I’m gobsmacked, I am

O!O applies to the WC DA Leader for understanding

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 16 May 2013. 04h55. That small group of confidants kind enough to advise me when I need assistence with some thorny issue on O!O knows that I harbour this narking confusion:

If only I can conclude that the DA is run by idiots I will understand so many things. But the DA is not run by idiots. The DA is run by smart people – intelligent people; bright people.

And therefore I fail to understand DA political management; DA messaging.

I wrote the WC DA leader, Ivan Meyer, yesterday. And I copied my band of advisors, and also Meyer’s provincial “deputy”, DA Head of Government Business, Theuns Botha; and two lesser DA lights:


I’m gobsmacked, I am.

Please help.

One of your mayors, Wessie van der Westhuizen, is clearly implicated of at the very least maladministration, if not fraud and theft, by a foremost forensic investigation firm. He accuses all and sundry of conspiratorial intent.

Another mayor of yours, Memory Booysen, by all indications, is guilty of spousal abuse and domestic violence and the kind of sexual behaviour your national leader took umbrage to during her State of the Province Address the other day. He solemnly refuses comment.

A councillor, Johann Brummer, is found to owe the DA some R5,000 on a disputed bill. He pays up in anticipation of an audit.

The first mayor is afforded every opportunity to state his case. He remains in office.

The second mayor is afforded internal consultation and assisted to cope with a difficult situation. He remains in office too.

The councillor had his DA membership terminated forthwith.

I am wondering why I should not conclude that the DA cares more for its own pocket than for the money of taxpayers and the black and blue visage of a manhandled woman.

Can you perchance help me understand, Ivan!?

I copy your deputy, but suggest that you do not heed his probable advice – “please do not reply at all”.

‘Cause why, Ivan, you are going to have to answer at some stage before the 2014 elections, especially as one of your colleagues, the honourable Robin Carlisle, pleaded with your bosses on behalf of the terminated member, without even an askance to you, mind…

“He has paid his dues in full. He did not steal anything from us. He gave his heart and soul when we needed him…”

There’s more, Ivan.

Like the brains trust replacing the councillor with… well, you know who. Startling. A veritable mucous whomp for the DA voters of Bitou. Of soes ôns mense sê, ‘n snótklap. Die Vlak se mense het selfs ‘n biétere sê, ma’ meisies lies oek hie’.

So I suggest you speak to me, Ivan.

Like expeditiously.

If you regard this as a threat I can only rejoice at the level of insight that defines the DA’s Western Cape leadership!

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One thought on “I’m gobsmacked, I am

  1. I fear RC may have been completely correct with his call, however maybe his mates all need a thourgh dose of the MUNDELL beraading.

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