Buying political power

The DA pays for Cope support with money conjured from ratepayers

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Oudtshoorn. 13 February 2013. 05h00. Several Plett ratepayers reacted to the letter to Wayne Craig, the new DA councillor for Bitou Ward 2, which O!O published on February 6.

The letter questioned appointments in the office of the Deputy Executive Mayor.

One resident wrote to Craig: “If (O!O) has all the correct facts, I find this very disturbing. I thought the council was cutting costs where ever possible. PWC was called in at a great expense to the Ratepayers to do just that and now the deputy mayor  is running up these ridiculous bills. I would like to know why this is allowed to happen. Our rates went up 16% and the mayor promised us he would cut costs so that this would not be repeated in the next year. It appears to me that he is not keeping his promise. How can the council allow this to happen?”

Another wrote: “I was recently informed by the Chairman of the Plett Ratepayers Association that due to financial constraints there are almost no capital projects on the budget.  The work to be carried out is related to maintenance of existing infrastructure and this falls under the responsibility of the departmental heads. I just wonder why we should need someone to deal with Special Projects when there is little or no money available to carry out any projects? There is something illogical going on and we, the town’s ratepayers, are about to be handed the bill.”

Get this: Bitou has no “special projects” ’cause Bitou has no money for special projects, but Bitou is appointing someone to manage these non-existent special projects.

Craig’s responses are rather revealing, shocking even…

“This was a decision taken at National level and because of the colation with Cope we have to implement it in Bitou. I can unfortunately not comment anymore.”

And: “It was a decision made at National Level between the DA and Cope. The decision was not made by the DA Bitou. If you require any additional information please email”

It is absolutely clear that the DA’s national leadership is using ratepayer money to grease the stubborn gears of “working relationships” and “cooperation agreements” with political parties bent on securing income for otherwise unemployable cadres.

It is significant that neither Cope Leader Mosiuoa Lekota, nor DA Western Cape Leader Ivan Meyer took the trouble to address ligitimate ratepayer concerns.

Several DA functionaries told O!O that “these inevitable arrangements” can not be avoided in politics.

It is said that such arrangements benefit ratepayers because it keeps marginal councils out of “the claws of the ANC”.

And, of course, deliver such councils into the claws of the DA.

Bitou ratepayers, and this is but one instance of this DA “strategy for our common good” are coughing up around R2m per year to “keep Bitou out of the claws of the ANC”.

O!O is sure the Bitou ratepayers are quite relieved – their coffers can now not be raided by the ANC… It is the purport of the virginal DA.

I challenge DA Leader Helen Zille to explain – to me personally, like I’m a five year old – how such outrageous “arrangements” can be reconciled with “clean government”.

Why not pay Cope from money gifted by, for instance, Gupta alligned individuals, to get Lekota’s support?

Why steal the money from ratepayers?

Better still, Helen, YOU employ Vujani Gouws and Allan Kock in YOUR office – YOU pay for your “control”!

O, and Helen, us country bumpkins here in Oudtshoorn would have spent considerably less in alliance with Badih Chaaban to keep our town “out of the ANC claws”, had you “allowed” us to manage our own affairs.

But Chaaban, of course, is not as honourable as the DA leaders who bought Cope’s support.

And the Pope, likewise, abdicated because he’s turning Muslim.

Eden voters should have an option not to vote for, or against, the ANC next election, but to vote for non party alligned individuals representing voters, and not representing political leaders and their hunger for power – sold them by the meretricious “it’s better for you” mantra.

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4 thoughts on “Buying political power

  1. Out of the ANC frying pan and into the DA fire.

    If it is indeed the “Premier” who instructed that these post be created for COPE then it is surely an instance of the Provincial tier of government interfering in the separate municipal sphere. But Anton Bredell would not allow that.

    I think the “National” being referred to must be the DA’s national council or its chairman Mr Selfe. If that is so it is a very bad thing to do as it goes against the DA’s core principles.

    Be that as it may, the execution of what amounts to a breach of their party’s principles and an unlawful act ito of national legislation, was firmly in the hands of the DA councillors including Wayne himself. They should have had the guts to stand up for what is right and what is in the best interests of the residents of Plett, and not for what the DA and COPE want for their own gain,but they did not.

    Consider what would have happened if the ward 2 voters had elected an independent councillor; he would have prevented this outrageous horse trading with our money or he would have been recalled and replaced. Oops we made a mistake. As HZ herself likes reminding us, “YOU GET THE GOVERNMENT YOU DESERVE.”

  2. Corrupt DA all this whilst our roads are falling apart. Only Keurbooms received cycle ways ala cape town suburbs… this because Zille holidays there

  3. Well said O!O.
    If the DA does not respond, what will be a clearer ‘statement’ that they agree with your comments above.

    Het Hannes, Craig en Bredell al bedank ?

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