I don’t like this DA “Untold Story”!

It’s not… Genuine. It’s not echt. I just don’t like it.

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 15 April 2013. 11h30. I am known to argue that political speeches should be judged by the target audience and not by its content and rhetoric.

Even making exceptional provision for my own conviction, I am still disgusted by the DA’s “Untold Story”.

Firstly, the party traces its conception to 1959 – 54 years ago, and now needs tell an “untold story”!?

What had the “progressive democrats” been doing this last half century?

Secondly, the untold story has so many holes in it all probable pith is lost.

Where is Jan Steytler? Harry Schwartz? Colin Eglin? Van Zyl Slabbert? Where is Van Zyl Slabbert, for crying in a bucket!? Where is Zach de Beer? Where Dennis Worral? Wynand Malan? Tony Leon? Where is Tony Leon, for crying out loud!?

I like Van Zyl Slabbert’s honesty when he called South Africa’s second saint after Madiba, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “strontvervelig” – he said, in Insig, May 1998: “Maar sy teologie was nog altyd vir my van die ‘God is a Disprin’-variasie; ‘n veeldoelige placebo. Filosofies vind ek hom strontvervelig en verstommend oppervlakkig.

And Slabbert’s vocal view on the Nationalist Party, some three years after the 1994 elections: “Dis soos ‘n ou tert wat ‘n verrimpelde dy wys aan die jong matrose. Net die werklike desperates sal kennis neem – en sommige het ook. Maar die ‘glamour boys’ het lankal die skrif aan die muur gelees.

I loved Tony Leon’s “Fight Back” Campaign.

Leon grew the party from under 2% to over 12%… not good enough for a mention in Zille’s history lesson.

I remember with affinity the political meetings in Stellenbosch and Somerset West in 1989 – fighting with De Beer and Worrall and Malan and Esther Lategan. The newly formed Democratic Party won just 1.7% of the vote that year – and lost Helderberg only because the Nats gave Chris Heunis a slice of the conservative Blackheath to carry him over the line.

If the legacies of Van Zyl Slabbert and Zach de Beer and Tony Leon are not what the DA can see fit to cherish, I can never in good conscience support the DA.

The DA’s marketing is essentially this:

What, you’re black!?

Us too!

Say again, you have struggle credentials?

Why, us too!

What was that? You’ve opposed Apartheid?

Can you believe it – us too!

Ye gods and faeries!

What a mealy-mouthed bunch of also rans!

To sing glory alleluia to Joe Seremane and Wilmot James, however important their roles may have been, and especially to Patricia de Lille, in the absence of mentioning the true giants of the past, is blatant pandering to the peanut gallery of SA politics. Certainly those votes from the cheap seats are needed above all else – few parties come to power without the support of the dumbest quarter of the voting cattle. But, by the pantheons, to subvert history and deny the architects of the modern day DA, warts and all, is plain bloody mendacious – it is lying!

But what really gets my goose is this “my girl friend Pat” nonsense!

What, in the name of all fairytale princes, has Patricia de Lille brought to the DA!?

Leadership? Purleaze!

De Lille’s conception of “leadership” is “hulle sal maak soos ék sê” (they’ll do as I tell them). This De Lille personally told me when I suggested to her in a one on one interview, way back in October 2010, that the Independent Democrats of Dysselsdorp, outside Oudtshoorn, be informed respectfully of the merger with the DA.

The result of De Lille’s “leadership” was a trumping at the poll.

And I had to wake the “hero of the DA” with the by-election result, that October night – she wasn’t even awake to await news of the first poll after the merger.

What has “Helen Zille’s good friend” Patricia de Lille brought to the DA!?

Systems? Money? Votes?

Ag assebliéf tog!

I don’t want to vote for “another ANC”. I want a choice! I don’t want to have to choose between the ANC and a party that is much like the ANC and should be as acceptable to ANC voters as it is to me. I have little in common with traditional ANC voters. And I don’t have a moment’s problem with the difference! I grant the black woman who lost her husband to Apartheid injustice and was doomed to a third rate life the privilege and right to aggressively vote “her scars” in favour of the ANC.

I am not so politically naïve as to deny the wisdom and strategic wherewithal of attempts to win over traditional ANC voters by looking like the ANC.

Leave out the bits not hitting the current target if you must…

But don’t sell me the Patricia de Lille’s. And consider that the lowest 25% of the voting public may not be complete fools!

I’d prefer the cajoling to be distinct from snake oil vending.

Die hele ding trek vir my te veel op boereverneukery.

