The child rapist kingmaker

The mainstream media picks up on O!O’s Donson campaign

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 22 March 2013. 07h30. The Sowetan this morning screams Free State Premier Ace Magashule’s call to “castrate rapist dogs”.

O!O would just love to understand how ANC leaders and functionaries can continue their tirade against rapists and the scourge of rape while the ANC is maintained in power in Oudtshoorn by a convicted child rapist!

This continues to be beyond me.

Marius!? Putco!? Jesse!? Gwede!? Jacob!?

And why does the local DA caucus not rise against the ANC/NPP/Icosa Alliance on the groundsof Jeffrey Donson’s rape conviction!?

Well, the DA is in a bit of a fix about Donson: the DA previously governed with Donson’s support in Eden, and the DA had been negotiating with Donson about Oudtshoorn as late as last month!

Theuns Botha’s indignation (see below at 15 March) about Donson and the ANC nonetheless!

But the DA will do everything in its power, and then some, not to take responsibility for Oudtshoorn.

If the DA does not want the job of running Oudtshoorn, why should voters invite the party to govern Oudtshoorn by voting for the DA again?

At this time, a vote for the ANC or the DA will give you the government you don’t deserve. (With acknowledgement to my friend Johan Brummer, who interrupted this story with a welcome phone call bearing this bon mot.)

Oudtshoorn. 15 March 2013. 00h02. The Cape Times on Thursday reported what O!O had been protesting for weeks: the scandalous reality of a convicted child rapist holding the balance of power in Oudtshoorn for the ANC.

My comments are in bold.

THE DA has accused the ANC of “double standards” in terms of its views on rape because its coalition with the Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (Icosa) in the Eden District includes dealings with convicted rapist and Kannaland mayor Jeffrey Donson.

Donson was convicted in 2008 on one count of indecent assault and seven of statutory rape, following an affair with a 15-year-old girl in 2004.

The Western Cape High Court reduced his five-year jail term to a suspended period of imprisonment, correctional supervision, a R20 000 fine and a rehabilitation programme for sex offenders.

Another Icosa councillor in Kannaland, Werner Meshoa, is currently also facing statutory rape charges. Meshoa, who is a teacher, is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in Ladismith, Kannaland last year, and is out on R3000 bail.

Although Icosa decided to align itself with the ANC in May 2011 after negotiating with the DA previously, the rape and murder of Anene Booysen and the ANC’s strong admonishment of rape in the country has brought the issue of Donson’s conviction to the fore.

Theuns Botha, deputy leader of the DA in the Western Cape, told the Cape Times: “The president of Icosa and mayor of Kannaland, Jeffrey Donson was found guilty of statutory rape in February 2008. Last month Icosa-councillor Werner Meshoa also appeared in court on a charge of statutory rape. He was released on bail on August 6 last year after having been arrested earlier and the case is now postponed until June 19.

“How can the ANC justify being in coalition with a party that has a convicted rapist as its president and another councillor being charged with rape?”

Alluding to ANC national spokesman Jackson Mthembu’s recent statement that the “ANC sees gender based violence and rape as a very high priority”, Botha said so long as the ANC “stays mum” on the fact that they were in a coalition with an organisation headed by a convicted rapist, their expressions of outrage and condemnation “seems like nothing more than political grandstanding”.

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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Botha claims this “grandstanding” had been practised by ANC provincial chairman Marius Fransman when he  used Anene Booysen’s memorial service to launch an attack on DA MECs. It’s double standards.

But both the ANC and Donson hit back yesterday, with the Kannaland mayor saying the DA were “no angels themselves”.

I’d like to know what the relevance of this cliché is. Whether the DA has members celestial or not is completely and utterly irrelevant to the absolute fact that Donson should not be a councillor.

Donson returned to the position of mayor in May 2011 after having been forced to step down by Fransman, then Local Government MEC, in 2004 when allegations surfaced that he had used mayoral funds to buy equipment for his mobile disco. He joined Icosa in 2009, and later became its president.

“The DA believes they are a party of angels but they are not,” Donson said. “I don’t care what they say, I am not a rapist. They are liars.”

The Court begs to differ from you Donson: You are a convicted child rapist. You may to too obtuse to know it, but you are a convicted child rapist.

“The DA was quite happy to hold talks about entering into a coalition with Icosa and me after May 2011 but we [Icosa] decided to go with the ANC. The fact is that the DA is always putting labels around coloured people’s necks like this.”

Donson is quite right! The DA did attempt to allign with Icosa in Jne 2011, and tried again earlier this year. Theuns Botha’s indignation is rather diaphanous, to be sure. Botha is only protesting the ANC’s “double standards” because he is fully aware of O!O’s current campaign against Donson.

ANC Southern Cape regional leader Putco Mapitiza also slammed the DA.

“[This criticism of the ANC] is indeed unjust because you expect us to interfere with judicial systems governing the country that determine the sentencing of individuals in court of law, and afterwards judge people accordingly,” Mapitiza said.

“We’re aware of and we respect the rule of law. The sentencing [of Donson] was community service and being elected as a public representative is part of that.”  

Precious, Putco! Precious! But don’t give up your day job, a spinner you ain’t!

He said the coalition with Icosa sought to ensure a vibrant municipality was built, stability was brought to the administration and the integrity of local governance was restored.

