ANC regional leaders suspended

“Misappropriation of funds” quoted

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 18 May 2013. 07h15. I spoke yesterday to the Secretary of the ANC’s Southern Cape and Central Karoo Region, Putco Mapitiza, who, together with his Chair, Vuyani Mashinini, were suspended on May 10. (See story below.)

Mapitiza denied the suspensions and offered as proof his call to me about a development in Plettenberg Bay, saying that he is busy with ANC initiatives.

And so he is!

Possessed of a disposition that is known to have been described as bordering on inquisitiveness, I asked around.

Mapitiza and Mashinini were in fact suspended on Friday night last week. S’tru! They were.

Entered Provincial Secretary Songezo Mjongile.

Did not O!O predict that the cunning Mapitiza would rely on his provincial mates!? Didn’t I? Didn’t I?

With the proof pending, O!O at this time have but one single question for the ANC’s leedasheep: Why is no one laying criminal charges!?




And the ANC a collective corruption fighting machine and all, don’t you know!?

Clean up your act, ANC.

Then again, the great unwashed will never abandon you, so I guess there’s no reason for you to do the right thing.

The mythological sky beings help us.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 14 May 2013. 06h30. The ANC in Eden is in a crisis.

So says a senior ANC cadre.

The ANC has not spoken about the Friday night suspensions, even though comment from the WC Spokesperson & Communication Head was approached.

Mused that senior ANC cadre, ‘there will be resignations…’

Well, O!O has heard all that before.

The fact of the matter is that come election day, the masses will vote ANC come what may.

Sad. But real.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 13 May 2013. 06h15. The ANC “Leadasheep” knows nothing of the suspensions…

Cobus Grobler, the ANC’s WC Media & Research functionary, referred me to Phillip Dexter, WC Spokesperson & Communication Head.

Dexter replied more than 24 hours after my enquiry:

“Hi – am sorry for the late reply-no idea about this but will find out.”

I responded:


This is hardly a reflection on you… But the suspensions were effected Friday night and confirmed to me at 09h40 Saturday morning; to a journalist some 2 hours later; and you are still not informed?

I approached Cobus Grobler at 12h00 on Saturday and he referred me to you at 12h22.

Given the ANC’s ‘mixed signals’ in Oudtshoorn over the last few weeks, communications need be sharpened up!

You are dealing with a region where frustration in the ANC has led to violence upon the person of the provincial leader who claims in turn that the Chair of the Oudtshoorn sub region is contriving to have him murdered!

And still the ANC’s lines are crossed!

This is unacceptable.

By the way, if you want to know what happened, read O!O!

What is it with politicians and their vast, calculated obscurity!?

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 11 May 2013. 11h40. The Chair and the Secretary of the ANC’s Southern Cape and Central Karoo Region, Vuyani Mashinini and Putco Mapitiza, were suspended Friday night.

Oudtshoorn’s Carmichael Ngalo is acting as Chair and O!O is told that Brian Blaauw is set to become an executive.

O!O has been informed that Mapitiza, a seasoned hand at the oldest profession*, will appeal on the strength that a Regional Executive Member may only be suspended by the Provincial Executive.

Although Mapitiza may have a point, O!O’s source maintains that a “correct” procedure, by the PEC, will confirm the suspensions come what may.

O!O has learned that misappropriation of funds is alleged and that a full scale investigation will be launched.

Sources close to developments told O!O that as much as R50,000 were queried just over the last two months.

It is generally suspected and a somewhat open secret in the Southern Cape ANC that Oudtshoorn is the liberation movement’s main Eden cash cow. Huge contracts are allocated and enormous fees generated which are recycled into various coffers of several ANC structures.

The misappropriated funds, if there are indeed such misappropriated funds, are highly probably Oudtshoorn ratepayer money.

The ANC, my longsuffering readers, is “appropriating” Oudtshoorn dry. The “vehicles” are known to O!O and if the SIUseless ever gets it wussy derrière in gear and lodges the Oudtshoorn report of some 97 lever arch files with the Presidency, sometime before the Secrecy Act is promulgated by Jacob, we all might learn the identities of the professional gang of thieves eviscerating our town chest.

I was surprised that no local ANC functionary with whom I regularly associate could immediately supply the name of the Chair – Vuyani Mashinini (apparently).

Some even japed that there is no Regional Chair to have suspended! Where was Mashinini all the time!? He appears to have been as “visible” and “involved” as the DA’s Anton Bredell!

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7 thoughts on “ANC regional leaders suspended

  1. I believe the reason why the suspensions are kept under wraps is because of the upcoming by-elections in George next week. A break in the leadership could very well mean a break in the vote. It is imperative for any political party to put up a collective front during election time, including the ANC. It will be interesting to see what transpires after the by-elections. I predict that either Putco and Co wil be history, or those who suspended them.

  2. Thanks for the response Pletty! Sounds like bullshit to me too. I don’t think I will rely on our DA councillors to take this matter further. Are there any left anyway????!!! Seems like this is just another bullet we as the taxpayers will have to bite while trying to put up a brave happy face because the DA is governing the town and they don’t fuck up…..

  3. Meyer. you’re confused and flattering at the same time!

    From what I heard the magistrate felt that it would be an unwarranted infringement on the ANC’s privacy to force them to supply the needed evidence like a letter of appointment and salary records. Sounds like bullshit to me, but that’s what I heard. If Bitou is indeed under DA control one would expect them to co-operate with the police investigation. I don’t think I have locus standi to even speak to the IO unless I can assist in the investigation.

    I believe it is the duty of the MM as Accounting Officer to lay charges when he has reason to believe that the municipality has been defrauded. Or maybe the DA councillors, having become aware of the situation will take action and push the investigation along. Maybe even the MEC Dan Plato will make some enquiries and chivvy the investigation along…. But damn, none of these people are allowed to read O!O, so maybe Baird can just ask the SAPS what is happening.

  4. Pletty this is a very serious allegation that affects me directly as a Bitou rate payer. Why didn’t the SAP obtain the documents in terms of Section 205 of the Criminal Proceedings Act? Also, surely Bitou will now under DA rule provide the information needed from their side? Did you investigate this when you were the speaker? Please follow this up!

  5. It comes as no surprise that Putco has allegedly misappropriated funds. It is not the first time it has happened. Right at the outset of his tenure as ANC secretary, criminal charges were laid against him for continuing to draw a salary from the Bitou municipality, where he was employed at the time, while actually working in George for the ANC.

    As I recall, the criminal investigation stalled because the ANC refused to supply the SAPS investigating officer with the necessary documents that would prove that he was in the full time employ of and paid by the ANC during about a three month period that he was also paid a salary and full annual bonus by the Bitou municipality, thereby defrauding the municipality of a considerable amount of money.

    Apparently despite knowing of his dishonesty the ANC allowed him to occupy a position of trust within their organisation, only to now find that he has been less than honest with regard to their funds.

    One cannot help but be amused by this turn of affairs.

    But how far will the ANC take this? Can they afford to turn the spotlight on their finances and run the risk of an SAPS investigating officer following the money around as far as its origins?

    I predict they will stop far short of that. Putco will simply be redeployed to a position with a municipality, perhaps even back to Bitou.

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