Jesse Duarte is surprised

“I think you’re lying”

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Oudtshoorn. 28 February 2013. 00h02. Jesse Duarte, the ANC NEC member charged with local government problem solving refused to believe me when I told her Tuesday that I am prevented by the ANC mob of attending council meetings.

The conversation went something like this:

“You should attend some of the council meetings, sir!”

“I’m not allowed to attend the meetings.”

“But of course you are! You can’t speak, but you can observe from the public gallery. There’s a public gallery in every chamber.”

“I’ve been banned from the public gallery.”

“They can’t do that!”

“But they have.”

“Who banned you?”

“Mpho Mogale.”


“Mpho. Mogale, the administrator you sent to Oudtshoorn.”

“I didn’t send him to Oudtshoorn. Don’t make accusations you can’t back up, sir!”

“The ANc sent him; you serve on the highest ANC council; therefore you sent him.”

“Nobody can refuse you access to council meetings” it’s illegal.”

“The ANC did ban me.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Call any functionary at the municipality and ask!”

“I will!”

Whatever. I don’t believe a thing any ANC functionary tells me.

And I am no longer interested in attending “meetings” where people like Gordon April, Vlancio Donson, and Diane de Jager may speak. What possible effect, but calamity, can that possibly have!?

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2 thoughts on “Jesse Duarte is surprised

  1. Oppas O!O. As jy aanhou druk laai hulle jou binne in die Van. En jy sal nie voor sit soos Oscar nie, jy sal moet agter in klim. Of dalk hak hulle jou sommer agter die Van.

  2. Get a TV Chanel to accompany you next time you attempt to attend a Council Meeting OO and have that exposed with a copy to Mpho Mohale and Jesse and see what actions emminate !

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