all above have only been convicted of minor offences compared to JZ showehead.. with a bit of training they all show potential to become high flyers in the Million rand deals.. wont take them long in Oudtshoorn..

  2. Mrali, hails from Drakenstein aka Paarl Municipality, where he was booted out by the DA..

  3. (4th draft…)

    Ok, karolus has hit the nail on its proverbial head and I agree.

    “Why not just appoint Lottering, or April, or a Donson or Stoffels or the flippin cleaner”…. my sentiments exactly! and when they don’t perform, bring out the guillotine. CHOP. and CHOP AGAIN! (no doubt it will happen more than once)…. seriously though.

    The point being, if its not a donson, it’ll be a stoffel and if its not a stoffel then it’ll be a lottering and so it will continue… FOREVER. But here’s the thing.

    Why should we care who it is? let it be the ‘flippin cleaner’ for all I care. JUST AS LONG AS (S)HE CAN DO THE JOB! because its never going to be any different. So what’s the solution. TAMISA! Transparency and Accountability Initiative of South Africa. How so?

    Because its very much a give that we will, forever and a day, get unsuitable people into the posts of speaker, mm, cfo and mayor, the only thing we can do is to ensure these actors do their job and when they fail to perform (i.e. get a report out on time, miss a meeting, act outside their mandate, use money or get access to money they shouldn’t have access to, not abide by either of the three municipal acts – Its tickets. Its non-performance, its non-compliance, its emails, faxes, letters and so much paper that either they deal with the issue or decide that there are other easier ways to “earn” a living and quit!

    Nothing else is going to work! It’s done everywhere else. Even on a construction site where it passes as “move that pile of sand over there!”. “oh, so sorry, not there, I meant over there”. “oh, so sorry, not there, I meant over there”. “oh, so sorry, not there, I meant over there”. Ok, bad example (that called victimization, these days) but you get the idea.

    the beauty of it is that its not even as bad as the ANC’S stated methodology employed during the 80’s and 90’s where they made the townships “ungovernable”. Here all we are saying is – Who ever you are, welcome brother, do the job you were elected / chosen / bribed whatever, to do, but screw up and you are going to sink under such a pile of bureaucratic BS, so deep and so thick that you will not want to come to work in the morning. PERIOD!


  4. Nothing new. Why on earth would anyone think that the ruling party and the politically appointed officials would even THINK of appointing an MM who actually IS above board, WILL see to it that all shit is cleared out, WANTS to end corruption and HAS the guts and clear conscience to actually be able to DO it. COME ON – let’s all grow up and admit that this is like believing that Father Christmas, or a god for that matter, will swoop down and save us all from this bunch of thieves, child-rapists, self-enrichers, persons of limited formal schooling and liners of own pockets. IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN – there are too many grubby fingers in the till dear Drewan, too many who CAN’T AFFORD to appoint a legitimate municipal manager who wil actually DO the job. Hell, why go through all the- blowing-smoke-up-everyone’s-arses-exercise? Why not just appoint Lottering, or April, or a Donson or Stoffels or the flippin cleaner for that matter because the new MM will again be a puppet dancing to strings held by those who are screwing us in any case. Now that I have vented I shall go and enjoy my weekend.

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