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Why is the ANC in an alliance with Icosa!?

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Oudtshoorn. 2 March 2013. 11h10. I have seldom felt stronger about an issue as the fact that the political kingmaker in Oudtshoorn is a convicted child rapist.

Here is yet another plea to a “leader”…

Dear Ms Duarte

Our telephone conversation this Tuesday last refers.

On Thursday the Oudtshoorn Council met in the Bongulethu community hall. A bomb scare 15 minutes into proceedings put an end to a meeting where a no confidence motion in the ANC mayor was expected.

Ja well no fine. Us bucolics will buy any old snake oil won’t we – especially when sold by respected leaders.

It was generally expected that the deputy mayor, of Icosa, currently allied with the ANC, would have supported the motion to end the ANC/NPP/Icosa rule.

Icosa is the undisputed king maker in Oudtshoorn, as is evidenced by the fear of the no confidence motion; and the extreme measures to have the meeting halted.

But you know that.

You also know that Icosa’s president, Jeffrey Donson, is a convicted child rapist.

I now put it to you, Ms Duarte, as I have done often of late, that it is shameful of the ANC to speak out against the scourge of rape while it is clinging to power in Oudtshoorn by alliance with a convicted child rapist!

Your excuse that it is not the ANC, but individual Oudtshoorn ANC councillors that are allianced with Donson and Icosa is, frankly, perfunctory, pernicious and preposterous. This folly arrogating as argument is as lame as it is despicable.

And it makes a mockery of the ANC’s stance against rape.

The ANC clearly can not act against rape while it is aligned with a convicted child rapist!

No words from you, no spin, can possibly alter this fact.

Shame on the ANC, shame on the Janus faced ANC!

Have it fixed, dammit!


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