My favourite Margaret Thatcher anecdote

It happened to husband Denis

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 13 April 2013. 15h00. Said Denis Thatcher, husband of (former, now deceased) Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, on one occasion:

I was at the 14th hole at Sandwich, looked at me watch and thought, “Bugger me, things are a bit tight.”

I then jumped in the car and went like a bat out of Hades up the A20. I got to Number 10, took the stairs three at a time, did me ablutions, changed into me Sunday best, and got to the bash only two minutes late. And still got a bloody bollocking!
Recounted in Peter tory’s Diary in the the Daily Star (4 June 1985), giving the impression that he had been told the story by Thatcher himself.

1999. Rees, Nigel. The Cassell Dictionary of Anecdotes. Cassell. London. 138.

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