Nic Barrow calls a war chamber

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 24 April 2013. 09h25. Last night a convocation of Oudtshoorn’s most clever and most cagey convolved convivially by convoke of the legal council of the local civic organisation Die Waghond – Oudtshoorn’s star chamber.

Nice, eh!?

The sentence, I mean!

Included in the remnant were councillors (to my discombobulation I have reason to believe none of ANC persuation); lawyers; business owners and executives; leading agriculturalists; a publisher and an editor – succintly put: the collective soi disant intelligentia of the Greater Oudtshoorn.

They had had enough.

Of corruption.

And of the ANC.

Calls were even received from even more exalted personages unable to heed the call to the table d’hôte.

As they were commiserating over comestibles, a third party message even assured attendees that Anton Bredell, the Western Cape minister of local government, and the provincial party secretary, had the situation in hand.

Upon hearing this snippet last night as I lay on my pillow, I dreamt that my Bonny was dead.

Bredell has the Oudtshoorn “situation” in hand!

All gods and gnomes and princes of fairy tales, and by the seven reindeer of Santa’s transport, mine worries are spifflicated!

Anton is coming to town!

What an assuagement!

Now hear this:

Oudtshoorn is collapsed. Period.

Oudtshoorn had been “managed” by both the DA, in coalition with like thickos; and by the ANC, in coalition even with a convicted child rapist adumbrating what the liberation movement does to towns in its care.

And Oudtshoorn is collapsed.

It is folly and futile and fruitless to look to the DA to save us from the ANC who saved us from the DA.

Wake up, Oudtshoorn.

Wake up!

A vote for the DA and a vote for the ANC is a vote to ensure Oudtshoorn’s demise.

We need a different plan.

We need an unconventional strategy.

We need effective and efficient tactics.

We need an alternative!

O, before I forget – nobody reads O!O anymore and I am no longer privvy to the information out there…

However, thanks to the 3,114 people who read O!O some 5,000 times yesterday.

And to the truly knowledgable DA and ANC functionaries who so kindly keep me informed; and, especially, to the three gentlemen who reported on last night’s session of the extended star chamber…

Nice to know I was discussed in my absence!

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2 thoughts on “Nic Barrow calls a war chamber

  1. A recent quote from Political analyst, Jan u Plessis about South Africa’s political future;

    “It seems that, at the very start of some new thinking about the future, liberating the future from the suffocating impact of politics has become imperative.”

  2. “This is done without any iota of shame…” Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula told the National Assembly in Cape Town.

    Mapisa-Nqakula obtained a teacher’s diploma from the Bensonvale Teachers College .

    She’s telling us something…. don’t you think?……. without any iota of shame

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