Lynne Brown gets catty

The pot calling the kettle some dingier hue of soot

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 19 April 2013. 09h40. A former WC Premier, Lynne Brown, has attacked the DA’s failure to reflect “demography” in its ranks.

I wrote Brown…

Dear Lynne

I have read your “‘wit’ for purpose” criticism of the white dominated top management in the Western Cape Provincial Government with no small measure of mirth and some regret that the acerbic turn of phrase is not mine.

Personally, I prefer the best individual for the job. What am I saying, I DEMAND the best individual for any job directly influencing my life!

I couldn’t care less if it were, to force a grammatical subtlety, a quadriplegic green hermaphrodite with orange spots. (With a younger, blind, gay, mixed race half brother living in Shropshire, in some deference to Scottish playwright Sir James Barrie.)

But Lynne, I’m here to tell you that you have no standing to speak to this matter!

Your liberation movement cum political party governs Oudtshoorn only because your local comrades have a formal alliance with a convicted child rapist prone to violence.

Fix this disgusting anomaly ‘afore you take on the mediocre white men in Helen’s government!

Unless, of course, you are of the opinion that a violent, child raping councillor balances the “national demographic” – and a “coloured”, no less!

For the record, Lynne, the fact that I have a choice only between your ANC and Helen’s DA, unless I wish to spoil my vote on some peanut political party in next year’s election, revolts me.

Get your own house in order, dammit!

I am

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