Marius Fransman attacked at Verwoerd Sq

ANC against ANC; local Son journalist Hein Coetzee also arrested

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 6 May 2013. 08h40. The commedy continues…

Now Marius Fransman has announced that the ANC sub region chair, Chris Jansen, is behind a shocking plot to have him killed.

The New Age reports this morning:

Western Cape ANC provincial chairman Marius Fransman has fingered a senior regional leader in Oudtshoorn as being behind a shocking plot to have him killed last week.

Fransman said on Sunday that he had two affidavits from branch leaders in the area that indicate the regional leader, whose name is known to The New Age, ordered a hit on him.”

The leader denied the allegations and described them as “pure nonsense.”

He challenged Fransman to haul him before the disciplinary committee for ordering a hit on him.

I wrote Fransman:

Eers sê jy jy glo nie dis ANC-lede wat jou aangeval het nie; dan sê jy dis die voorsitter van die ANC substreek wat ‘n moordkomplot teen jou het!?

Alle prinse en kabouter en feëtjies!

Ek kan maar net lag. En mense soos julle moet nou my dorp en my land regeer!

And this was the reply:

Hi, Drewan

Ons weet wat gebeur het daardie aand. In elk geval, waar om kan jy nie soos ‘n man isn’t moet as jy REGTIG bekommerd is oor die dorp nie?

I did not get it, and wrote:

Ek verstaan nie jou boodskap nie – skryf weer en spel leesbaar!

As jy kwansuis wéét wat gebeur het, hoekom het jy twéé stories oor die saak!?

Ye gods and faeries and Princes of Serendip!

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 3 May 2013. 19h15. And now Theuns Botha, Deputy Leader of the DA in the Western Cape, has something to say about the Fransman ruckus…

“Oudtshoorn: Marius Fransman must get his house in order”

DA WCape deputy leader says ANC in province characterised by a growing culture of violence

ANC in Oudtshoorn must get their house in order

The disorderly ANC meeting in Oudtshoorn this week where municipal property was vandalised and Marius Fransman was attacked by a mob, is a further sign of a growing culture of violence and power hunger in the Western Cape ANC.

The ANC here is characterized by internal leadership struggles, a lack of strategy and discipline and a disregard for public property and efficient service delivery.

In the Western Cape Marius Fransman’s name has become synonymous with conflict, incitement and mischief. He clumsily staggers from one political fiasco to the next.

Recent examples include inflammatory speeches on farms, the abuse of the memorial service of rape- and murder victim, Anene Booysen, and insulting remark towards the Jewish community of the Western Cape.

The DA is concerned about the culture of violence associated with the ANC’s actions in this province. It is no surprise that this culture has turned against Mr. Fransman himself.

The DA calls on leaders to engage responsibly with communities and to not incite a spiral of violence through their statements and actions.

It has become very clear that long-term solutions need to be found for the on-going political dissidence within the ANC in Oudtshoorn.

The Western Cape government has already indicated that it will assist with service delivery in the ANC-led Oudtshoorn municipality and that the offer has nothing to do with party politics, but with a concern for and responsibility towards the communities in this area.

In the meantime, the DA calls on Mr. Fransman and his colleagues to get their house in order and to urge their constituencies to behave in a civilised and, above all, democratic manner.

Theuns, Theuns, Theuns…

Theuns, Theuns, Theuns… The DA on dissent and mismanagement in Oudtshoorn!? The DA!?

Theuns must think us Oudtshoorn people complete idiots.

First published on PoliticsWeb

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 2 May 2013. 09h45. Both the ANC, under the hand of Cobus Grobler, media liaison of the ANC Western Cape; and Putco Mapitiza, chair of the Southern Cape / Klein Karoo Regional Executive, issued statements on the events of Tuesday night.

I publish them verbatim.


The ANC outright condemns the attempt by a small number of individuals who late yesterday in Oudtshoorn disrupted an ANC meeting.

The ANC says the matter must be fully investigated at all levels (official and internal) and culprits brought to book. Criminals should face the full might of the law.

ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman (international relations and cooperation deputy minister) says: “A delegation of ANC leaders met with local structures in Oudtshoorn yesterday. This is part of an intervention that is backed by the national ANC to stabilise the work of the ANC in that council and correct certain deviations that occurred there.”

A small mob of distractors were on cue specifically transported in to derail the meeting and prevent the ANC from taking corrective action in the Oudtshoorn administration. These people were advancing a personal agenda. They bashed on doors and windows. Some glass was broken and objects burned outside.

Fransman says: “I have no reason to believe any were members of the ANC. If however anyone in the ANC is found to be part of this outrage, they will be dealt with strictly. This kind of disgraceful behaviour is not tolerated.

“The ANC is going ahead with its intervention in Oudtshoorn to correct the wrongs there, even if it has to get more painful before the situation improves. We cannot allow thugs to take us off course in Oudtshoorn to clean-up and let the wounds heal.

“The ANC will end any bad governance, political interference in the operations and soliciting of personal patronage in Oudtshoorn. The ANC will not allow consistent threats or attacks on its leaders there or tolerate excesses.”

The ANC has already instructed appointments outside of the approved organisational structures to be stopped and to reverse all illegal appointments made.


ANC condemns the babarick  behaviour by the group of people that barged into the ANC meeting last night at Council chambers in Oudtshoorn with strongest terms it deserve. No amount of frustration and anger shall resort to ill-discipline and we dare shall not tolerate it.  There shall be no no-go zones for the ANC leadership. No amounts of anarchist behaviour shall distract ANC from its responsibility and work of effecting to the Municipality when required. ANC  shall decisively deal with perpetrators of last night incident.

We urge community of Oudtshoorn to forge partnership with ANC in restoring its dignity and credebility in Oudtshoorn. This behaviour by these characters seek to undermine progress made by ANC led coalition in its endeavours to better the lives of the community of Oudtshoorn.  We are delighted to announce that ANC has concluded to reshuffle the Council to improve political and administrative situation of Oudtshoorn Municipal Council. Changes will amongst others to stabilise Municipality to speedily render effective services to the resident.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 2 May 2013. 05h50. Those arrested on Tuesday night will appear in the Oudtshoorn Magistrates Court today. O!O will keep you informed.

Both journalists and councillors across Eden referred all queries in the matter of Fransman’s attack to O!O since Tuesday night. The O!O stories were read a record 11,013 times until this morning – a clear indication that people turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 1 May 2013. 22h30. There is an SAPD presence in Bongolethu tonight as the group who protested at Verwoerd Sq on Tuesday night are gathered on the street where Councillor Nondumiso Gunguluza lives, in the company of Lourens and Oscar, whom O!O mentioned on Tuesday night.

The surrounding councillors, Eric and Carmichael Ngalo, and Zoliswa Phillips were all paid visits by the protesters and O!O has information that these councillors are under SAPD protection, either covertly, or otherwise.

There is a general anticipation in preparing for court appearances tomorrow.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 1 May 2013. 16h55. The entire kerfuffle was about jobs. And temporary jobs at that.

Marius Fransman even admitted this to a journalist – read the major Thursday’s papers intently; you’ll see the O!O influence everywhere.

This is Fransman’s official position:

He had a very succesful meeting at 13h00. He was mandated to introduce corrective measures to bring stability back to the town. At 20h00 he met the regional leadership at the municipal buildings to discuss the structures that needed to be put in place. At about 21h00 a “mob” of about 50 “thugs” had gathered outside. They were breaking the windows and glass to try to get inside the building to get at the people inside, and the building was in lock-down for about an hour. Some of them were carrying weapons. When he went outside one guy and three others launched themselves at him, but fortunately his security detail was able to pre-empt the strike and prevent the people from hitting him. He does not believe the people were ANC supporters, but he will be conducting an investigation.

Most all of the “thugs”, as Fransman calls the protesters, were temporary appointments by Ron Lottering, the Director Community Services.

The appointments were forced by Fikile Blaauw, a sub region functionary; and Pieter Luiters, a councillor.

Deon Lott, the late CFO and acting MM at the time of his death, was known to oppose the appointments.

