Spesiale raadsvergadering Maandag

Nóg ‘n gááp; of ‘n verrassing?

Kom wat wil tussen die oë feitelike beriggewing van wat
jy waarskynlik selfs nie eens besef jy behoort te wil weet nie

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 6 May 2013.

16h10. In an off the record discussion with a senior functionary this afternoon I was told that Gordon April had accepted the NEC decision to have him replaced as Mayor.

I remain unconvinced, but I am not prepared, at this time, to reject outright what I was told.

I was also told that the ANC will not summarily remove or suspend a member or a councillor.

Earlier rumours that councillors Hendrik Ruiters, Phillip Golliath, and Jurie Harmse had resigned were refuted.

It was also denied that councillor Pieter Luiters was suspended.

I can confirm that Carmichael Ngalo will return to the Oudtshoorn Council from Eden and that he will not necessarily be replaced by Pieter Luiters.

Let’s see what the immediate future holds…

14h45. It is quite obvious that Gordon April did not and would not resign, or the abandoned meeting would have proceeded.

The Speaker earlier confirmed, in a briefing by the Acting Municipal Manager, that the next scheduled meeting is for May 31. Special meetings may be held in the interim, but today’s meeting had collapsed.

12h34. About 3 hours lapsed and about 50 people – councillors; officials; media; security personnel; and SAPD members – achieved… nothing.

The acting MM briefed the media.

12h08. The Speaker closes the meeting for lack of a quorum – the ANC will not return to the chamber… ho hum.

Van der Westhuizen speaks to the folly and all leaves.

12h00. DA’s present; ANC not

11h07. The Speaker apologises for the ANC’s lateness.

Wessie van der Westhuizen proposes that council reconvenes at 12h00.

Julia le Roux (DA) calls for an updated “real” agenda by the time of reconvening.

10h25. Pieter Luiters (ANC) also objects to the absence of the public and asks for a 30 minte caucus. This request is supporter by Gordon April… And there the ANC goes.

10h20. Wessie van der Westhuizen and Pierre Nel strongly object to the absence of a complete agenda.

The Speaker says a new agenda will now be distributed.

10h05. I’m in! By special leave of the Acting MM… Only the media is allowed; no plebs…

Speaker explains, in question of Pierre Nel (DA) that it would not be safe for functionaries if public was allowed.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 6 May 2013. 09h05. The WC ANC Leader Marius Fransman is in Oudtshoorn on what may be an auspicious day.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 May 2013. 19h15. What may transpire during Monday’s Special Council Meeting?

You should read “Did Gordon April Resign” before continuing here.

If. April did resign, or will resign before, or during the Monday meeting, it may indicate that he had concluded a mutually beneficial package deal with his political masters in Cape Town and Luthuli House.

I can hardly see the point of resigning without substantial benefit.

Unless April is under some threat to toe the line.

Either way, a resignation will probably represent a deal whereby April facilitates the election of his successor.

If that is not the case, April simply needs to walk out of the meeting. I suspect the DA will also walk out, if the party is at all present at the meeting, as the party’s Constituency Head, Jac Bekker told me on Sunday evening that the DA regards the meeting as illegal.

I maintain that the Systems Act allows the Speaker to call a meeting any time he pleases as long as he advises ALL councillors. Sometimes there is a 48 or 24hr rule but even then in a case of emergency like when an acting MM must be appointed – the law demands the presence of an MM at all times – a shorter notice would be acceptable.

Even under a 48hr rule, the advice of Friday for Monday at 10h00 seems very reasonable under the circumstances. The DA objecting under these circumstances would not impress a court.

With April and the DA absent the meeting will not have a quorum and collapse.

Unless… Cope’s John Maxim remains to provide the quorum.

I, for one, do not trust to Maxim’s political integrity, and the silence of his leader, Mosiuoa Lekota, on the absence of party discipline in Eden, confirms my conclusion.

If a quorum is absent, April remains Mayor, unless he resigns.

In fact, in the absence of a resignation, quorum or not, April is untouchable for at least 7 days during which a formal motion of no confidence must be processed.


If April does resign and facilitates the election of a successor, the DA will not be required for a decision, unless…

Vlancio Donson, the Icosa Deputy Mayor, abandons the meeting and. Maxim too is absent.

Who knows what these incompetent, irresponsible clowns will or will not do!?

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 April 2013. 18h35. The Acting Municipal Manager, Ron Lottering, responded as follows to my query about Monday’s alleged Special Council Meeting:

Yes, the Council will hold a special meeting tomorrow @ 10:00. Two items will be disscussed; ‘Mayor’s position’ & Acting Municipal Manager’s poistion (Remember the late Deon Lott was appointed by Council to act), now Council will have to appoint someone else. With regards to letter of resignation; The Mayor is expected make an announcement tomorrow during his communication before Council.

Oudtshoorn. 4 April 2013. 08h50. Daar is Maandagoggend 10h00 ‘n spesiale raadsvergadering op Oudtshoorn.

… Slegs twee agendapunte:

1) Die burgemeester;
2) Die waarnemende munisipale bestuurder.

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5 thoughts on “Spesiale raadsvergadering Maandag

  1. Vandag se raadsvergadering agterwee gelaat moet mens seker wonder wat Marius Fransman kan wen met die situasie wat hy skep en hoe en waar die aanstelling van n nuwe MM daarby inpas? Wie promoveer persone wat ‘n party ondermyn as daar nie iets te gain is nie?

  2. @ investigative public – actually closed!
    two things –
    1. If it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s probably an ANC councilor.
    2. People ALWAYS act true to form (no surprises there!)
    3. Ockham’s razor states that among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

    Good ground rules for political survival, I’d say.

    Till next time.

  3. Open to the PUBLIC to first hand witness the ANC’c lack of capacity, incompetence, squandering public money, right under the nose of ” That Fransman” present today !!!!!

    Enough said, what else will persuade the public to vote with WISDOM in future ??

  4. Anthony

    What the ANC MAY do and CAN do and DO do are mutually exclusive fuck-ups.

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