Found in Eden: A truthful politician!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 29 March 2013. 07h30. Wayne Craig, the DA member for Ward 2, Bitou, is not a man to mince words.

Craig tells it like it is.

No holds barred.

Here is one of the councillor’s newsletters, one of March 13:

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well.

I must say things are moving forward and I am still very excited about “Lets Keep Plett Safe Campaign.”

This is our 2nd letter that we are sending out (if you did not receive the first one please email me –

The Plett Eagles have been hard at work at have put together a website. We need to sign up members so please go to so that we can get the process going and make our Community a better place.

We would like to have “a bring and braai” on the 23 April 2013 at Plett Surf Lifesaving club. We really want to get everyone together and get to know each other.

We will be sending out more details closer to the time.

So we can encourage you to go to the website and join.

“Lets Keep Plett Safe Campaign” is growing.

Yours in Crime

Wayne Craig

“Yours in crime”!?

No jawell fine…

A forthcoming politician for once!

Craig has it all: The right political connections; financial backing; and that unusual intelligence the DA seeks. He’ll go far in the Dee-Aye.

DREWAN BAIRD COMMUNICATIONSensaytional – 076 349 6316
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8 thoughts on “Found in Eden: A truthful politician!

  1. Hierdie berig is by verre die snaakste ding wat ek in jare gelees het!!! Ed, jy is f*n snaaks!!!!!!! Die comments is amper nog snaakser. Geat stuff Pletty, Mama, Willempie, Andrew en Fred! Gelukkig kan ons darem nog so dan en wan bietjie lag vir al die k*k wat die politikuste aanvang.

  2. You said it O!O. This illiterate but pliable nincompoop will go far in the DA. Tailor made idiot will be loved and nurtured by HZ and her MWM.

  3. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Now I know why the DA won’t allow their councillors to communicate with the press, without big Mamma editing it first!!!

    @mama. Dis nie bantu education se skuld nie, dis Model C die… Sy Pappie moet ‘n refund vra by sy tjommie Donald Grant want die seun het dof gebly. Hoe se hulle, “Al dra Aap ‘n goue ring, bly hy nog ‘n dom ding.

    Mind you, ou George Bush het net soveel kak gepraat en hy was die president!

  4. Perhaps he should use spell check in Afrikaans and atleast have an excuse. Or employ you for communication lessons. Lolz

  5. Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa liewe raider van genadendal! Die is summer rerig erg wuh. .ag nee man die DA se standaarde is you onder die pit latriene? Heat die man look bantu uploading ontvang?

  6. Ag jirre tog! “Yours in crime” Wil jy nou meer.
    Dis verseker ‘n 10 op die Richter skaal van onnoselheid. Wel gedaan Bitou wyk twee. Julle het oorweldigend gestem vir Yours-in-crime, ‘n DA besemstok met ‘n DA Tshirt.

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