Did DA cover up Eden District Municipality corruption?

ANC WCape Chief Whip Pierre Uys says leaked FNS forensic report damning

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Oudtshoorn. 14 February 2013. 06h00. The ANC is shocked by the inaction of the DA on the latest damning forensic report pointing to another DA local government scandal cover-up.

The ANC says the DA preaches one thing, but practises another as is evident in the now public ENS forensic report on various allegations against DA councillors in the DA led Eden District Municipality clearly showing signs of fraud, forgery, abuse of power and breaches of the councillor’s code of conduct. There are also allegations that attempts were made to suppress the report and its findings.

The ENS investigation looked into claims for entertaining guests, traveling, the use and buying of vehicles and accommodation.

ANC local government spokesperson in the Western Cape provincial legislature Pierre Uys says: “What the DA has to explain is why there is no due disciplinary hearing or effect given to the recommendations that calls for criminal charges?”

“What have been visibly exposed are the deepening cracks of division in the DA with factional infighting playing out right into the leadership at provincial level and beyond. The internal strife of the DA is causing it to bleed in public.

“It is also interesting to note that it is not only the DA’s mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen, but also other players like Speaker Doris Nayler (allegedly not following procurement processes) and even mayoral committee member Tertius Simmers (claims of double dipping on travel expenses) that need to be duly investigated.”

ANC chief whip Uys added: “The DA is overcome by many local government problems and numerous councillors have fled the factional fighting. There are councillors at various municipalities who get away with breaking the law and hateful racism, like in Mossel Bay and Worcester. Some councillors are purged for failing to contribute financially to the DA while others may seriously transgress with impunity. Double standards rip the DA apart and its leaders are acting against each other instead of giving direction. The DA does not lead by example and cannot be trusted at any level in government.”

(Statement issued by ANC Chief Whip Pierre Uys, February 13 2013)

ED. DEAR PIERRE, FOR THE ANC TO POINT FINGERS AT THE DA, AND VICE VERSA, IS RISIBLE. What voters in Eden need is to be rid of both the ANC and the DA. The people of Eden should be governed by party political independents.

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4 thoughts on “Did DA cover up Eden District Municipality corruption?

  1. Typical ANC political garbage Pierre! Start with your President please!

  2. Ditto O!O and Pletty, ditto !!
    What does Politics stand for ?
    Poli = plural
    tics = blood sucking PARASITES

    Decide self who will earn your vote next time cause we are maintaining these parasites with our precious votes !!!!

  3. @Ed I’m not sure why Pierre Uys is talking about claim double dipping and speaker not following procurement processes- Simmers was only guilty of driving without a valid driverse licence, as is proof from all the newspaper articles. His travelling claims were, reading what their speaker told the media,legal and in line with Edens policies.So Uys must be carefull in attacking a councillor without having all of the correct facts.

    Uys states the speaker did not follow procurement processes, could someone have told him this without giving him all the facts?

  4. Wow Pierre, you clearly did not spend much time reading the report or read an entirely different report – your wild and unsubstantiated references to Simmers and Naylor refer-

    But you do nicely sum up the steady ANCfication of the DA and the devastating effect it has. You’ve experienced it in the ANC, what happens when dishonest and corrupt individuals take over the reigns of an organisation. When the quid pro quos start coming home to roost thick and fast preventing the leaders from leading by example and forcing them to abandon all principles to save their and their cronies’ skin. The slide into collapsing government and non-delivery becomes inevitable.

    I trust that your ANC councillors in Eden will already have submitted the required motions to the Speaker for council to debate and act upon. That is their job as opposition councillors, it cannot be left in the hands of a Provincial politician who is clearly out of touch with the real issue. It must be dealt with fearlessly and efficiently by the councillors themselves, If they do their work and bring a well motivated vote of no confidence against the Mayor (ENS has already done the hard part) before council their chances of cleaning out the mess are good.

    Think about it Pierre, and get your guys to actually do something rather than you playing into the hands of the Theuns Botha by distracting attention from the real issue by making wild and entirely unsubstantiated allegations against people who apparently are not part of the cover-up that needs to be dealt with.

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