So, what will happen to Wessie?

In a word: Nothing

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Oudtshoorn. 21 February 2013. 08h05. O!O has learned that Theuns Botha, the DA’s Western Cape deputy leader and the party’s head of government matters; and Jaco Londt, the party’s manager for the Western Cape East Region, will attend the Eden special council meeting in early March to ensure correct procedure in considering the ENS Forensics’ report.

Oudtshoorn. 18 February 2013. 07h00. O!O does not believe that the DA will act against Eden mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen.

The DA did not lift a finger to intervene in the Koegelenberg persecution (sic), even after the provincial secretary, Anton Bredell, also the WC minister of local government, solemnly promised to set the matter straight on several occasions. Bredell, and the DA, ultimately, did nothing – except to criticise Koegelenberg for setting the matter in perspective in the media when the regional court inevitably dismissed the charges against him.

All that has come of a damning KPMG Report of 23 January 2012 on the mismanagement of some R7.5m, after the Eden council considered the report in March last year already, was that the Eden municipal manager, Godfrey Louw, informed the lawyer of the civil rights organisation Oudtshoorn Waghond, Nic Barrow, on 25 January this year that the report would be made available to the MM’s office “by next week” (first week of February).

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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Last week adv Koos Cilliers, a consultant to DA leader premier Helen Zille, interviewed the Eden mayco members on several issues surrounding accusations by Van der Westhuizen against WC DA deputy leader and Eden DA constituency head Theuns Botha, such as intervening in the administration of the municipality. The accusations include complaints about the reinstatement of Louw.

An impecable source told O!O that some mayco members murmured that they believed Cilliers was fishing for reasons not to act against Van der Westhuizen.

It is a badly kept secret that there is little love lost between Botha, who appointed him, and Van der Westhuizen.

Van der Westhuizen is known to be close to the WC DA leader, Ivan Meyer. The relationship between Van der Westhuizen and the leader of the ID, Patricia de Lille, is said to have deteriorated to the point where O!O was told: “Sy wil Wessie se naam nie eens meer hoor nie”.

But one of Van der Westhuizen’s many Eden remunerated supporters, Sylvester Taylor, in good standing with the ID leader, frequently pleads his master’s case with De Lille.

Van der Westhuizen also has close allies in the DA caucus – Patrick McCombi and Gert Niehaus, to name but two.

He has even more support on the other side of the council chamber.

The chances that the Eden DA caucus will resolve to discipline Van der Westhuizen are slim, unless a political instruction from Botha makes it so. Botha’s decision will be guided by an assessment of political expediency – not in Eden, but provincially and nationally.

The close relationship between Van der Westhuizen and ANC WC leader Marius Fransman will also influence the political decision making in the Marks building.

O!O wil publish findings later this week of a weeks long investigation into the relationship between the DA and the ID which is about to be dissolved by next year. This issue bears directly on the political infighting in Eden.

This Saturday night last, having spoken at length to several informed individuals and to an informant close to the WC cabinet earlier in the day, I sms’d Van der Westhuizen: “Lang gesprekke gehad vandag. Jy kan maar ontspan Wessie, die DA gaan NIKS aan jou doen nie. Maar…

Van der Westhuizen het só reageer: “Nee meneer. Nie so eenvoudig. Ek gaan amdring op ‘n verhoor. So maklik gaan ek nie die karaktermoordenaars nie so maklik laat wegkom nie.” (sic)

Ek het laat weet: “Jy gaan die deal aanvaar. Wat wed jy?

Geen deal DB”, was die antwoord.

Several DA councillors, of Eden and Eden councils, and a senior functionary close to the DA Western Cape leadership expressed horror at the possibility of no action against Van der Westhuizen.

Some of the sms reactions read as follows:

Dan is die party een groot grap – openbaar DA maar vir wat hy is.

En die ENS-verslag – hoe kan dit dan nou net verdwyn? Die bevindinge is verdoemend!

En die party het JB (Johann Brummer, Bitou) uitgeskop oor hy hulle ‘skuld’ – ag nee deksels man!

Ek glo in die waardes en visie van die DA, al vir jare, selfs ek gaan nou moet reflekteer.

Een groot grap, DA-grap.

O!O will be most surprised if any action is taken against Van der Westhuizen.

And surely Van der Westhuizen will not be plain stupid enough to insist on some hearing “to clear his name”.

A significant indicator that Van der Westhuizen will escape disciplinary action is the fact that Eden and the DA are spending more time and effort in attempts to discover O!O’s sources and informants, than on the case against maladministration.

What can be done?

It’s simple realy: Ensure that you have a party independent option in future elections.

The DA, and the ANC, do not serve voter turns at local government level.

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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Yet perhaps Van der Westhuizen will still swing…

On 27 Junie 2011 Theuns Botha wrote me: “Ek het ‘n burgemeester gefire omdat die munisipaliteit sy vrou se vliegkaartjie betaal het EEN DAG voordat hy die geld in die munisipaliteit se rekening inbetaal het  – dit is onwettig om munisipale geld vir persoonlike aangeleenthede aan te wend (maar ek moet erken – as daar nie so ‘n groot bohaai in die media was nie sou hy dit dalk oorleef het met ‘n paar moerse klappe).” (My emphasis.)

The media – at least O!O – will not let go.

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15 thoughts on “So, what will happen to Wessie?

  1. Mfundo! You’re my MAN! We may disagree from time to time, but you’re my MAN!

    Edmund. Edmund. Edmund. What you been smokin?

  2. There’s no accounting for the actions of some people, Mfundo!

    I appreciate your candor.

