Eden: Spesiale raadsvergadering vandag

Ons weet hóé die wind waai;
miskien kan ons vandag bepaal hoe stérk die wind waai

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 27 Maart 2013. 07h10. Soooo, vanoggend 11h00 is daar ‘n spesiale raadsvergadering in Eden.

Die agenda lyk soos dié van ‘n gewone raadsvergadering en dít dui op die onbeholpenheid van die raad wat nie op geskeduleerde vergaderings deur sy werk kan kom nie.

Die laaste item op vandag se agenda is die aanstelling van ‘n komitee wat die ENS-verslag moet oorweeg.

Die speaker gaan, volgens O!O se inligting, slegs die raad meedeel dat sy die verslag ontvang het en dat ‘n tersaaklike komitee aangestel moet word.

Synde hulle gedrag nie bespreek gaan word nie, hoef die burgemeester, Wessie van der Westhuizen, en die ander raadslid wat deur die ENS-verslag uitgewys word, Gert Niehaus, nie verskoon te word nie.

Die Bitou-raadslid gaan aan die begin van die vergadering ingehuldig word.

Dit beteken dat die DA voltallig behoort te wees – 20 lede, saam met die 2 ACDP’s en die Cope-lid.

Die aanstelling van die komitee behoort dus gemaak te word, selfs al kry die Cope-lid, Oudtshoorn se John Maxim, ‘n hoofpyn en verskoon homself.

Maar, my lankmoedige lesers, dis plaaslike politiek en énigiets is moontlik.

Intussen het die voormalige Wes-Kaapse minister van plaaslike regering, die ANC se Pierre Uys, die ENS-verslag gister in die provinsiale parlement aanhangig gemaak.

Uys wou weet waarom die DA nie optree nie.

Wel, Pierre, een van die redes is dat jou geklike Eden-raadslede uit die raadsvergadering gestap het toe daar opgetree móés word, voorverlede week.

En, Van der Westhuizen is mos eintlik ‘n ANC-burgemeester, wil O!O met die tong so liggies in die kies, byvoeg. Nes Bitou se DA-beheerde raad ook ‘n ANC-burgemeester het. Tong net ‘n klein bietjie stywer in die kies.

Ons sal vandag sien hoe die wind waai. Of altans, ons wéét hoe die wind waai, ons sal waarskynlik die windstérkte na vandag se spesiale raadsvergadering kan bepaal.

En sover is die DA tjóépstil. En die DA is gereeld gróótbek oor skoon regering. Wat ‘n grap!

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5 thoughts on “Eden: Spesiale raadsvergadering vandag

  1. Mfundo. Quite simple really. The two parties made a deal pre 2011 election for the DA to swallow up what remained of the dregs of the ID. Part of the deal which was obvious for all to see was that Patricia had to be looked after. That as we all know, was done.

    Of course the ID had to remain a party until after the 2016 election otherwise all the ID cronies in parliament etc would lose their jobs. The solution was the current cohabitation arrangement.

    As part of the prenuptial due diligence it was found that the ID bride had massive debts and the DA groom was not prepared to take the bride and the debt. Agreement was therefore reached that during the cohabitation period the bride would sort out the debt before the marriage would be consummated in 2016.

    Much of the bride’s debt arose in the process of giving her relatives jobs in her household, rewarding them with high salaries and luxury perk cars. (Interesting to note that many of these vehicles were bought through a George dealership!)

    But I digress. Question is how would the bride repay all these debts to enable her to present herself virginally debt-free at the planned 2016 nuptials?

    Quite simple really, the party tithes its representatives’ salaries which they earn as councillors, MPs, MPLs etc. That money then goes towards paying off the debts over the years. Of course it is not only the elected public representatives that are tithed but also those ID relatives that hold positions in the different administrations as a result of their party affiliations. The Jobs-for-pals brigade, such as Political advisors, PA’s, Office Managers, Special Projects Clerks etc etc. all contributing to the bride’s debt.

    The Bride and groom both need the debt to be paid off and it is apparent from all the additional posts that have been created and filled, and the way the bride’s relatives can misbehave, ala Wessie, that there is some desperation on both sides to keep the funds flowing stronger than ever.

    Of course this co-habitation arrangement is a ménage a trois, with the toothless but horny Country Cousin, COPE, also in the bed and equally in need of some funds action, so he too gets to have his relatives on the gravy train for him to tithe.

    That is why, I believe, the ID dregs and COPE are shoving the DA any which way they like and the poor old groom must just suck it up. Just like we all suck up paying for this jolly stripping of our municipalities.

    Accountability, rule of law. Not just now my friend, those things are inconvenient right now. Come the election proper you will hear all about those again.

    The funny thing is that the ménage a trois are not screwing themselves, they’re screwing US!!!!

  2. What else can one expect from a bunch of a bunch of little MEDIOCRE DA MEN !
    Has Bredell and Winde resigned yet ?
    Funny how Zille puts up with these ‘politieke patete’ ! Are these little political mediocre men really the sum total of her Leadership ? Can she even survive another round as ‘Leader” without these ‘politieke patete” ? Seems like she is hi jacked !! WHAT A LEADER !!!!! Who is leading who here ?
    All credibility gone !
    Any comments Hannes ? Hoe lank wil jy nog met die soort mense opgeskeep sit en jou persoonlike integriteit inboet ?

  3. Clearly the DA leadership are showing this council the middle finger.

    And perhaps your ID hold on DA theory is proving right!

    So to ask you a simple question-what hold does a bankrupt party have on a party,that a lot of people use to respect I believe, that preaches accountability and respect for the rule of law?

  4. Any update on how the meeting went Ed?

    Though if I were a betting man, my money would be on Wessie and the ANC to outsmarting the DA councilors with another farce

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