Dear Mr Maimane

A letter to the DA’s spokesperson, on Theuns Botha’s injunction against O!O and JEF

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 2 April 2013. 14h40. I was convinced by a reader to give the DA an opportunity to distance itself from Theuns Botha’s instruction to ignore O!O and JEF.

I did so against my better judgment, and now even a second letter lies at the ready should the following one have no effect, as I expect…

Dear Mr Maimane

I have today published a story quoting Leader of Government Business Theuns Botha instructing various party functionaries to ignore media enquiries by O!O and JEF.

Having had enquiries ignored for some time now, I have assumed the enjoinment official, yet at this time afford the party an opportunity to adjust what appears to be a soi disant wildcat instruction.

Unless I hear from you to the contrary by 17h00 on Tuesday, April 2, I shall accept that Botha’s injunction is party approved.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Mr Maimane

  1. Again, Sceptic, your view is a legitimate one.

    Bear in mind, and I acknowledge your admission that you do not know the distribution list, that Botha instructed his own media officer, the formidable Liza Albrecht, not to reply to my queries – after Albrecht went to some trouble to source answers for me.

    That Botha, Zille, and the DA are not fans of JEF is a certainty. Yet their views should not result in ignoring a blog which reaches a diverse audience not readily exposed to DA views.

    What really gets me is that I don’t think O!O and JEF is so important that they should be ignored!

  2. Hey O!O,

    I cannot fault your logic here, BUT, the letter by Mr. Botha in question is addresses to a select few individuals (whom I will not pretend to know, or even to know who they are), but it appears to be about the Bitou Mayor’s Mayoral Newsletter and that they should not give any attention to JEF in the said Newsletter. Off course, it does go a bit further and wider than only that. Especially with the reference to yourself and O!O.

    But, my point being that the instruction/request does not seem to me (I qualify this by what I said above about not knowing who all the recipients to Mr. Botha’s email are) to have been addressed to or meant to stop the DA’s media liaison officer to respond to official media inquiries from Mr. Mills and JEF. (I understand your owninquiries have been met with a deafening silence). So, it appears that it was not an official instruction to the entire DA to not RESPOND to inquiries, but rather to not REACT to JEF.

  3. Sceptic

    Well argued!

    I submit, however, that I, and Hardy Mills, can only be “influential” if our readers are seen to be of consequence.

    The enquiries I have lodged enjoyed the professional attention by the DA’s professional media liaison functionaries until the politician, Botha, halted the legitimate process.

  4. Although I agree with a lot that O!O states here, I am not entirely convinced that the above letter to Dr. Maimane is at all factually accurate. If I read the “What the DA thinks of you” post on this blog, it appears to me as if the instruction from Mr. Botha is that the DA colleagues should not “REACTto Hardy Mills and JEF” and “please ignore him, delete your subscription and forget about him”. It does not say that they should not respond to official inquiries from him (although it might be implied in the ignore part), but I think it is more a vein of ignoring a naughty child, which will then lead to that child to stop seeking attention. It looks to me like Mr. Botha is of the opinion that Mr. Mills, JEF and O!O does not really have the capacity/authority to lodge legitimate, official media inquiries.

    Mr. Botha gives a reason for this, being that REACTING to Mr. Mills and JEF justifies Mr. Mills and JEF. Thus, he views JEF as not justified.

    It may be mere semantics, but this creates in my mind the idea that Mr. Botha does not recognise the JEF blog as a legitimate publication/media. (same apparently applies to O!O) Thus, the way I see it, is that Mr. Botha, and possibly the DA by extension, does not recognise any inquiries from Mr. Mills and JEF (and O!O) as legitimate MEDIA inquiries.

    He continues to state that neither Mr. Baird, nor Mr. Mills are journalists, but merely “opinionists”, which supports this view.

    I would venture an opinion that Mr. Botha is more trying to say that Mr. Mills, JEF and O!O are “not influential” rather that to say anything about the readers of either JEF or O!O.

  5. No Rersponse from Maimane. To be expected
    Another ‘window dresser ‘ with no teeth !

    Now this is going to the heart of the DA, those who can, wont, those who cant remain spineless ‘ window dressing ‘ appointments.

    A DA Party on its way to self destruction and growing public discontempt towards them!

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