O!O suspects, on credible intelligence, that the appointments were made to at least influence ANC leaning individuals to be more accepting of the NPP (Badih Chabaan’s party, of which Johannes Stoffels, speaker, is a member, and Lottering used to be the Secretary General).

It is known that the NPP all but eroded the Icosa membership in recent months. This is the main reason for the Icosa President, Jeffrey Donson, to entertain the advances of the local DA courters – flirting known to at least Jac Bekker, Oudtshoorn and Kannaland DA Constituency Head, and Theuns Botha, WC DA Deputy Leader… And “unbeknown” to an “unsuspecting” and “trusting” Helen Zille choosing not to see the mischief of her charges.

Even Mayor Gordon April, of late and under the beneficial influence of former Mayor Sipho Kroma, opposed the appointments, and the appointment of Fikele Blaauw, also known to use the name David Cele.

When NEC member Jesse Duarte and PEC secretary Songezo Mjongile announced Luiters to replace April, the decision was celebrated in the townships as the appointments were seen to be inviolate, even if invalid.

The came the Fransman message: Duarte and Mjongile “miscommunicated” the NEC decision and Luiters would be returned to Eden.

Bye-bye temporary jobs! Hence the violence.

The ANC is patently unable to deliver what its constituents want.

Only two reasons remain for supporting the ANC: stupidity by cognitive dysfunction; and stupidity by blind commitment.

Unfortunately the DA offers only a rampart against an ANC tsunami, and no real expectation of delivering what the ANC can’t.

The DA says it can, of course. But then the DA says many things. Such as that it stands for clean, transparent government.

I have to run.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 1 May 2013. 13h55. I wrote the Deputy Minister of International Relations and WC ANC Leader at 13h21:


I see you are quoted that you are not convinced the mob who attacked you last night contained ANC elements.

Good god man, most of whom escaped arrest congregated at the residence of ANC councillor Hendrik (Stokkies) Ruiters after the commotion!

If you know a bit about Willy Shakespeare (an English poet and playwright of some note) you may find some apposite reference in “Hamlet” (1.iv.87–91 or thereabouts).

“Mandela is up and about”; “who in blazes authorised the Gupta landing”; and “they weren’t ANC”… You and your comrades are laughable.

Do something to fix Oudtshoorn or stay out of our business!

I am

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 1 May 2013. 09h55. O!O now learns that Marius Fransman does not think it were ANC members that attacked him.

He says the matter will be investigated.

Fransman clearly has a strong natural turn for reading people and their intensions – a skill that should serve him wonderfully as deputy minister of international relations.

Ye gods and faeries!

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 30 April 2013. 23h22. O!O was first with the news just before 09h00 Tuesday night.

The Western Cape ANC Leader, Marius Fransman, was attacked on Tuesday night by residents of the Vaal Huisies, Bongolethu.

Fransman is the national minister of international relations… And he can not even manage relations at a small local government. Hey, Jacob, take note, uh, my china.

It is said that the annoyed protesters were supporters of the secretary of the ANC’s sub region, Fikile Blaauw, also known as David Cele.

Fransman met with the local ANC leadership Tuesday to remedy the false political adjustments introduced last week by ANC NEC member Jesse Duarte and PEC secretary, Songezo Mjongile.

During the late afternoon residents of the Vaal Huisies were taxied to the municipality where they protested Fransman’s announcements reversing the implementation of Duarte and Mjongile last week that saw Gordon April replaced by Pieter Luiters. See Why Pieter Luiters and A ‘pons asinorum’ for the ANC.

O!O was told that one Lourens and one Oscar and one Spokesy, the woman who apparently acts for money lender Bra Lee, transported the people to Verwoerd Sq in vehicles belonging to Lee and Frank Moos, another sub region functionary.

Fransman Tuesday instructed Luiters returned to Eden and Carmichael Ngalo reinstated to the Oudtshoorn Council as ANC Chief Whip, and ordered Charlie Wagenaar Mayor in Gordon April’s place. Mayco changes were also ordered.

The announcement vindicates O!O’s analysis of 24 April – see the two links above.

This adjustment enraged the crowd from Bongolethu. Most of the crowd were temporary municipal workers appointed by Director Community Services Ron Lottering.

