The ANC is funny, if nothing else

One can only laugh at the ANC. To think it once was a mighty light bearer!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 21 March 2013. 11h10. I learn, from the popular media, that Fransman is in a hole about Cederberg mayor Jonas White “allegedly” sending an image of his member covered in whipped bovine humour and sporting a member of rosaceae, Fragaria x ananassato, to his deputy, Lorna Scheepers.

Fransman’s indignation is phallacious!

I posit that the White concoction is far less poking than the muffing of the Kannaland mayor, Jeffrey Donson!

Fransman should rather be horning in on Donson, and thrust his indignation upon the cock up of the mayor of Kannaland.

Balled over by my hardihood!?

NOTHING I can possibly say can match the affront of Fransman’s scandalous indifference about Donson, a convicted child rapist, keeping the ANC in power in Oudtshoorn. NOTHING!

Come out against Donson or forever hold your piece, Fransman!

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4 thoughts on “The ANC is funny, if nothing else

  1. This is an opportunity for the ANC to do the right thing by appointing a competent a-political municipal manager that will serve all the people of Oudtshoorn, but it is clear they want another Mnyimba somebody they can use to plunder the hard earned money of the residents. Maar lekker is vingerlank! Die mense is nogal nie so stupid nie!

  2. What a bunch of codwallopers.

    I can see the Zapiro cartoon that should be done: Fransman bearing aloft the mighty ANC spear in the form of a penis with a Donson head wearing a condom dunce cap. Wish I could draw.

  3. Tja, dié besluit is al verlede week geneem. ANC, NPP, Icosa se verteenwoordigers om m kader aan te stel. Ek het werklik geen belang meer by die Oudtshoorn-raad se doen en late nie. Bank op belaglikheid.

  4. Ek kan verstaan dat jy jou nie ophou met lawwigheid nie. Maar Die Hoorn spring jou voor met die nuus( grappigheid, belaglikheid, bespotlikheid, ens,ens…..) dat jou geleerde side kick ene mnr die burgemeester Mnr April, die onder burgemeester mnr Vlancio Donson en die speaker mnr Stoffels die ” eerbare ” taak opgesaal is om die nuwe munisipale bestuurder aan te wys!

    Wat ‘n absolute bespotting! ‘n Uitvoerende pos wat toesighou oor die besteding van miljoene rande van belastingbetalers word in die hande van drie onbevoegde persone gelaat. Sedert 1994 kon daar nog nie ‘n suksesvolle MB aangestel word nie. Die laaste twee here se eskepades is nog vars in die geheue.

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