Did Gordon April resign!?

Unconfirmed reports would indicate that Oudtshoorn does not have a Mayor at this time

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 May 2013. 19h45. The acting MM’s statement on Sunday evening (see “Monday’s Special Council Meeting”) reads that Gordon April had not resigned by 18h00.

I don’t trust Verwoerd Sq communications.

I can reveal that the notice of the sepcial council meeting was ready on Friday morning and withheld as the ANC caucus remained unsure of April’s plans.

A meeting in the absence of an April resignation will be rather a waste of time – not that wasting time will weigh with the ANC caucus.

The fact that the notice later was issued may indicate that the ANC caucus was convinced, at least at that time, that April will comply with the Luthuli House decision to install a new Mayor.

But, my longsuffering readers, who knows what the clowns may, or may not do!?

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 May 2013. 11h30. Although I can not confirm it at this time, all indications are that Oudtshoorn Mayor Gordon April has resigned.

I first concluded on Friday that April must have had resigned when a special council meeting was called for Monday.

Only two items are on the agenda: The position of Mayor; and the appointment of an acting Municipal Manager.

It would be folly to include the Mayor on the agenda, in the absence of a duly filed motion of no confidence, if there is an incumbent Mayor.

I suspect not even the ANC would be obtuse enough to do so.

I am also aware that the WC ANC Leader, Marius Fransman, met with April last Tuesday for a considerable time.

I am also reliably informed that there is more to the matter at this time than April’s ego.

Yet I am not prepared to accept that Gordon April will vacate the office of Mayor of his own free will.

After April left the ID, and abandoned the DA-coalition for the ANC in August 2010, he all but blackmailed the ANC for the mayorship.

After the May 2011 local government elections it took three attempts to constitute the Oudtshoorn Council because April threatened to abandon the ANC and hand Oudtshoorn to the DA if he was not made Mayor.

Why would April now, all of a sudden, give up his salary; and his status, such as it may be; and his benefits; and his power – just like that?

I smell a rat. A large one.

Either April was promised something bigger and better than Mayor, or he was threatened to resign – if, in fact, he had resigned.

Given April’s, uh, “unimpressive” education, as the Equality Court found, it would be difficult for even the ANC to deploy him in some position demanding a salary equal to that of Oudtshoorn’s Mayor.

The DA could not do this when April demanded such a job in May 2011, in exchange for his resignation from Council.

Sherlock Holmes worked on the premise that once the impossible is eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Not a convincing philosophical premise, but quite apposite in the faery tale environment of South African local politics.

All that remains in this April mystery is a threat.

I confronted Fransman about this but do not expect a reply.

Local ANC functionaries inform me that April’s wife is not in robust health and that it would be best for the extended family if April vacated his office.

April apparently could not resign if Pieter Luiters was to have become Mayor as April’s father in law, Shepstone Billy, would not have survived in his soft, unnecessary job under Luiters. Word on the political street is that Charlie Wagenaar, the new ANC messiah, will turn a blind eye.

The Jesse Duarte and Songezo Mjongile visit, which pronounced Pieter Luiters, was very cold to April.

Mjongile is sore because April exposed his role in the doomed appointment of the former MM, Thandekile Mnyimba, and Mjongile had it in for April.

I don’t buy any of these half baked attempts at providing reasons for April’s meek departure.

I’m not even convinced there is a real departure!

Yet indications are that April is no longer, or will by tomorrow, no longer be Mayor by his own accord.


What had April been promised, or how had April been threatened?

And is this the accepted norm now: that position is a function of threat and promise!?

Oudtshoorn deserve an explanation.

Oudtshoorn deserve better.

Oudtshoorn deserve the best.

And Charlie Wagenaar for Mayor!?

O!O will have to remind readers in the coming days of the cell phone scandal; of Wagenaar’s role in the Ian Kenned saga; of that large amount that flowed to Wagenaar’s sister…

Oudtshoorn deserve better.

Oudtshoorn deserve the best.

And what will the DA do!?

Now there’s a topic for mad, uncontrollable laughter!

Oudtshoorn deserve better.

Oudtshoorn deserve the best.

The last official statement by the municipality declares that Gordon April remains the Mayor and that the next council meeting is scheduled for May 31.

But who takes Verwoerd Sq seriously anymore!?

Oudtshoorn deserve better.

Oudtshoorn deserve the best.

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4 thoughts on “Did Gordon April resign!?

  1. Well, what a waste of time (but predictable). The meeting that was scheduled for Monday at 10am in Oudtshorn, (you guessed right) didn’t happen. I ask myself…. what did I expect and who is the fool. Don’t I know people ALWAYS act true to form.

    The speaker closed the meeting to the public (but allowed the press, go figure, cause I cant) citing “security” concerns. What abuse! Don’t look at me , (Im gonna call the cops) because I fear your intent is to kill me. Its absurd.

    Anyway, even a non-event is news worthy. Sometimes what isn’t said, says more! (you would think they would know this – obviously not)

    So it was home to Ladismith. The only one who really got something out of this escapade was Elise, my wife. I got to do her shopping.

  2. Gordon is ‘n kabinetspos aangebied….. of iets dergliks. Dit is mos hoe die politici vir hulle uitskotte sorg. Of hoe?

  3. The municipal model we have both in Oudtshoorn and Kannaland is an Executive Mayoral with ward participation. The logical conclusion being that unless there is a fundamental change in the municipal structure both these fiefdoms will always have a mayor.

    Now, this, in and of its self, not necessarily a bad things and not all municipalities with this system are doomed, take the Boland Municipality. Competent administration and the municipality does what it is charged to do.

    But where ever the politics are in disarray there is bound to be strife.

    Solution time: SIMPLICITY.

    TAMISA is not a political party, has no political agenda and is not against ANY person or persons.

    TAMISA stands for Transparency and Accountability Municipal Initiative of South Africa.

    TAMISA aims to remove the glamor of being the Speaker, Municipal Manager, Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Mayor and restore these positions to the demanding and responsible positions which they are.

    Buy putting EVERYTHING into the public domain that is expected of the four municipal actors and ensuring that what is demanded under the Acts, is done.

    The performance incentive scheme was suppose to do this but contrary to what one might expect, money does not motivate nearly half as well as the promise of loss.

    The bottom line is that if you are competent you get to keep your job, if not, you will be so overwhelmed, overworked and stressed that you will decide, on your own accord, that there are easier ways to earn a living and quit.

    So, If you have read this far and agree with the underlying principals of TAMISA contact the moderator and lets get TAMISA of the ground, NOW.

    Remember, when the lights no longer work and there is no water in the tap, IT’S TOO LATE!

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