Ruled by a rapist

The Jeffrey Donson issue continues;
ANC refuses to let go

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Oudtshoorn. 8 March 2013. 07h15. I am continuing my interrogation of the ANC about the party’s viciferous stance against rape while it governs Oudtshoorn only by the support of a. Convicted child rapist.

Here is the latest barrage of emails, from Wednesday.

I wrote Jesse Duarte, and copied Marius Fransman and Putco Mapitiza.

Ms Duarte

I am reliably informed that Marius Fransman and Putco Mapitiza, inter alia, met with Jeffrey Donson on Monday to confirm the alliance between the ANC, NPP, and Icosa.

It is therefore clear: The ANC has a formal alliance with a convicted child rapist.

Please explain the ANC’s stance on rape.


Fransman reacted within minutes:


Get your facts sorted, I was not in a meeting on Monday.Also pl tell me if you a member of the DA. Also when Icosa had a relation with DA why is it that you never had a problem with it?And pl whilst at it, pl indicate if you in past quietly engaged Icosa to have another agreement with DA. Pl tell me what you going to ensure transformation and who the suppliers of your business are.

Our deputy minister of foreign affairs, or whatever Orwellian nomiker that department sports at this time.

I fired back, without response, of course:

I said “I was reliably informed” – I made no claims.

There is only one issue at stake: does the ANC have an alliance with Icosa, a political party headed by a convicted child rapist!?

Yes, or no!?

No response after this.

It is not O.K., even if the. Apposition did it, or is doing it. O, that the ANC and the DA may get only this! At least!

Oudtshoorn is ruled by a party – the ANC – which speaks out against rape yet governs only because it is in alliance with another party – Icosa – run by a convicted child rapist.

And the ANC is tap dancing around the issue. Spineless, I say. Despicable!

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3 thoughts on “Ruled by a rapist

  1. Pragtig gese OO !
    Fransman het duidelik n probleem met vroue
    Gaan Fransman opstaan vir vroue ?
    Die Stem is naief, of was dit net by spreke van woorde want dit gaan die DA jarre neem om verantwoordelike bestuur in te stel – en definitief sal dit nie gebeur solank Bredell op die toneel is nie !

    Het Hannes al bedank ?

  2. Natuurlik salmy houding presiés dieselfde wees!

    En waar, Die Stem, kom jy daaraan dat “Oudtshoorn ‘n goed gebalanseerde verantwoordelike raad (sal hê) wat die dorp verantwoordelik bestuur” as die DA aan bewind sou kom!?

  3. Mnr Baird. Kom ons skep die volgende senario. Donson besluit om die ANC aliansie te vrlaat en skaar hom by die DA Die DA, Cope en Donson se party het nou die meerderheid stemme en hulle vat beheer oor van die raad. Maw die rapist se optrede veroorsaak dat Oudtshoorn ‘n goed gebalanseerde verantwoordelike raad het wat die dorp verantwoordelik bestuur.

    Wat gaan jou houding wees? Dieselfde as met die ANC se Duarte?

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