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The Infantry School is an embarrassment to Oudtshoorn
and an insult to human rights

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 21 May 2013. 06h52. National Secretary of SANDU Pikkie Greeff reports that at least one of the charged trainers are back on the job.

Not good enough SANDF. Not good enough.

An army of barbarians?

It would seem so.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 20 May 2013. 07h10. It’s been a week since a brave 19 year old Infatry trainee filed assault charges against his trainers.

The sorry tale of the SANDF’s egg dance can be read below.

I wrote the Head of SANDF Communications, general Siphiwe Dlamini, this morning:


Is there any communicable reason for your silence in this matter?

Am I to assume that the SANDF does not regard the assault charges as important enough to respond to legitimate enquiry?

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 18 May 2013. 06h40. The Head of SANDF Communications, general Siphiwe Dlamini, will not reply to questions about the SANDF’s investigation, or not, into the assault charges laid with SAPS by a 19 year old soldier at the Infantry School in Oudtshoorn.

I wrote Dlamini yesterday.


Has a decision been taken to investigate the SAPS assault docket CAS 474/05/13 received by Staff Japhta of the Oudtshoorn MP on Wednesday afternoon?

Aho will conduct the investigation?

The good general’s communication skills makes him a prime candidate for DA nomination…

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 16 May 2013. 14h45. Staff Sargeant Japhta did indeed lift the assault docket from the SAPS yesterday afternoon, despite telling me that he had no instruction to do so.

Japhta indicated that an investigating officer from Bloemfontein will be assigned the case.

Yet the Head of SANDF Communications, general Siphiwe Dlamini, who initially attempted to brush the enquiry aside, could not tell O!O this morning whether the Head of the military police had authorised an investigation.

Colonel Bronkhorst of the MP Special Investigations Division, Southern Region, referred all enquiries to Dlamini who did tell O!O that the Head of the MP will decide whether to investigate or not and instruct Bronkhorst accordingly. Only then will an investigating officer be allocated.

The SANDF clearly do not want this case…

O!O can now reveal that the complainent, a 19 year old recruit who did pass out last week and is continuing his training at the base, and his mother, twice attempted to lay assault charges at the Oudtshoorn SAPS on Monday. They were turned away both times.

The two then approached an Oudtshoorn detective who took down the recruit’s statement and opened a docket.

The detective presented the docket to the military police in Oudtshoorn who refused to accept it.

The detective proceeded to register the docket at the SAPS and the passing of the buck started.

I emailed General Siphiwe Dlamini this afternoon:

Please confirm that the SANDF will investigate the assault charges against instructors at the Infantry School in Oudtshoorn, as contained in SAPS Docket CAS 474/05/13.

The complainant, a 19 year old recruit who is continuing his training at the base, and his mother, twice attempted to lay assault charges at the Oudtshoorn SAPS on Monday. They were turned away both times.

The two then approached an Oudtshoorn detective who took down the recruit’s statement and opened a docket.

The detective presented the docket to the military police in Oudtshoorn who refused to accept it.

The detective proceeded to register the docket at SAPS.

Staff Japhta of the Oudtshoorn MP lifted the docket yesterday afternoon, even as he denied having done so!

I put it to you, general, that it would appear, at least at face value, as if the SANDF is not serious about investigating the charges.

Please confirm that the MP will investigate the charges thoroughly come what may.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 15 May 2013. 16h00. The Military Police is playing silly buggers with the SAPS assault docket!

The MP refused the docket on Monday morning after which it was registered by SAPS.

Col Bronkhorst of the MP Southern Region Special Investigation Division requested that the docket be held by SAPS until he lifts it personally.

According to SAPS transfer is a simple electronic procedure.

Does the Military Police want the docket?

Staff Sergeant Japhta of the Oudtshoorn MP told me this afternoon that no decision had yet been taken on the docket.

The Head of the MP has not ordered an investigation and until such order is given the MP will not touch the docket.

Unless the media drives this matter nothing will come of it!

The SANDF must own up to the outrageous mismanagement in its ranks and cut to the bone.

Right now the Infantry School is nothing more than a concentration camp with privileges!

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 14 May 2013. 17h30. A very brave 19 year old troep laid a charge of assault against his military trainers with the Oudtshoorn SAPD late yesterday afternoon: MAS 474/05/13.

Remember the MAS number; it may very well become a veritable symbol of military dishonour.

I was a conscript and did my two year stint in 1982 and 1983. I know what Straf PT is. I know all about carrying poles up and down that f… hill next to the Officers’ Club in Voortrekkerhoogte, or whatever it is called now.

