Koos Cilliers in Eden

The DA takes the people of Eden for fools

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Oudtshoorn. 8 February 2013. 11h25. Advocate Koos Cilliers, advisor to Premier Zille, and a formidable professional as I can personally attest, is interviewing every man and his dog in Eden – about the two damning reports: KPMG and ENS Forensics. And about the awesome tarradiddles Wessie van der Westhuizen spun Helen Zille and Co earlier in some desperate attempt to justify his exposed maladministration.

Cilliers called for a copy of the KPMG report earlier today… Why now!? Had he not seen it previously!?

That report has not been acted on by local government minister Anton Bredell, nor by Eden consituency head Theuns Botha, nor by Western Cape DA leader Ivan Meyer for months!

What possible expectation should the people of Eden have that the ENS report will be acted upon!?

Cilliers is wasting time and money – the DA will not act against the coloured ex-ID Wessie van der Westhuizen.

Cilliers knows it. Bredell knows it. Botha knows it. Meyer knows it. Van der Westhuizen knows it. I know it. Now you know it.

The “process” by which the KPMG and the ENS findings are to be managed through caucus, council and ministry is nothing but a cheap ruse for delaying an exigent political requisite: Some 2,500 years after the story was first told in the so-called Priestly, or P-Source, yet another is to be driven from Eden.

No alternative will suffice.

Us people of Eden deserve respect from the ruling party.

And all the DA does is wasting time and money in some vain attempt to appear to be working the problem of a rogue mayor.

If the DA is unwilling and unable to run a council it controls outright, what possible expectation dare voters harbour for a DA government in Oudtshoorn and elsewhere?

Clearly the DA is convinced the people of Eden are fools.

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20 thoughts on “Koos Cilliers in Eden

  1. Does provincial traffic have the right to follow citizens from their homex just to stop and give them a fine….as mentioned by andrew.

  2. Koos is only here to advise Antie Helen on how to dodge the bullet. That’s all.

  3. Ou Koos se besoek aan Eden is ook vir mystery maar kom ons wag en kyk of OO sy belofte gestand gaan doen. Die issue rondom Tertius Simmers is natuurlik ‘n non-issue en hys reg daars mense in die Wessie kamp by Eden wat agter dit sit.Waarom sal die provinsiale verkeersowerhede hom agtervolg tot by sy werksplek indien iemand hulle nie verwittig het van die feit dat Tertius nie ‘n rybewys het nie. Dit is no classical DA politiek!

  4. Koos in Eden. It is a mystery to me. As far as I know he is employed by the province in the Premier’s office, and is not on her political staff, but I may be wrong.

    I don’t think this kind of thing has anything to do with the provincial government. As I understand it, if a speaker becomes aware of irregularities by councilors he must investigate by asking the MM to arrange for an outsider to investigate and must also give the councilor concerned time to respond.

    I think once a report has been received from the investigator the matter is out of the speakers hands and it becomes an administrative task to appoint disciplinary chairman etc and then the process runs its course as per the councilors’ code of conduct legislation. As you say, it is the MM’s responsibility and one wonders why he has not acted accordingly for all this time. I don’t see that Koos could play a role in that process unless he is presiding officer, but then again he would not be in George and investigating ahead of an actual hearing, so probably not that..

    With regard to the political party side of things, what is alleged to have happened may or may not be a breach of their own code of conduct and the procedure is contained in their constitution and code of conduct for public reps. Whether or not and how that is applied seems to depend on who you are and who you know and appears that it is not always applied equally across the board. I do not think that somebody outside the party can play a role in the process and as far as I know Koos is not a DA office bearer if he is even a member which I doubt.

    A mystery to me.

    Waiting for O!O and 12:00 today then we will know more and maybe the mystery will be cleared up.

  5. Pletty they (Daceivers) will not be able to sweep this scandal under the carpet. The Office of the Public Protector will certainly hear about it within the next day or two. What the hell is Koos Cilliers doing in Eden? In terms of what authority is he interfering in the affairs of a local authority. It can’t be that Ou Kooos is acting in termns of section 106 of the Systems Act or is he there as a DA functionary? These actions of the DA amount to an abuse of power and contravention of the Prevention of Corrupt Practices Act. The action that was supposed to be taken regarding the KPMG report was not a matter for the Bredell, Theunsie or Godzilla but a matter for the municipal manager to address. So please let us not be fooled here!

  6. I think its a bit more complicated than that. Wessie is obviously calling in favours from all over, hence the involvement of Putco. But this has the hallmarks of a Theuns Botha plan. He says there must always be a corpse. Wessie is his man so the corpse is NOT going to be Wessie if he can help it, so another victim has to be found and prepared for sacrifice. Simmers is the chosen man I think. He has quite obviously done nothing wrong apart from driving without a licence maybe, but other than that ZIP. Two flies with one klap here too, because you’re right, Simmers from the little I know about him and the way he was brought up is his own man. He will not go along with the stuff Wessie and Theuns are up to.

