Can a defeated George motion change Oudtshoorn!?

Political prurience

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 27 April 2013. 06h00. Cynthia Papah yesterday afternoon resigned from the DA and joined Icosa – the very party that instructed its sole George councillor not to participate in the no confidence motion against the DA Mayor on Thursday.

A by-election will now be held on May 22 in Papah’s Ward 6, which includes Pacaltsdorp and Rosedale.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 26 April 2013. 09h00. (Refer to the word list below if necesssary.)

As Oudtshoorn is apparently infamous for swinging parties, so the elected municipal councillors across Eden are whoring about with, well, gay abandon, compromising themselves for money or other gains. And it is the voter that suffers the PTDs – politically transmitted diseases.

Oudtshoorn’s DA constituency head, Jac Bekker, is known to say that political agreements are not worth the paper they are drafted on. For once I can concur with Bekker.

Yesterday the George DA mayor, Charles Standers, and his DA deputy, Daniël Maritz, survived a motion of no confidence.

Christo Vermaak of the George Herald reports that the ANC motion was defeated by 24 to 20 and that Les Hayward of the GBOF and Cynthia Papah of the DA abstained.

Icosa’s leadership, read Jeffrey Donson, instructed its sole member in the George Council, Freddie Harris, not to participate in the motion and Harris withdrew from the meeting.

So… An alliance partner abandons the ANC motion and a DA member abstains from defending her Mayor.

Nothing irregular in the orgy that is Eden politics.

But for the moment, let us consider only the Icosa position.

I have reliable information that Oudtshoorn DA members “engaged” with Jeffrey Donson in February about bringing the DA to power on Verwoerd Sq. Donson personally confirmed this to me, which lead me to doubt my intelligence until a DA member confirmed the talks. I have not seen any DA member with an arm around Donson’s shoulder and can therefore only report what I have been told, which includes that the DA’s Western Cape “Deputy” Leader, Theuns Botha, was aware of the contact.

So I approached Helen Zille and she replied as follows: “Hi Drewan, please be aware that I would not allow any deal with ICOSA in Oudtshoorn…” (The rest of this reply can be considered later.)

I can assure Ms Zille that certain of her Eden functionaries share not her view!

The February political paizogony was probably quelled only by my full frontal attack on Jeffrey Donson’s continued office, as he is a convicted child rapist prone to violence.

But the paphian progression of the political pimps continued with profound piquancy.

Why was Harris instructed to withdraw from yesterday’s motion of no confidence in the George Mayor?

Icosa’s single vote made no difference; had no influence on the outcome.

I have extremely confidential information about the tenuous political associations in Eden. Icosa and Cope are using the power gained by a few votes to create chaos. Whomever is to benefit can be certain that the price will be enormous; the gain ephemeral and the period uncertain.

Cope refuses to respond to my current questions, whereas their functionaries were quick to reply to my initial queries. I must admit that my most recent missive to Mosiuoa Lekota was not exactly diffused with warmth and friendliness. And it contained exactly the amount of respect he is deserving of…

Theuns Botha earlier assured me that the situation between the DA and Cope was in hand. And Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a Seventh Day Adventist.

So, what with Mayor Gordon April shunned by the ANC’s NEC; and Mayco Member Jurie Harmse loosing grip on his meal ticket; and Deputy Mayor Vlancio Donson waiting on daddy’s instructions; and Cope’s John Maxim knowing not what is going on around him the only certainty about Oudtshoorn’s political future is uncertainty.

But don’t ya all worry none now, hear – our political leaders have the situation all figured out and in control.

O.K. Boris, you can strap me down for ECT now.
Prurience: Characterised by lust; feeling morbid sexual desire.
Paizogony: Love play.
Paphian: Pertaining to illicit love.
ECT: Electroconvulsive therapy

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2 thoughts on “Can a defeated George motion change Oudtshoorn!?

  1. Now,why doesn’t the DA table a motion of no-confidence against April,so that we can see how the wind are blowing…how is Icosa going to act?

  2. OO, gee tog vir ons die definisie van n straatvrou/vrou van die nag en wat die verskil is tussen lg en politici.
    Bg is nou terwille van daardie wat nie jou artikel hierbo begryp het nie, steeds glo in die |paashaas, DA , die tande muis en dat ‘the ANC will rule till Jesus comes” !

    Mensdom, die ‘electorate’ is darem oppervlakkig en onnosel – hul kom nie eens agter dat hulle nie weet dat hul boggerol weet nie !!

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