Why Pieter Luiters?

What possessed you, Jesse!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 24 April 2013. 12h45. Having gotten rid of Gordon April as Mayor is one thing, but to replace him with Pieter Luiters!?

I think the ANC leadership considered three things in coming to this strange, if not questionable decision.

1. Anyone but April. Gordon April had the ANC over a barrel since he awol-ed from the DA benches to the ANC in August 2010.

Read the full history of this probability later in the story A ‘pons asinorum’ for the ANC.

2. Luiters is an experienced politician. He was the shop steward at Oudtshoorn Footwear in the local shoe factory’s heyday.

In 2000 Luiters became a proportional councillor on the ticket of some obscure local party and took up a Mayco appointment in a DA coalition when Marius Potgieter stood down in favour of James Swigelaar for Mayor that year.

Luiters eventually joined the New National Party (!) and continued to serve on the Mayco when Lampies Lamprecht became Mayor in 2004.

He joined the Black, Geen and Yellow when the NNP collapsed into the ANC.

After the 2006 elections Luiters served on the Eden Council.

Luiters served on the Oudtshoorn Mayco at the time Jesse Duarte threw her dice on Monday.

3. Luiters is tractable. Being a proportional councillor, the ANC can remove Luiters at will if he does not march to the NEC’s drummers.

This probably makes Luiters the ideal Mayor in a Council of clowns.

Said Oliver Cromwell, in dissolving the Protectoral Parliament in September 1643: “Weeds and nettles, briars and thorns, have thriven under your shadow, dissettlement and division, discontentment and dissatisfaction, together with real dangers to the whole.”

True, this is, of the most recent DA and ANC councils.

And I cry with Cromwell, as he cried before the Rump Parliament in April 1653: “You have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!“

Again, applicable to both the recent DA and ANC councils!

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