    The intersting thing is going to be whether Uncle Donald comes to his defence or whether he is too lilly livered to do that as he has proved to be in the past.

    So glad I’m not dependent upon Grant having to take a principled stand.

    This has all the hall marks of a Theuns Botha hit.

  7. Could it be that the eden mayor and his COPE advisor are the architechts of this smoke screen……and now they want to damage the image of Tertuis Simmers because he is against their corrupt ways?

  8. guys, guys guys. Wag ‘n bietjie. I’m referring to The Times which says this:

    “A DA councillor in Western Cape has been drawing a municipal transport allowance despite not having a valid driver’s licence – a precondition.” That is what Quinto Mtyala would have you believe.

    This is what the law actually says:

    Upper limits of the allowances of full-time councillors
    6. The upper limits of the allowances of a full-time councillor, which form part of the
    total remuneration package, are as follows:
    (a) Motor vehicle allowance:
    (i) An allowance of not more than 25% of the annual total remuneration
    package of a councillor concerned as determined in terms of item 5;
    (ii) In addition to the allowance referred to in subparagraph (i), and in addition to
    the annual total remuneration package of a councillor as determined in terms
    of item 5, official distances travelled may be claimed in accordance with the
    councils’ applicable policy, and not exceeding the applicable tariffs
    prescribed by the Department of Transport for the use of privately-owned
    (iii) For the purposes of claiming running and maintenance allowances, a
    logbook acceptable to the South African Revenue Service reflecting the
    official and private kilometres travelled per month must be kept; 8 No. 34869 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 14 DECEMBER 2011
    (iv) Where a municipal council makes a vehicle available to a councillor, other
    than an executive mayor or mayor where applicable, for use on official
    business, the councillor would not be entitled to the 25% motor vehicle
    allowance that must be calculated on the annual total remuneration
    package, as determined in terms of item 5; and
    (v) Nothing herein contained shall prevent a councillor from making use of a
    council-owned vehicle for attendance at a specific function which that
    councillor has been delegated to attend.

    IT says bugger all about driver’s licences and there are no preconditions. It is simply a manner in which a remuneration package may be structured. WTF is this reporter talking about. He is sloppy and did not do his home work. He simply believed what somebody told him. Somebody who knows better and was just using him. Shame.

    Strange that suddenly the ANC says:

    “It was illegal for councillors to receive transport allowances when they do not have a valid driver’s licence.” Say what? You will scare the hell out of your own guys. Just one example is old Lawrence Kuiters who served for 10 years and had no licence and chose to structure his remuneration package that way. Must Lawrence now pay back.
    Then Mr Putco Mapitiza weighs in with accusations of tax fraud. Jeez, Putco!! You of all people know better. Now you’re a tax expert. Does that count equally then for Lawrence? According to the gospel of Putco Lawrence, and god knows how many other councillors defrauded SARS over a period of years. What you been smoking?

    Guys, this is crap engineered to take the heat off the real skabengas. It does not pay to take info coming from Putco, the DA, the ANC, COPE, any lazy journalist and certainly not from The Times one of the worst newspapers on the planet as being even vaguely accurate and correct.

    There is going to be a huge amount of smoke blown around Wessie to protect him and distract attention in the next days and weeks. Careful what you believe.

  9. I have been challenged now by IP and by Pletty…

    I have given an undertaking for Monday gentlemen, please allow me honour that.

  10. OO, you will be guilty of ‘delays”, just like Koos Cilliers with his play-play futile make-as-if-we-are-doing-something-about-it tactics if you dont ACT NOW and force the hypocrytical DA’s hand by;
    1) Publish your report NOW (dont wait till Monday)
    2) Report the matter immediately to the Public Protector in George
    then sit back and watch this space !

    Lets see if the PP’s advocate and Cilliers come to the same conclusion and in the meantime inform all the media, public, Joe Blog and his cat about this ongoing corruption, demanding a thorough investigation and public report back about these parasites in sheeps clothing. Sing, that fat Lady will Sing, that i can assure you !

  11. And why would Hein Coetzee knowingly lie in his article……unless we have a Brown Envelope case on our hands.

  12. I believe there is more to the story about the unlicenced one then meets the eye…..in The Times of today it clearly states he had a learners licence…..so he was not totally unlicenced as Die Son claimed.

    So know the question beckons……whose info is correct?

  13. If only the unlicenced ones learnt that the laws of South Africa apply to all, DA, ANC , AWB or joe public, and now as Lance Armstrong learnt now pay! Insurance,allowance, petrol all must be paid back….surely?

  14. tut tut, They are victims,,,hahaha please pull the other one. Please do not blame the media if you get exposed. That is justice albeit delayed.

  15. So true Ed,so true……then there are the DA Eden councilors who want justice to prevail…..but they will become victims as is currently being orchestrated in the media against one.

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