Dear Marius…

A letter to the ANC Western Cape leader, on rape

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Oudtshoorn. 15 February 2013. 09h15. I wrote the ANC’s Western Cape leader, Marius Fransman, this morning…

Dear Mr Fransman

President Zuma spoke against the scourge of rape in his State of the Nation Address last night while the ANC governs Oudtshoorn in coalition with a party headed by a convicted child rapist.

Please explain this flagrant discrepancy.

Even I can say no more.

But will Fransman react?

They never do, do politicians, unless they are being “asked nicely”.

I have nothing “nice” to say about this issue.

As a matter of fact, although I am already known for the fact, I confirm that I do not treat politicians with any more respect than what they display for their constituents… And aligning with a convicted child rapist for power deserves only contempt.

Speak up Marius, speak up!

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One thought on “Dear Marius…

  1. OO, Fransmans silence explains it all.
    He condones it !
    He is a political “has been”
    In fact, he never WAS !
    Some even say He even thinks ‘he has arrived !” whilst he never even showed up, hence the empty seat at the departure- bus-for-has-been-poli(many)tics(blood suckers) politicians. Poor man, he doesn’t even know that he doesn’t know it. Will someone please tell him !

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