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Oudtshoorn. 17 February 2013. 11h35. That Oudtshoorn is managed poorly is not a matter that will bear discussion. It is an infrangible fact. And the understatement of the millennium. A litotes*; a meiosis*, to be sure.

It is, also, improbable that either the ANC or the DA would win Oudtshoorn outright in the foreseeable future – at least in the next two local government elections – in some hope of at least consistent management, if not good management, which appears to be a pipe dream given the quality of councillors.

At present the DA/Cope faction represents 50.8% of the total May 2011 Oudtshoorn vote, yet the proportional system has fairy godmothered two gadfly parties of insignificance – Icosa and the NPP – into kingmakers who keep the ANC in power, despite and against the popular vote.

The Oudtshoorn balance of power lies with either 3.0% (Icosa) or 2.3% (NPP) voters. Either 1,772 or 1,316 people, out of a total of 56,728 voters, determine the fate of all of Oudtshoorn’s people.

The gadflies are only interested in money – something they believe, and unfortunately rightly believe, to be the inevitable result of power.

At present the ANC is willing to align with the devil himself in the name of power. Therefore the ANC has no objection to working with Icosa, headed by a convicted child rapist, Jeffrey Donson.

Ye gods and faeries – a convicted child rapist heads a political party with kingmaker status… South Africa is, frankly, an embarrassment to the world. And this while Jacob and every “caring” ANC functionary speaks against rape – obviously.

The ANC still owes me an answer to an enquiry about this outrage of power by child rape.

The support of both Icosa and the NPP of Badih Chaaban (if the DA is to be believed, one of the most notorious criminals in our corrupt land – an accusation I think conjured to ease the pain Chaaban inflicted on frail DA ego’s in the Cape Metro Council some years ago) are required by the ANC to remain in power in Oudtshoorn.

In the immediate aftermath of the May 18 2011 local government elections Theuns Botha suggested to me personally to seek the support of Chaaban at a time when the current Eden mayor, Wessie van der Westhuizen, and DA councillor Ben van Wyk woed Donson – without the permission, or even the knowledge of the Western Cape DA leaders. (Although the role in this despicable escapade of that political strategist of interstellar renown, Jac Bekker, remains blurred.)

O!O has covered events since then and Oudtshoorn is today submerged in the rapids at the bottom of the precipice over which the ANC and its rogue coalition partners had driven the town.

Chaaban, in 2011 a keen probable DA ally, has constructed a beneficial political attunement with the ANC. Nobody can blame him. He has a political party to manage and the DA, fronted by Theuns Botha, scorned him publicly when Chaaban reached out, at great personal political risk, to save Oudtshoorn from ANC claws.

Chaaban has no reason to come to Oudtshoorn’s aid and not even I can blame him. Trust the DA!? Purleaze!

Donson, to get back to the child rapist, has since 2011 run into severe difficulties. The NPP all but won Icosa’s entire support base away from Donson. In Oudtshoorn, Donson does not have any support left on days shebeens are closed.

And Donson, to swell his ever depleting coffers, need more, and better jobs for his cadres. Because cadres appointed by party influence must contribute a significant portion of their remuneration to the party.

Cope has a similar problem, hence the ridiculous DA sanctioned appointments in Eden and Bitou which O!O revealed recently.

Donson wants his son, Vlancio, the current deputy mayor, pardon, “executive” deputy mayor, known for exceptional intellectually scintillating contributions in the Oudtshoorn council, to be appointed mayor, and Icosa acolytes in senior management.

The poor ANC, and O!O really feels for Marius Fransman, already carries dead wood such as Gordon April and the NPP’s Johannes Stoffels, and simply cannot tolerate more inutile, otiose political invalids on life support.

So… Jeffrey Donson, some weeks ago, turned to the DA.

O!O already reported the little fiasco of the December council meeting when the DA’s tango with Icosa saw the terpsichorean amours falling flat on their Janus faces. (Terpsichorean relates to dancing; amour to a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship; Janus is the Roman god of doorways and passages, depicted with two faces on opposite sides of his head.)

At present Jac Bekker and Theuns Botha are considering Donson’s support to wrest power for the DA/Cope coalition in Oudtshoorn. Should this machination succeed, Cope will probably follow the Eden and Bitou route and start demanding significant benefits. While Donson will yo-yo the DA at will.

And, of course, there will be the albatross of that child rape conviction around the new threesome conjugation of chagrin.

To her credit, Helen Zille, truth be known, is vehemently opposed to this match.

But maybe Botha is up to his old tricks again, as he was when he wrote me on 24 July 2011 to temper a proposal to Zille to secure her approval. (The proposal was scuttled by Botha before Zille even had sight of it.)

I am aware that particular local ANC leaders have gone as far as to breach the possibility of governing Oudtshoorn in unison with the DA, under an executive committee scenario, with the party’s NEC.

I also know that the DA rejects this possibility in the name of future election strategy. If the DA and the ANC are seen to be working together to save Oudtshoorn, the DA can not claim at the next election that the ANC ruined Oudtshoorn.

That the DA ruined Oudtshoorn well before the ANC got its chance by August 2010 is not even considered at this time. Click also here and here and here.

Forget the DA.

What may be a workable option, until an actual solution is found, is a joint effort by the DA and the ANC, but rejected by the DA for political expediency.

There is ultimately only one solution for Oudtshoorn: Party political independent control.

No independent majority is needed, mind – simply, under current circumstances, an independent of some mere 1,500 odd votes to hold the balance of power. Just one!

Then the solution may look something like this:

The Situation
Neither the ANC/Icosa, nor the DA/Cope can govern Oudtshoorn without the independent’s kingmaker status.

The Issue
The unique political circumstances in Oudtshoorn known, the question arises as to why the independent must align with either the ANC/Icosa or the DA/Cope as opposed to the independent assuming authority and inducting both the ANC/Icosa and the DA/Cope to establish orderly, consistent, reliable and clean government in Oudtshoorn.

Therefore it is proposed that
The independent provides the leadership to focus councillors currently bewildered by the maelstrom of maladministration.

The independent vigorously maintains its independence in a council torn by political horse-trading and factionalism that has already denied Oudtshoorn any semblance of effective and efficient government since the end of administration on 18 September 2007.

The independent promotes and implements a government not of unity, but of what may be best defined as one of inclusive cohesion.

The independent forms a mayco consisting of the independent; 3 ANC-aligned and 3 DA-aligned members, and a council with an independent mayor; ANC-aligned deputy mayor and DA-aligned speaker.

The portfolios consist of Finance; Corporate; Community; Technical; and a new portfolio, preferably Strategic, to be established and to ensure an uneven number of Mayco members.

The independent caucuses with both the ANC/Icosa, and the DA/Cope groups.

All Councillors be encouraged to vote their conscience in delivering services to the people of Oudtshoorn, rather than serving provincial and/or national political agendas.

The independent governs Oudtshoorn.

Is it unusual? Is it difficult? Of course! But it’s possible! And it’s preferable!

All that is required is for the people of Oudtshoorn to have the will to nominate such an independent for the next election… or by-election.

* Litotes; meiosis – nouns: Understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary).

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