In my second year I trained the new conscripts and I dished out what was handed to me the previous year. And then some.

But assault troops!?

Sexual harrassment!?

Rape and violence!?

Only in armies of barbarians. Like rebel groups of bandits and terrorists… and, apparently, the SANDF with its Umkonto command structure.

I have been given the names of officers – officers! – who witnessed sexual assault in the Infantry School. These career soldiers won’t talk. Despicable.

It does not, of course, mean that O!O cannot, or did not, obtain the information!

The latest assault with broomsticks on naked butts chased through Karoo bushes is but a ligte mistykie compared to the stories I have been told…

But back to the brave 19 year old’s case.

It is SAPS policy to refer all complaints relating to military personnel to the Military Police. I am told that local SAPS dockets are regularly transferred to the local MP Unit.

The main reason for these transfers is jurisdiction. SAPS does not have unmitigated access to military bases and personnel and therefore SAPS investigations into military complaints are hampered and constrained.

A case in point was the recent shooting incident in which a SANDF member was killed. When SAPS eventually gained access to the witnesses they were dispersed all over the country and the investigation was unduly prolonged.

Mas 474 was allocated to a SAPS investigating officer and then withdrawn again to be transferred. As I write the docket resides somewhere in an SAPS safe awaiting transfer by electronic tagging on some case database. Whether the SANDF’s MP will actually lift the docket for investigation remains to be seen.

Col Bronkhorst of the MP Special Investigation Unit in Cape Town told me earlier today that he is awaiting instructions from the Head of the Military Police in Pretoria before lifting the docket. Bronkhorst was adamant that he would not receive the docket without clear instructions to do so.

It remains unknown what will happen to the docket if the MP refuse to lift it.

A complaint was filed by an injured party yesterday. SAPS surely has a constitutional duty to investigate the complaint and see that justice is served.

It is remarkable that an apparent second, parallel law enforcement agency, the MP, may take control of an assault complaint against some of its own. The procedure does not exactly instill confidence.

O!O has learned at 15h45 that MPs from Cape Town will now take charge of the investigation.

The brave 19 year old needs support and protection. His name is known to O!O and O!O reported his details to the Secretary of SANDU.

The history of violence at the Infantery School is a disgrace.

O!O will not allow this broomstick assault, nor any of the earlier violations to be ignored.

The SANDF can know this for certain: O!O is on your collective back like a bad suit.

Beeld se Erika Gibson berig vandag :

Verslae van die Militêre Polisie (MP) oor aanrandingsake by die Infanterieskool by Oudtshoorn wys personeellede daar gee kennelik nie om om handgemeen te raak nie.
’n Manspersoneellid is glo selfs al deur ’n onbekende vrou in sy kamer oorval en verkrag.
In 2010 en in 2011 was 25% van al die sake wat by die MP aangemeld is aanrandingsake en die res diefstalle en voertuig-verwante voorvalle.
Nadat beweerde vergrype sedert verlede jaar gereeld in die nuus was, het die getal voorvalle skielik afgeneem tot net vyf verlede jaar en net twee tot dusver vanjaar.
Volgens ingeligtes was dít omdat rekrute en personeellede óf geïntimideer is om sake nie aan te meld nie óf vertroue in die stelsel verloor het dat aangemelde sake behoorlik ondersoek sal word.
Die Oudtshoorn-landdroshof het die laaste tyd 13 sake van die rol geskrap wat weens ’n gebrek aan behoorlike ondersoek nie verder gevoer kon word nie.
Dié inligting kom nadat Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, minister van verdediging, verlede week ’n ondersoek na beweerde vergrype by die skool gelas het. Sy het ook die instrukteurs wat betrokke was by ’n onlangse voorval waartydens rekrute straf- opleiding van 34 uur lank moes ondergaan en met besemstokke geslaan is op verpligte verlof geplaas.
Uit gegewens van die MP wat Beeld onder oë gehad het, blyk dit 15 sake van aanranding is in 2010 aanhangig gemaak. In 2011 was daar ook 15 sake.
Dit is ook bekend dat die MP-lede met die onlangse voorval verbied is om naby die opleidingsterrein te kom om in te gryp. Selfs die SAPD is van die toneel verjaag.
Uit die MP-verslae is dit ook duidelik dat die instrukteurs nie skroom om vroue en vrouewerknemers by die skool te skop of te klap nie.
Onder die beweerde oortreders is senior en junior offisiere, sowel as korporaals en sersante.
Die militêre ombudsman hanteer op versoek van Mapisa-Nqakula die huidige ondersoek na die voorvalle by die skool.

Vast calculated obscurity…

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