The ENS Report on Wessie van der Westhuisen

Will the DA act against one of its poster boys?

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Eden ENS Report

Oudtshoorn. 13 February 2013. 07h45. I wrote the western Cape deputy Leader, and the DA’s Eden Constituency Head, Theuns Botha, a few minutes ago:


Nee, magtag man, só kan ‘n DA-raad darem nie valshede oor sy burgermeester verkondig nie, man!

Ek lees tot my skok en verbystering, ja, selfs met ‘n gesonde skeut gemoedsbekakking in vandag se Burger dat Wessie van der Westhuizen geheel en al onskuldig is op ál die bevindinge – bevíndinge! – van ENS!

Ek dring daarop aan dat die Eden-raad onmíddelik die koste van die ENS-verslag terugeis!

Speaker Nayler en munisipale bestuurder Godfrey Louw moet beide aangekla word!

Dis allerverskrikliks! Dis vermaledydend!

Grappies op ‘n stokkie…

Wessie se openbare uitsprake stel die DA-raad en die DA-speaker in ‘n uiters ongunstige lig. Dit is ‘n ernstige oortreding van ‘n DA konstitusionele regulasie en vereis onverwylde optrede deur die party.

Ek sien reikhalsend uit na aanduidinge van leierskap!

Oudtshoorn. 12 February 2013. 12h20. Eden Speaker Doris Nayler has confirmed that the Mayor had responded to the ENS Report, requesting specific documentation. Nayler has granted the mayor another 7 days to submit his final response.

Oudtshoorn. 11 February 2013. 09h45. Here is the final ENS Forensics report on the alleged abuse of travelling and accommodation claims submitted by Mayor Wessie van der Westhuisen: Eden ENS Report

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15 thoughts on “The ENS Report on Wessie van der Westhuisen

  1. I cannot agree more! The DA should not be upset about the report becoming public knowledge. The should be much much more concerned that anyone (they the DA) would want to keep such information out of the public eye! We the citizens should see more of this. But, I suppose, they’ve been caught with their trousers around their ankles and it hurts. Badly. If only they were as indignant about the corruption within their own ranks as they were about the leaking of the report, or the corruption within the ANC…

  2. My one relative works for Eden, and says that even they heard about this report during last week.

    So perhaps Wessie and co need to look into who in the administration had access to this report-my relative explained that it normally is the office of the MM,Speaker and in this case would include the office the mayor as well.

    But as the speaker and mayor are from the same party, a third party could be involved here that is clearly not DA 🙂

  3. Upset for all the wrong reasons, and angry no doubt that they have been exposed as liars in the process.

    The DA stands for clean, open, honest, transparent and good governance. Where is the openness, where is the transparency, where is the honesty and where is the good governance in all this. That is what we were told we would get in exchange for voting DA.. We voted for them and a contract came into existence. Since coming to power the DA has consistently breached that contract with its voters. It has not delivered what it undertook to deliver against our payment. If only the new Consumer Act applied.

    Apart from this, it is very worrying that the media, with the exception of O!O have remained silent over the past week. The past week has brought revelations backed up by unchallengeable and unchalleneged documentation that the DA, the second biggest party in South Africa, the official opposition has made no less than two major policy shifts.

    The DA openly tolerates criminal corruption by their councillors and takes active steps at the highest levels to conceal it from the public.

    The DA at no less than the Premier’s office approves the creation of jobs-for-pals and condones the deployment of political cronies into these positions.

    Whether we like it or not, this is a major shift in DA policy. They may not have announced it in a press release or in parliament, but their actions in Eden and Plett speak far louder than words ever could.

    The press, from die Son to the Mail and Guardian and from the Sunday Times to Rapport remain silent, but for false reports in some instances (Son, The Times, Burger?) geared to harm the credibility of those in the DA who may oppose the new immoral direction.

    Please, O!O, now that it is old news, send your information directly to the editors of these publications. More people deserve to know what is really happening, it is your civic duty to do so.

  4. I was informed yesterday afternoon and evening that Eden councillors and administrators, and DA leaders in Cape Town were upset about the publication of the ENS Report, below.

    Cape Town was trying to determine the source of O!O’s information.

    Would it not be much, much more productive to focus on solving the Eden problems defined by the KPMG and ENS reports, rather than searching for a leak of ligitimate information that should have been in the public domain to start with!?

  5. Van der Westhuizen moet die eerbare ding doen en BEDANK. Uit sy amp, uit die raad en uit sy party. VOERTSEK.

  6. Damn! The truth has a horrible and inconvenient way of always coming to the surface!

    Andrew, you are spot on I think. The way I read it every senior official and every single councillor in Eden District Municipality is now compelled by law to report the corrupt acts of vd Westhuizen and Niehaus in terms of the requirements set down for reporting in the Prevention of Corruption and Corrupt Activities Act.

    Bredell and Botha have known about this for months, at best they failed to do anything about it, and at worst they have actively covered-up corruption. These gentlemen should do the honourable thing and resign from parliament.

    The SAPS officers who investigate this nest of corruption should look carefully at Bredell and Botha’s complicity under the Act. They had a duty to report ito of the Act and did not do so and ito the Act are deemed complicit.

    There are many other skeletons in this particular DA closet, and I think that Koos would already have picked up the hundreds of little travel claim skeletons if he opened the cupboard. A nice little Eden “Travelgate” brewing which cuts across party lines and goes back years.

    As predicted O!O we hear nothing from the DA or their apologists such as Mr Bell.

    Local and Provincial Government have both failed so now is the time for National Government to step in. As a first step let National Treasury cut off funding to this corrupt mess, they serve no purpose anyhow.

  7. IP,enige een van ons kan nou die aangeleentheid onder die Valke se aandag bring ons het mos nou almal die verslag gesien en is bewus van die beweerde misdaad en wie die verdagtes is.Ons is verplig!

  8. Mense, moet nou asseblief nie asem ophou nie. Die DA het klaar ‘n warm storie geformuleer oor presies hoekom hulle Wessie nie kan vervolg nie! Dink julle nou regtig die DA is enige iets beter as die ANC?

  9. What a shocker…..and this man is a DA Mayor, born again christian and appeares to be such a open and honest person!

  10. Die deler is so goed soos die steler. OO, het iemand dit al aanhangig gemaak by relevante outoriteite as die DA so traag is om te reageer tteenoor hul eie ‘poster noise” soos die Publieke Beskermer op George, die SAPD, Noseweek, die algemene pers, sosiale Media ens. Enige reaksie van Bredell, Botha, Ivan Meyer and ander hooggeplaasdes in die DA wat belas is met sulke aangeleenthede ? Wat se die DA advokaat wat sedert verlede week n must- look-like-i-am-trying-to-do-something poging ?

    Wat het die ANC hieroor te se. Indien wel, sal ons graag will weet wat hul doen oor hul eie nes van rowers
    Enige nuus oor Dina Pule, Mac Maharajh en n menigte ander ?

  11. Nouja toe wie gaan nou die nodige doen soos daar deur die wetgewing vereis word?

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