Eden: The plot sickens

Continued trouble in paradise

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
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Oudtshoorn. 08 March 2013. 06h45. The Eden DA caucus, without its Cope and ACDP members, will meet with Western Cape party leaders in Worcester on Monday, a day before a crucial council meeting on Tuesday.

O!O is reliably informed that concerns about the DA brand, believed to be damaged by councillor behaviour, will be addressed by the provincial leader, Ivan Meyer; his deputy, Theuns Botha; and the secretary, Anton Bredell.

It is expected that representative DA councillors from Eden local councils will also attend, and that the Western Cape minister of finance, economic development and tourism, Alan Winde, may be present.

This meeting follows on the back of information earlier this week from Pretoria that senior ANC leaders, including even president Zuma and NEC member Jesse Duarte, had been informed of the findings of the ENS Forensics Report recommending disciplinary and criminal charges against Eden mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen.

From Cape Town O!O learns that Van der Westhuizen probed Bredell, also the Western Cape minister for local government, on possibilities to address the ENS report “locally” or “internally” and prevent the report from being tabled during Tuesday’s council meeting.

Bredell refused amidst talk that the speaker is considering suspending Van der westhuizen.

According to a source close to Van der Westhuizen, the mayor threatened High Court action against his own council if he is to be suspended.

Senior local government sources agreed that such utterances may be construed as threats to the minister and may have further dire implications for Van der Westhuizen.

On 27 June 2011 Botha boasted in an email that he fired a mayor without blinking, but added that he might have acted differently if it was not for the media outcry against that mayor.

O!O strongly suspects that current DA leaership moves against Van der Westhuizen are sustained only by media pressure. Already the Eden crisis – and it is no less than a full blown crisis – is to be addressed at a “brand meeting” on Monday. This already represents illusions of down play.

In the mean time O!O’s source at Van der westhuizen’s breast reports that the mayor’s new set of official wheels were recently clocked at 184 kpm on the magificent stretch of road between Great Brak River and Mossel Bay.

The car is fitted with a tracker device, see, and it is also known that the mayor’s “political advisor”, Vujani Gouws, was at the wheel.

Gouws is due to be charged.

Yeah, have we all heard that one before!

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5 thoughts on “Eden: The plot sickens

  1. DIE STEM – so n bek kort ‘choclits !”
    As Hannes so bekwaam en eerbaar is dan sal hy weet wat om te doen DS .
    Toe ons almal vir die bedanking van Selebi en Schaik en Cele.. en so gaan die lys aan gevra het, het ons jurisdiksie gehad ?
    As n gebore SA’ner wat die Grondwet ondersteun het ons almal direkte inspraak en jurisduksie oor demokrasie by wyse van ‘negotiorum gestio”, jy ook Mnr Die Stem. Gebruik jou STEM (vocal cords) en jou stem (vote) verantwoordelik en hou die gesprek beleefd asb.

    Ek vra weer, het Hannes al bedank ? Hy sal weet hoekom ! Vir die wat wil weet soos u, meng jou met die semels, dan vreet die varke jou. Hannes kan heelwat beter doen met sy integriteit glo ek.

  2. It’s a pity the DA was not so considered when they spread all the lies about the previous council of Plett. The damage that did to our town is incomprehensible.

  3. Ed how do you get all this info from Cape Town if Eden’s building is nearly 500km from there?

    Can it be that the Eden Mayor’s confidants are the real ones making his flaws and short falls public as I dont think people outside of his inner circle have got excess to the information like they do!

  4. Wat is jou probleem met Hannes? Hannes was tot onlangs die bekwame voorsitter van die plaaslike Kiesafdelingsbestuur van DA Jy is nie lid van die DA nie so wat is jou fokken probleem? Jy spoel jou mond uit oor ‘n organisasie oor wie jy geen fokken jurisdiksie het nie. Of Hannes bedank of bly wat die het dit met jou uit te waai!!

  5. Why was Gouws not treated like a normal citizen and arrested and locked up, or was he , hey Wessie ?

    Die DA wil sy ‘Brand” beskerm, ai, dit brand al jare lank en gaan nou vinnig op in vlamme !

    Hoe ironies – die einste ‘mediocre men” wat nou die DA se ‘brand’ wil beskerm, is die einste wat die grootste skade vir die DA veroorsaak en die plek aan dien brand gesteek hou ! Wanneer gaan Zille leer ?

    Het Hannes al bedank ? Sal iemand tog vir hom se sy skippie brand en sy tydjies van geloofwaardigheid in politiek loop uit

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