Reflections on Freedom Day

It should be about lifting the cup, not about arriving at the park

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 27 April 2013. 17h30. I can not celebrate “freedom” under a government that has given me Andries Tatane and Mido Macia and Marikana and Nkandla and CAR and the Arms Deal and POSIB and Zuma. Freedom from Apartheid is simply not good enough.

I spent much time in quiet reflection on Freedom Day. Like my beloved Sherlock Holmes on a three pipe problem, I took a day off from my vexes and just turned over my land and my people in my head. I don’t smoke and had a bit of biltong, and later on a bit of brandy to hand.

Nineteen years on Education does not deliver young professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, tradesmen and teachers to create jobs for economic growth to house and feed and protect the habitations so the castle may be safe and enduring for peace and goodwill rooted in sufficiency.

I short: We have failed. Period.

For nineteen years we have simply replaced white men hiding their hair under bowler hats with black men hiding their hair by shaving their heads.

We have introduced women and minorities and handicapped contemptuously thrown together with children to serve duplicitous demographic demand with scant regard for effectiveness and efficiency, dressing ingrained chauvinistic androcracy in a cheap tuxedo of inclusiveness and egalitarianism.

We are a non-racist; non-sexist; non-discriminatory non-delivery non-success.

We celebrate participation as if it were victory; we jubilate arriving at the park like lifting the cup.

It is shameful! It is scandalous! It is shocking!

Our mediocrity rises up against any and all prepared to risk obloquy for speaking out against Potemkin villaging at the expense of our children and in service of specious soi disant pseudo-success.

Scratch the surface; smell the stink.

And I’m not even talking about corruption which is devastatingly real (Arms; Nkandla; local government); which had been (the Nats lost a prime minister to corruption); which will be.

One of our few successes is that we can identify and speak up against corruption – and now POSIB , on the very eve of “Freedom Day”, has compromised this success too!

We need to work harder.

We are in trouble.

Where shall we be at our 20th anniversary?

Potemkin villaging
In the 18th century, Grigori Aleksandrovich Potemkin created elaborate fake village facades in the Ukraine and Crimea for tours of Catherine the Great (1729-1796), giving the illusion of prosperity. A “Potemkin Village” is now defined as something that appears elaborate and impressive but in actuality lacks substance.

What politicians said on Freedom Day 2013…

Helen Zille:
Democracy is freedom to change your mind
Jacob Zuma:
We’re corruption busters
Lindiwe Mazibuko:
The DA will deliver real freedoms to every South African
Mangosuthu Buthelezi:
SA youth interested in politics
Mosioua Lekota:
SA missions would be peaceful under Cope
Mamphela Ramphele:
We will not be bullied
Eddie Mokhoanatse:
We are not angry with the ANC, we are not disgruntled
Gus Silber:
Five South Africans have applied to go to Mars.
None of them are in politics, but it’s a start
Zapiro… 19 years ago
2013: A new trash can under a dark night sky adumbrating some phrenological anomaly. Ed.

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