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An ANC NEC member takes note

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
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Oudtshoorn. 19 February 2013. 07h30. Jesse Duarte, the ANC NEC member who berated the Oudtshoorn ANC on May 22 last year for factionalism and no sign of a strategy for dervice delivery, responded to O!O’s calls for action.

On February 17, this Sunday last, she wrote, in response to my letter to Pierre Uys on his criticism of Eden:

“Your extremely angry letter acknowledged. The ANC is meeting it’s cadre in Outshoorn to find solutions and the truth. Thank you for your letter.”

And yesterday Duarte responded to my letter to Marius Fransman on the ANC coalition with Icosa, headed by a convicted child rapist.

We’ll see.

It”s been 4 days since I asked Fransman for an explanation of how the ANC can speak against the scourge of rape while aligning with a convicted child rapist.

I am also tweeting @SAPresident daily for an explanation.

But O!O readers are well aware of the petulanceof politicians – they just don’t answer the difficult questions.

Electrons are willing, and cheap to agitate. I’ll just continue my barrage.

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