Ye gods and faeries!

Fransman did not respond to a message requesting comment.

The Cape Times does not report Jesse Duarte’s tantrum when approached for comment.

It was a veritable projection of toys from the bassinet!

She even accused the journalist of conspiring with O!O to have the ANC look bad.

She even suggested a conspiracy against her!

No conspiracy is neede to have the ANC look bad.

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10 thoughts on “The child rapist kingmaker

  1. So, we in Kannaland need a way to check the money, any ideas welcome. I really do not want to wake up next summer to find a letter saying we have water restrictions again because we failed to prevent the misappropriation of funds that should have been used to build a dam. What I do know is that bore holes have been sunk (they were suggested STRICTLY as a contingency) but now seem to be mooted as an alternative to the dam that would cost 20mil, which instead only cost a fraction of that and the balance of the money, GONE!

  2. My latest fear is that the funds that have been (or are to be) allocated for the Kannaland Swartberg Dam are going to be used for something other than the intended purpose. Like braais, music, wine, women and who the F knows what else.

  3. Alas I do despair. It seems to me that the ONLY reason why not even the DA supports the plenary model is that they too want the privilege of being MAYOR, DEPUTY MAYOR & SPEAKER when they take over a municipality, even when they know that the Mayoral systems DOES NOT WORK in an environment, the likes of which we have today!

  4. The entire problem stems from the fact that the position of Mayor (in the traditional sense, at least) was that it was a position conferred on the “best” citizen (my late great grandfather, having been the Mayor of Senekal in the Free State at the time of the Boer War). He was responsible for installing the sewer infrastructure in the town, no small feat in those days (judging by the inability of the current municipalities to maintain same today (almost 100 years later, with pump stations, SCADA systems, infinitely more resources and much more besides). So the Mayoral system we have today is a travesty to the very institution and should, nay, MUST be replaced by the Plenary model, one in which there is NO mayor, deputy mayor, speaker and any other extraneous matter that hang around the periphery of the cesspool it has become.

  5. In werklikheid gebruik beide die ANC en die DA die sogenaamde veldtog teen verkragting en aanranding van vroue en kinders as niks anders as ‘n politieke speelbal, maar as ‘n mens ‘n bietjie dieper kyk as die bekgevegte dan is dit baie, baie duidelik dat albei partye dit gelate aanvaar solank dit hulle pas.

    Binne die DA leierskap, tot op die hoogste vlak, is hulle bewus van verskeie gevalle van geweld teen ‘n vrou deur ‘n DA ampsbekleer maar die person word beskerm en die DA leef maar met hom saam want dit pas hulle politieke agenda.

    Onder die omstandighede, is alles wat die DA en die ANC in die verband se hol “grandstanding” vir politieke gewin.

    Wat ons politieke leierskap se oor verkragting en gesinsgeweld in ons land en hoe hulle dit bejeen en hanteer binne hul eie geledere is twee baie verskillende goed. Soos die Enegelsman se, “Charity begins at home.” “Action” begin ook by die huis, en eers wanneer ons leiers die manne in die binnekringe wat hulle skuldig maak aan hierdie soort gedrag uitwys vir wat hulle werklik is, hulle verwerp, en hulself suiwer van sulke gedrogte sal hulle weer ‘n bietjie geloofwaardigheid herwin. Totdat dit eendag gebeur moet Theuns, Putco et al liewer stilbly en ophou om ‘n al dieper gat vir hulself te grawe.

  6. Leadership 101- ANC style!!

    Marius Fransman and Jeffrey Donson both belong to the past and have no integrity what so ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    The ANC is so sick that they will abuse the sick rape and murder of someone to try and score political points, my word, in a town that is governed by the ANC.

    Which the ANC has also RAPE AND PLUNDERED as they have Oudtshoorn. Kannaland and all other municipalities in the Republic.

  7. It is clear to ALL that the ANC has lost its high moral ground some time ago and is going one way only and that is downwards and FAST – true, no conspiracy needed to make them look bad, they ARE BAD.

    Bad for the people, bad for the nation and an international embarrassment ! Knowing this, the bigger problem remains: WHO CAN REPLACE THE ANC if the whole lot of political opportunists are also already very bad and terminally infected throughout ?

    A new broom must sweep clean, dont put old wine in new bags and vise versa as the Big Book says.
    INDEPENDENTS with moral fibre, principles, values and a history to back it perhaps ? Any suggestions ??

  8. “Another Icosa councillor in Kannaland, Werner Meshoa, is currently also facing statutory rape charges. Meshoa, who is a teacher, is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in Ladismith, Kannaland last year, and is out on R3000 bail.”

    Botha said so long as the ANC “stays mum” on the fact that they were in a coalition with an organisation headed by a convicted rapist, their expressions of outrage and condemnation “seems like nothing more than political grandstanding”.

    Mr Meshoa “is a teacher”.

    Still currently a teacher?

    Under the WC Department of Education?

    Under leadership of DA MEC Donald Grant?

    or did Mr Meshoa resign when elected as councillor?

    Some clarity please O!O.

  9. Not a peep from Ivan Mayer? Or is the Argus simply not aware that Botha is die mister van gister and they should be approaching the new leader on the block? Or maybe Ivan is still bound by Theuns’ earlier instructions for DA members not to talk to the press?

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