The convicted child rapist becomes an albatross

ANC, DA needs Jeffrey Donson; can’t dare have him

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Oudtshoorn. 5 March 2013. 06h20. After ANC NEC member Jesse Duarte tried to spin that it was not the ANC which had an alliance with Icosa, but individual ANC councillors that had an alliance with Icosa President Jeffrey Donson, the ANC regional executive and the Icosa leadership met yesterday to formalise an alliance.

Jeffrey Donson is a convicted child rapist and no politician, not even an ANC or DA politician, should want to be seen within a country mile of him. Yet…

So yesterday I wrote Jesse.

Ms Duarte

Only last week you assured me that the ANC did not have an alliance with Icosa and that the ANC therefore can not be held responsible that the Oudtshoorn governing alliance includes Icosa.

I rejected the reasoning.

Yet I have been informed at 14h00 today of a meeting between the regional ANC executive and the Icosa leadership, scheduled to have started at 15h00, where a formal alliance was to be discussed.

So, Ms Duarte, you have not had an alliance with the convicted child rapist… But now that you have been challenged to abandon him, you seek a formal alliance!?

Ye gods and faeries!

I am indeed not intelligent enough to understand high politics.

There is, however, little wrong with my nose… And I smell a rat. A giant rat, such as the one of Sumatra conjured by Arthur Conan Doyle!

What are you thinking, ma’am!?

Is the ANC atuned with a convicted child rapist, or not?

Please do tell!


The point, of course, is that the ANC, like every other politician “and his dog” is currently on the “Rape Scourge” bandwaggon. And how does one balance on such a crowded vehicle when lopsided by an alliance with a convicted child rapist?

That is the deplorable question.

O!O hear say that the DA was also talking to Icosa of late. Watch the DA attempt to spin itself out of this one! Watch this space.

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