  3. Ed

    I’m somewhat confused by this Edmund guy-I write my posts under my birth name, being Mfundo Jantjie, a african male born in Knysna but residing in Oudtshoorn due to the fortune(?) of getting a job there a few years back.

    It would appear that you know Edmund, whose posts I must say borders on racism, for who he really is. Very interesting :-!

  4. Edmund

    Wat jy ook al van my dink het niks te make met jou heer en meester se probleme nie.

    Neem jou probleme op met die mense na wie jy verwys.

    Jou afleidings spreek boekdele oor jou intelligensie. Ek reageer nie op onlogiese snert nie.

    Konsentreer op jou burgemeester se probleme. Want as hy waai, het jy geen heenkome nie ou snaar – wie sal jóú nou in diens neem!?

    O, wag, Patricia sal seker na jou kyk. Wáár het die OD sy lede uitgekrap!?

  5. Edmund

    Wat jy ook al van my dink het niks te make met jou heer en meester se probleme nie.

    Neem jou probleme op met die mense na wie jy verwys.

    Jou afleidings spreek boekdele oor jou intelligensie. Ek reageer nie op onlogiese snert nie.

    Konsentreer op jou burgemeester se probleme. Want as hy waai, het jy geen heenkome nie ou snaar – wie sal jóú nou in diens neem!?

  6. Yes, Mfundu, indeed – our Edmund is a very clever chap!

    And the Pope resigned to join the Mormons.

  7. @Edmund I will never vote again- voted DA and nothing happened, luckely never voted ID because I was too dark in complection and would’ve waisted my vote I think.

    The only leadership role I have is on the soccer field, where I give my best to achieve a perfection in my game yes- are you sure you are not a pshycologist? I believe with your analysis of my names meaning you show a high level of anal deficiency in your IQ.

  8. My friend Mfundo

    This is the meaning of your name.

    • Since you are impressionable and receptive, you feel the misfortunes of others very keenly.

    • However, this name makes it awkward for you to express your deeper thoughts and feelings with finesse and diplomacy to the extent that your candid, sometimes blunt, manner of speaking creates misunderstandings with others.

    • Being somewhat self-centred, you learn through your own experiences, as you rarely take advice from others.

    • You long for praise and appreciation for your efforts, but others find it difficult to understand you.

    • You are imaginative and visionary, somewhat of a perfectionist, yet the results of your efforts often fall short of your high expectations.

    • A leadership position appeals to you because you would enjoy directing others rather than being directed.

    • Your feelings are strong and you tend to react intensely to situations.

    • Because of your sensitive nervous system, over-stress and extreme tiredness could cause nervous disorders, seizures, fainting, or dizziness.

    • You could also experience head tension such as headaches, weak eyes, or throat problems

    NB: Say no more!!! My friend maybe when you give your all for the “Independant” in the upcomming elections in 2014 he/she will take note.It will be nice.Imagine “Cleaner in the Office of the Independant”.

  9. @Wit Tier it seems that you really know your DA Oudtshoorn set up- thanks for informing us 🙂

    As I used to be a DAceivers member and supporter I did learn one thing-just because you wear blue,don’t mean your a DA my friends. Many, even Taylor and co just wear the blue to abuse the access it gives them.
    I’d rather deserve my salary then get paid to lie for anyone because they organized me cushy job in public sector!

  10. Wit Tier

    Ek is verbysterd.

    Kan dit wéés!?

    My Afrikaans-onderwyser het altoos gesê: “Blou in die blom…”

  11. Die informante van DB laat hom lelik in die steek. Vir eers kan ek onthou dat Sylvester Taylor en Wessie opbetaalde lede van die DA is,Sylvester dien op die KAB van die DA , is DA voorsitter van Wyk 6 in Oudtshoorn,Wessie is `n DA Burgemeester , DA koukusleier in Oudtshoorn. Sylvester het nog laas met die tussenverkiesing in Oudtshoorn `n woord met Burgemeester De Lille gespreek. Jy sien DB jou informant is ongelukkig met sy identiteit,hy gaan deur `n identiteitskrisis en moet beslis met homself vrede maak.

    Andrew moet nie jou naam met `n plank slaan nie.Die waarheid sal bly staan, en niks behalwe die waarheid nie.Moet asb nie jou gesonde verstand laat verwurm deur `n informant wat so diep in k………..kstraat is nie.

  12. Andrew. I hope like hell you are really,really going to do what you say yo are. The support Wessie enjoys from the ANC was evidenced by how quickly Putco jumped into action to try to divert attention from Wessie’s little indiscretions. What is happening in the municipalities of the Southern Cape is little different to organised crime.
    a sick and disgusting situation.

    Does anybody have any idea when the 2014 election is likely to be? 1st or 2nd quarter?

  13. Ek stap nou met daai ENS verslag in my hand na die Openbare Beskermer se kantoor. Antwoord sal hulle antwoord!

  14. “So what will happen to Wessie..?”
    OO, vra eerder, “What will happen to the DA ?
    Hang hierdie en die KPMG verslag rakende Godfrey Louw aan die groot klokke, media, ondersoek deur Publieke Beskermer todat die DA bevredigend reageer.

    Wat my veral bekommer is dat hierdie spul magsbehepte huigelaars niks sal doen as dit nie elke keer aan die groot klokke gehang word nie. DAN DOEN ONS DIT MAAR ELKE KEER TODAT HUL DIE LES GELEER HET EN HUL REPUTASIE AAN SKERWE IS.(watter reputasie?)

  15. The best thing for the Southern Cape is for it to be separated from the Western Cape. This way we will be free from external political interference.

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