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Oudtshoorn. 8 February 2013. 07h30. After reading the final ENS Forensics report on travelling and accommodation claims by the Eden mayor, I wrote Western Cape DA leader Ivan Meyer last night to demand action:

The Premier; you, the Provincial Leader; and the Constituency Head owe the people of Eden an explanation for the DA’s torpidity, and a clear statement of tactic to prevent any repeat of such outrageous administrative blustery.

The “process” by which the ENS findings are to be managed through caucus, council and ministry is nothing but a cheap ruse for delaying an exigent political requisite: Some 2,500 years after the story was first told in the so-called Priestly, or P-Source, yet another is to be driven from Eden.

No alternative will suffice.

Us people of Eden deserve respect from the ruling party.

I await your response by no later than noon, Monday, February 11, failing which I shall publish the findings.

If you think the above a threat I will at least have the joy of delighting in your perceptivity.

One of my confidants charged me within an hour of receipt to follow through with my threat or face his challenge on O!O at 12h01 on Monday:

“I’ll bet you a pound to a pinch of shit that you get no response. I’ll be on O!O at 12:01 Monday and ready to comment. You forgot to mention all the breaches of the code of conduct for DA public representatives…

“One thing is for certain, if you do not come clean on what you know you will be complicit in a coverup and I will call you on that…”

It is time that the DA be called to account for its atrocious political management of Eden Municipalities.

Ye gods and faeries, correspondence with DA functionaries this week revealed individuals arguing themselves into Gordian knots – knowingly or unwittingly admitting to outrageous “policies” and “strategies” and “tactics”. These are people charged with managing our very towns and the Eden district!

But the DA “Leadership” is bent on one thing: more power after future elections… For our benefit of course.

Hopefully O!O readers no longer believe in the Tooth Fairy either.

Here’s a thought: If you have a complexion not caucasion, and previously belonged to the Independent Democrats, or currently to Cope, you have political licence in DA councils and administrations. If you used to be ANC… You are untouchable.

The poster boys rule, O.K!

Pandering to the pathetic. It is emetic.

O, and by the pantheons, don’t speak your mind. Is there even one DA councillor with crown jewels!?

One… That is not under siege by the Marks Building Militia!?

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4 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy is alive and well and living in Eden

  1. Not only is the DA silence deafening, but their inactivity raises huge clouds of dust. How much longer can the DA maintain this f***-you attitude towards their supporters and the voting public. Who is in charge of their PR?

    It is going to be very interesting to watch this episode unfold and to see how the DA either covers up by closing ranks, maintaining silence and confusing the whole issue in red tape and pious pronouncements on rights and procedures or tries to flat out lie its way out of trouble again. Or a combination of both, maybe.

    Some prediction as to what happens:
    We know that Bredell has at this point already ducked under his desk and is sitting in the dark just in case somebody would expect him to do something. There will no action from “local government” quarters.

    Theuns Botha, in his own inimitable style continues to dash around trying to make deals and maneuver himself into a position where some benefit accrues to him out of this fiasco, just as he has been doing since becoming aware of the situation months ago. Nothing escapes our Theuns.

    Don’t expect anything from Dr Meyer. He is there just as window dressing so don’t expect anything from him. He must leave all the running to the real boss, Theuns. (See above.)

    Helen Zille is probably not even aware of nor interested in any of this and in any event she is busy making a hard run for power in Gauteng and the NC, South Africa and the World. Far all intents and purposes she is disinterested and absent.

    The other DA political office bearers and dignitaries, Regional Chair, Constituency Chair, Branch Chairs and their respective committees are all waiting with bated breath for instructions from Theuns (See above) as to what they should do or not do and say. Not an ounce of gumption and not a single original thought amongst them. In the mean time the rule remains the Botha Law of political discourse – SILENCE – nobody talks but the Boss. And its corollary, Even when the Boss is no longer the boss, the Boss remains the boss.

    The all powerful Federal Chairman and his Federal Executive Committee. They are waiting for the word from Theuns. (See above)

    But, have some sympathy, on top of all this the Bitou Bugger-up looms large.

    There will, however, be blood. Botha’s First Rule of Consequences tells us that. “There must always be a corpse.” But who will be the corpse in this case? I think that the “Messenger” (whoever that was) is a good bet.

  2. poli (meaning many) and tics (meaning blood sucking parasites)… Excellent!

  3. The word Politics is derived from the word poli (meaning many) and tics ( meaning blood sucking parasites)
    Say no more about about the Eden Mayor and all the blood sucking politicians from all spheres.
    And some still think going INDEPEDENT is bad !

    Weet iemand of Barnard of Bredell of beide al bedank het ? mmmm ..poli-tics …mmmmediocre white men ??

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