What were you thinking, Jesse!?

A spectacular ANC screwup! Astounding!

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 29 April 2013. 05h40. The things politicians do.

It’s just unspeakable!

Like Jesse Duarte, NEC strongwoman with an attitude she gets from Zeus knows where, poking around in Oudtshoorn’s politics with her “head office” decision about Gordon April and a new look Mayco.

She made the whole thing worse.

So I wrote her last night…

Dear Jesse

“Veni, Vidi, Vici”, commented Caeser on his short war with Pharnaces II of Pontus in the city of Zela in 47BCE – “I came, I saw, I conquered”.

I suggest “Venimus, vidimus, devicti sumus” on the recent Oudtshoorn visit by you and yours – “We came, we saw, we conked”, to take a small classical liberty by my 30 year old Latin.

What were you thinking!?

Scrap that.

So you expect Gordon April to say ‘thank you very much mies Jesse’ and make like a tree and leave!?

What were you thinking!?

Scrap that.

Like I often intimate to Anton Bredell (you may know him as the spirit that is said to sometimes maunder about the vacant office of the Western Cape ministry of local government): Rather to do nothing if you are only going to worsen the Oudtshoorn problem.

But hey, Jesse, this is some spectacular screwup you managed this time!

The local caucus is commoved!

A Boabab would not altogether be forbidden for this particular effort! Platinum, even.

Why not rather instruct mavin local government media and legal professionals to fix things!?

I can suggest just such a consultancy!

Zela, by the way, is currently known as “Zile”, in Turkey. It brings a smile to mine face, it does!

I remain

Whatever you do, my longsuffering readers, make sure independent community leaders responsible to the people who elect them, and NOT, I repeat NOT to some political cabal arrogating as “representative leadership” are returned to power in your towns in 2016!

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT vote for candidates representing political parties.

Ye gods and faeries, enough should be enough!

DREWAN BAIRD COMMUNICATIONSensaytional – 076 349 6316
Making sure they see it your way

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2 thoughts on “What were you thinking, Jesse!?

  1. Jessie moet ‘n slag kom luister na die inwoners van Oudtshoorn. Die ANC kabaal wat nou aan bewind is sal haar elke keer om die bos lei. Dit is so duidelik so daglig dat comrade Jessie nie die vaagste benul het wat in Oudtshoorn of binne die ANC in die Provinsie, streek en plaaslik aangaan nie. Luister na die mense wat die kabaal se bekke op ‘n maandelikse basis moet oophou sidat hulle verder ‘n gemors kan maak van Oudmun. Op hierdie stadium dink ek die beste sal wees as die munisipaliteit onder administrasie geplaas word en die drommel van ‘n raad summier ontbind word! Oudshoorn het nie ‘n munisipale bestuurder nie, hulle het ook nie Hoof Finansielebeampte nie. Hulle sit met ‘n burgemeester wat nie weet wat hy doen nie en voorgese word deur Songezo en Putco wat hulle agendas het. Die Mayco bestaan uit ‘n klomp “johnnies come lately” wat of uit die OD of Nuwe Nasionale Party kom en hulle het geen benul wat die rol en funksie van plaaslike regering is nie. Die ANC gaan sy g.t sien in die volgende munisipale verkiesing. Ja hy gaan sy g.t sien sonder ‘n spieel!

  2. Na bg gemors is dit duidelik, ja DUIDELIk dat Mies Jesse nie daardie politieke “clout” het nie, – another puppet !
    Wat is die verskil tussen Jesse en Bredell dan- die een kan nie en die ander wil nie !!

    Viva vir ONAFHANKLIKES – or continue to suffer the stripping of your hard earned taxes by the “predatory elite”

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