It is significant to note that there was no uproar when it was earlier announced that Pieter Luiters was to replace April. In fact, the announcement was celebrated in Ward 8.

It is also known that Luiters, and his fellow ANC councillors Hendrik Ruiters and Jurie Harmse, regularly report to the sub region committee.

Will the ANC end this hooliganism and subversion?

After the attack, bodyguards rushed Fransman into his black 5-Series BMW and the minister was escorted out of town by an SAPD vehicle using the back streets.

I caught up with the speeding cars on the corner of Church and Buitekant Streets at 21h39 and followed them West into Park Rd and then South towards Voortrekker Rd. They turned right on Voortrekker and Fransman’s vehicle tried to avoid me by turning left onto Park. I followed at a distance until the BMW stopped. I waited; Fransman made a high speed u-turn and drove back to Voortrekker where he turned left towards Calitzdorp. I followed at about 50 metres until the BMW stopped at an SAPD vehicle where a short discussion took place. Fransman’s car then sped off towards Calitzdorp.

It is now a known fact that Blaauw was demanding an appointment for himself and several appointments for his supporters and that the late acting MM, Deon Lott, refused the demands. Luiters supported Blaauw’s demands and it was Luiters who threatened Lott on April 16. Lott fell ill shortly after the altercation and subsequently suffered a major stroke that led to his death.

The police used stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowd and arrested several people.

The local Son journalist, Hein Coetzee, was also arrested but was expected to be released on a warning to appear in court on Thursday on a charge of public disturbance after the Eden mayor, Wessie van der Westhuizen, was asked to intervene on Coetzee’s behalf.

That the Eden Mayor, under siege and investigation in matters relating to dereliction and fraud, intervened on behalf of a journalist from the top-selling local daily is significant on several levels and will be analysed later.

Coetzee was caught in the SAPD action and received a severe blast of tear gas. He retreated but soon returned for more photographs. An attempt to photograph a particular officer led to an unfortunate incident where Coetzee made disparaging remarks about a particular orifice of the officer’s mother and an arrest followed.

Members of the crowd were heard suggesting that they congregate at the Tusong Centre near Bongolethu and an number of them were in fact seen at the centre later. Blaauw’s small white EC-registered sedan was also seen at the centre, although he was reported present at the SAPD station in Baron van Reede Street.

I sms’d Fransman at 21h11: “Marius, die ANC verwoes Odn. Wat doen jy aan die saak!? Dis jou EIE mense wat jou bygekom het. You guys can’t run a beach in Bloem.”

The ANC is an embarrassment to Oudtshoorn. The NEC; the PEC; the PWC; the REC; the sub region committee; and the caucus have all contributed to vast dissent that must of necissity impairocal government.

This means that the rot in the Oudtshoorn ANC starts at the very top, nationally!

Oudtshoorn can no longer afford the ANC.

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12 thoughts on “Marius Fransman attacked at Verwoerd Sq

  1. @Auntie. The maths in any place but Wonderland and Oudtshoorn would be simple. Surely not a single DA/COPE councillor would support Mr April’s continued occupation of the Executive Mayoral post. Come to think of it no sane human being would be inclined to do that, so to get 13 councillors to affix their signatures to a motion of no confidence should be an easy task on the face of it and in isolation.

    However, we all know that if a motion of no confidence were to succeed a situation may arise where the DA then find themselves in control. We also all know that that thought scares the bejasus out of the DA leadership. No doubt the DA councillors have been instructed to apply the Bredell’s First Law of Political Activity- DO NOTHING. THIS TOO WILL PASS.

  2. Drewan, I don’t know why, ( probably because of my talent to have random thoughts), but when I read that Fransman is not convinced that ANC members attacked him, that Mandela is up and about and that the close family friends of Zuma, the Guptas, landed at an air force base and the ANC says they don’t know how it happens it suddenly reminds me of a facebook comment I saw this week. It was a photo of the rear window of a car covered in dust. The dust was accumulated by the car as the driver drove to and from the Mighty Men Conference in Richmond. The dust did not intrigue me, just as the potato farmer fails to engqge me, but what fascinated me was the message of the owner of the car which said something like: I know i have to wash my car but I can’t because the dust is Holy Dust!” (Heilige stof – nogal.)
    Maybe the ANC story and the dust story belong together because both illustrate magnificantly how people’s mind set and personal agenda can twist the truth. Perhaps there is not much difference between politicians who have their own agenda and believers who use every oppurtunity to convince themselves and others of their belief. Just a random thought.