The Van Zyl Slabbert quotations are also published in
2007. Claassen, George, et al. Die Groot Aanhalingsboek. Human & Rousseau. Kaapstad. 474-5.

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8 thoughts on “I don’t like this DA “Untold Story”!

  1. Sorry Drewan, but the DA is now a nonracial party and will soon have a Black leader and that is a good things. The last thjin we need is a black ruling party and white opposition. So if you dont like the fact that their are more black leaders and members in the DA join the Freedom Front, AWB or HNP

  2. I think the biggest challenge with the DA is positioning itself as a liberal democrat or libel laissez-faire capitalism democratic party with a sizeable following, instead the perpetual liberal minority against the incumbent nationalists, whether they are African Nationalists (ANC) with their social democracy or Afrikaner Nationalists (NP) with their statism or state capitalism. Tony Leon managed to rope in the NP and NNP voters into the DP’s laissez-faire capitalist fold with the “fight back” campaign and Helen Zille is trying to do likewise with ANC voters. South Africa is a racial politics country, so it would make sense to get a coloured and black voters to lure people in and convert them to DP or DA policies. The liberal PFP and so forth spoke against the NP, but they were way to really have in impact in changing South African legislation. Hopefully as time goes on in this country the battle will be between social democracy versus liberal democrats instead of race view influenced politics.

  3. IP, if only. If only. The DA won’t lose many votes, nor much sleep. The sheep will remain loyal to the DA, not because of the DA’s virtue, but rather because of the mistaken belief (built by the DA) that a vote for anyone else is the same as a vote for the ANC.

  4. Where is all the NATS and AWB’s and Freedom Front cadres in DA. Just look at Stellenbosch Municipality Council. It shows in how Municipality is run. This is just election ploy for votes.

  5. Nosimo Balindlela, a former Eastern Cape premier, was sacked together with Ebrahim Rasool, her Western Cape counterpart, in July 2008.

    She resigned from the party in November 2008; joined Cope; and now Helen Zille has installed her as a pillar in the DA – hopefully not to become a column in Die Son.

    To be sacked by the ANC… That takes some doing.

    I am sure the editor will come in for some stick for having had the balls to write what so many are too careful to say yet firmly support.

    Thanks again Mr Baird, for the taking the knock on our behalf!

  6. You know I just dont get, why do they just not make things work on the ground. I have struggled for so long to get some kind of action from the DA but they are either not interested or not capable. I have tried to provide solutions to obvious problems but the clam up.

    What is wrong with these people, are the so selfish that they can not correct wrongs. Do they think that they can play football with our future. I am disgusted with the DA, disgusted that they do not consider people who do not pledge allegiance to them. Bon voyage madam Zille and take your medioce men with you.

  7. Nou’t Zille vir haarself n gat gegrawe. Sy’t nou baie wit ‘struggle voters” verloor en gaan definitief met haar miskenning van DA agtergrond en geskiedenis nie veel swartmense bywerf nie.

    Die ANC bly so slim soos die houtjie vd galg. Hul het goed geweet as hulle na 1994 seker maak daar is nie geweld en chaos waar ALMAL sal verloor, eerder “appease the broad based white paying taxpayer base and use those taxes as pay back to strip the country” Hul kry dit mooi reg en Mev Madonsella weet nie meer waar om te keer nie.

    So dus wen die anc BY DIE STEMBUS, ASOOK EKONOMIES vir die paar PREDATORY ELITE terwyl hul ondersteuners in ellende krepeer terwyl hul apartheid aanhou bly blammeer vir hul ‘ill gained millions to enjoy exclusively”

    Die Duitesers en Japenese en Afrikaners het na vernietigende oorloe SELF uit die as uit opgestaan met min of geen hulp. Die ANC het als op n skinkbord gekry, en blameer hul versnellende mag 2 afdraende pad steeds op apartheid. Tipiese slawe mentaliteit, slegs aangewese en totaal afhanklik op ‘hand outs” Hiervan gaan niks goeds kom nie tot dit te laat is. Vir Jeremy Cronin, onthou, Thatcher het gese dat jul spul sosialistiese/kommunistiese parasiette lekker lewe en propageer met ‘andre mense se geld” As dit op is wat dan ? Weer hoed in hand, pleitende by jul kapitaliste vrinne, die geld is op, open asb weer jul fabrieke en skep werk en n werkbare ekonomie !!

    Hier kom groot sports soos wat belastingweerhoudings vinnig naderkruip omdat ALLE POLITICI leuns vertel en dienslewering verbrokkel ten koste van n “few predatory elite”

    Hoe onnosel ag politici ons almal dan ?? Die uurglas loop vinnig leeg, word WAKKER !!!

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