Ukraine delegation visits Eden

A little bit of ha-ha irony…

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Oudtshoorn. 23 February 2013. 07h45. When I learned yesterday of this Ukrainian delegation visiting Eden, I just instinctively knew summat’s amiss.

(I only learned of the visit through a journalist friend, as O!O is not on the Eden distribution list. See a revealing story about this attitude later this week-end.)

Details are sketchy, but this, generally, is how the thing works… As told O!O by a respected Eden functionary. It is related here as heard.

Some time ago the daughter of the then Hessequa mayor, Chris Taute, won some competition that included a trip to the Ukraine. The current delegation is visiting as a result of a returning invitation.

Taute, since reduced to an ordinary ANC opposition councillor, needed help to make good on his invitation. So he turned to the DAMayor of Eden.

Eden is now saddled with the cost of accommodation and some function.

A demand to cover the travel cost from Cape Town was returned to Hessequa where councillor Taute found a bus company to step in at R20,000. Is it relevant that the bus company belongs to Taute’s brother?

Ag nee wat.

O!O will be first to apologise if this Ukranian visit results in anything more than a return invite to the Mayor of Eden…

Oudtshoorn. 22 February 2013. 09h15. The office of the Eden Mayor has announced a visit by a high level Ukraine delegation to the district, organized by the Association of Small Towns of Ukraine, from 24 February to 3 March.

The purpose of the visit is to engage and exchange information on issues of municipal governance, economic development and service delivery. The group wishes to study/visit/get information on the following aspects of the South African Municipal System, and vice versa:

1- Development of towns
2- Water supply systems
3- Waste collection
4- Local democracy development
5- Tourism
6- Economic Development
7- Relations between local towns, districts, provinces and national government levels.
The visit is also intended to allow municipalities in the Eden District to lobby with the Association of Small Towns of Ukraine possibilities for exporting and economic relations for the purpose of stimulating and growing both economies.

A xyresic O!O reader immediately remarked that the visit represents a little bit of irony in terms of the political Gulags that may await certain people of Eden…

Sharp people, O!O commentators. Sharp!

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