  3. Dankie Auntie!

    Maar onthou dat O!O minute na die aanval en reeds tydens die oproerigheid berig het!

    O!O: éérste en met die régte feite!

  4. Sjoe maar dit gaan lekker hier op die dorp! Dit klink amper na April Fools day en nie na Workers Day nie!!!! Baie dankie vir O!O wat sommer vroegoggend al vir ons vertel het wat gisteraand aangegaan het! Wens net ek was ook daar om die petalje te aanskou!
    @ Asterix – no, Gordon April is still ODN mayor. Jesse Duarte did not give Gordon April the boot. You see she can’t because he was appointed by council and only council can fire him. So, she has to give the Speaker (also part of their coalition) the order to draw up a vote of no confidence and then he has to call a special council meeting. This motion has to be signed by more than 50% of councillors – 13. In ODN we have the ANC coalition (11 ANC, 1 ICOSA, 1 NPP) and the opposition (11 DA and 1 COPE). This motion has to be served on the mayor personally. How is the ANC going to get 13 signatures if Harmse and Botha (and April) are for sure not going to sign? See O!O’s previous articles.

  5. Hierdie is die soort politieke berig wat ‘n mens kan gebruik. Dat Fransman byna gedonnir is, is interessant en gee ‘n mens bietjie plesier, maar dis nie juis nuus nie maar eerder in interessante staaltjie.

    NUUS is HOEKOM hy byna gedonnir is.

    NUUS is die redes agter die gebeurtenis.

    Welgedaan O!O!

    Almal in my kantoor lees jou elke dag. En dit sluit my minister in en ‘n hele spul van sy kollegas. Moet nooit wonder of die DA jou ernstig opneem nie, Theunsman se attitude is genoeg bewys vir jou!

  6. Asterix


    En sy selfoonskuld by afskrywe was R22,389.74 – wie onthou nog die selfoonskuldskandaal?

    Nét OD’s en ANC’s het skuld gehad; die 2 DA’s (Sonja Biljohn – R19,136.61 en Mary ‘Suster’ May – R75,406.17) het spoedig ANC gedraai. Ewa Fortuin (destyds OD – R42,710.51) is nog in DA-banke…

  7. Blyk my Fransman se ‘reign is definitief aan die kwyn
    Steeds is Karabus nie tuis nie en Fransman word verjaag deur n paar Vaal Huisies mensies van Bongolethu. Ai !! Het die VAAL en Fransman dalk iets in gemeen ?

  8. Thanks for keeping us informed Drewan, you are a great asset to the Southern Cape and you always bring a smile to my face. I really believe we need to become the 10th province and as you have repeatedly shown us, ruling from a distance is fraught with danger.

    We should all rise as one and say “jo ma se orifice”, ha ha

  9. Is Charlie now the mayor?
    Is he the same Charlie who was the Speaker a while back?
    The same Charlie who was instrumental in the Kenned’s saga?
    The same Charlie who’s sister received municipal funds….
    You not kidding me..

  10. Arme Hein, hy weet nou hoe dit was as “journalist” in die “1976 uprisings.”

    En ou “Slim grootbek” Marius Fransman nou weet hoe B.J Vorster gevoel het toe hy gesien het dat die land en gemeenskappe opgestaan teen die siek regering van die dag!!!

    Net jammer in die geval is dit ‘n faksie van ANC bende in CG wat ook wil “rape en plunder” vir hulself.

    History is indeed repeating itself!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ed, now why would Wessie intervene on Hein Coetzee’s behalf?

    If one followed the ENS mud throwing contest, it is notable that Hein did and will still be Wessies PR manager-portraying Eden,their MM and who ever he is told as the evil heathin ones and Wessie as the saintly, fast driving saintly victim.

    Can one still call this stuttering man a non bias journalist?

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