Some DA mumbles on the injuction against O!O and JEF

Some attempt at responding?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 April 2013. 07h30. About my reporting of Theuns Botha’s injuction against O!O and JEF…

On the late afternoon of April 3, I received this email from the office of the DA’s National Spokesperson:

Hi Drewan

My name is Dawie Scholtz.  I work for the DA’s National Spokesperson, Mmusi Maimane.

I have been copied in an e-mail you sent Dr Wilmot James regarding your unhappiness with Theuns Botha. I am not involved in the Southern Cape in any way, and therefore do not have any information on the matter.

I would like to follow up on this matter. Is there any way you could perhaps forward me the e-mail you sent to Mmusi Maimane initially? I’d just like to track the timeline on this matter and perhaps provide you with some constructive feedback if possible.

Kind Regards,
Dawie Scholtz
Support Office

Interesting, I thought, and replied:

Dear Dawie

I am not “unhappy with Theuns Botha”.

I simply wish to determine whether Botha’s injunction against me and my publication is 1) in consequence of a DA decision; and 2) in line with DA policy. Period.

Click here for the letter to Mr. Maimane;

Click here for the O!O story on the injunction;

Click here for the letter to Dr James.

Thank you for “perhaps providing me with some constructive feedback if possible”. It shall certainly be a welcome change in dealing with DA functionaries!

A sprightly and enthusiastic correspondent, Scholtz replied:

Hi Drewan

Hahahahaha! Sorry, I can’t help but laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever been called a functionary before. I shall see what I can do.

As I said before I have no information about this situation, so let me find out what happened, and get a formal response for you.


I could not help myself:

Hi Dawie

I have many words that will make you laugh, such as “DA consistency”…

An associatecommented: “Any bets on how long this boy lasts?? Die Here help Dawie want hy’s in die leeukuil en is onbewus.”

I have not heard from Dawie since.

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2 thoughts on “Some DA mumbles on the injuction against O!O and JEF

  1. Functionary today means someone that “functions”, arrives at 8 am end leaves early, without much being done inbetween, such ‘functionary’ then still marvels at how productive and competent it has been, day after day and absolutely astounded when the results don’t add, year after year.

    Dawie is still perhaps very new at this or completely ignorant / naive or both – place your bets, i go with ED !

  2. I’m sorry but what am I missing here? Why’s being called a functionary so funny? It means “a person with an official job in a government or political party” right? Anyway, I think you must give this guy a chance. At least he is polite (revolutionary change for them) and wouldn’t have replied if the issue didn’t bother him. Let’s wait and see me thinks.

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