ANC justifies alliance with convicted child rapist

“Not our problem”, says Jesse Duarte

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Oudtshoorn. 27 February 2013. 00h02. President Zuma spoke against the scourge of rape in his State of the Nation Address on February 14 while the ANC governs Oudtshoorn in coalition with a party headed by a convicted child rapist – Jeffrey Donson.

@SAPresident has been tweeted FOUR times to explain this discrepancy.

President Zuma has been informed through his top 7 (seven!) personal assistants THREE times.

Yesterday it was ELEVEN DAYS since O!O asked the ANC for an explanation…

And then Jesse Duarte, NEC member charged with local government issues, called and said that this alliance was not the ANC’s problem.

According to a quite irritated Duarte, who refused to even discuss the matter, the ANC has no alliance with Icosa – the Oudtshoorn ANC councillors have a cooperation agreement with a member of Icosa who is not the convicted child rapist.

This is the lamest excuse I have ever heard and trumps even the worst wailings of Anton Bredell, the WC minister of local government who regularly claims that his hands are cut off and the stumps bound behind his back every time he is called upon to exercise his “oversight” responsibility.

This is the fact of the matter: the ANC governs Oudtshoorn only because the ANC is in an alliance with a party headed by a convicted child rapist.

An the ANC does not even have the collective strength of character to own up to this outrage.

The ANC clearly does not think a child rapist is disqualified to keep the party in power in Oudtshoorn.

And this lot speaks against the scourge of rape!?


And shame on you Jesse Duarte for not having the integrity to own up to a glaring, scandalous outrage!

“If you have a problem with leader of Icosa, take the matter up with the Public Protector”, advised Jesse!

Clearly, Jesse has no problem with sharing power with a convicted child rapist.

This from one of the most senior women in the AnC!

Shame on you Jesse Duarte, shame on you.

And shame on you, ANC!

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4 thoughts on “ANC justifies alliance with convicted child rapist

  1. “Die Stem”. Die vraag is of mev Duarte die leier van die party met wie haar party ‘n saamslaap verhouding het na haar huis sal nooi en alleen sal laat met haar minderjarige dogter. Wel sal jy mev?

    Die Stem? Who’s stem?? The President went to the Court and was found Not Guilty. You might not like it, if you did not agree you, and others, could have taken it on review. The President, a member of a powerfull section of our socity has different views on mariage. So have many muslims in South Africa and around the world. To state that “It would not be safe to leave a minor female with the President, is in my humble opinion………..

  2. En as ICOSA in koalisie met die DA was? Wat sou die kommentaar dan gewees het? Never believe a politician, they should all carry toilet paper in their briefcases.

  3. Is Duarte se integriteit finaal aan vlarde as dit kom by die opstaan vir vroue regte en dit te doen wat reg is ?

    Jesse, advies vir n uitgeslape politieke kalant wat vroue in ons land liederlik in die steek laat; “Do what is right, let the consequinces follow” Al daarvan gehoor ?
    Dalk wel, maar is dit die moed en integriteit wat ontbreek ?

  4. Jy sien mnr Baird dit is nou maar hou die politici werk. Die vraag is of mev Duarte die leier van die party met wie haar party ‘n saamslaap verhouding het na haar huis sal nooi en alleen sal laat met haar minderjarige dogter. Wel sal jy mev?

    Omdat Oudtshoorn se ANC in koalisie met Icosa die ANC pas, verdra hulle die saamslaap verhouding. Dit is nou maar hoe die ou spulletjie aanmekaar gesit is. Kyk anderpad en trek die skoen aan wat hulle pas. Daar haal ek my hoed af vir die DA. ”n Mens noem dit integriteit, mev Duarte!

    Hoe gaan die gesegde? As jy saam met honde slaap moet jy nie verbaas wees as jy met vlooie opstaan nie. Nou ja toe mev Duarte almal is nie so donners stupid soos u se party lede nie. Bulshit voort! Hier waar ek bly noem ons dit “om jou kop in die sand te druk”

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