A letter to Mosiuoa Lekota

Cope’s Eden antics

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Oudtshoorn. 6 February 2013. 09h30.

Dear Mr Lekota

My earlier correspondence in this matter refers.

I am informed that you do not address matters local, but I prefer to speak to those at whose desks the proverbial buck stops.

The Eden Cope demand for money and position is acknowledged by several informed local councillors and administrators across party lines.

The demand for a so-called “14th cheque”, by Eden, for Cope Western Cape Leader Vujani Gouws, has not yet been satisfactorily explained.

It is now clear that demand for position is also rife.

The staff contingent of the Bitou Cope Deputy Mayor is to be expanded – I attach two current advertisements in this matter.

It is obvious that much more than the extra R25,000 odd for Gouws is at the bottom of clear disharmony between Cope and the DA in Eden, despite the curt January 10 message from Theuns Botha: “We had a successful meeting, thank you.”

Something is wrong in the State of Eden.

In addition to Gouws, Cope Eden spokesperson Allan Kock was also “parked” in Eden District Municipality after the May 2011 elections when the DA won Eden outright.

Prudent Eden DA councillors complained about the cost of carrying the dead wood. Eventually the Eden DA constituency head, Theuns Botha – also the DA’s head of government business – forced Kock on Bitou, where he was positioned as “office manager” to the Cope deputy mayor… to the irritation and vociferous objection of at least one judicious DA councillor in that municipality – a man subsequently removed by the DA.

A “Personal Assistant to the Deputy Mayor” – R127,992 per annum; and a “Clerk: Special Programmes” – R89,678 per annum, both tied to the deputy mayor’s term of office, are now being recruited.

The clerk is to “assist with the building of institutional support structures and mechanisms to effect the mainstreaming of transversal issues.”

Say WHAT!?

I venture a translation: “Taurine ordure”.

Kock’s cost to Bitou is believed to be in the region of R240,000 per annum.

Adding the cost of the new recruits, the Bitou ratepayers is therefore expected to “sponsor” Cope members to the tune of some R450,000 per annum – much more, claims a number of Southern Cape DA councillors.

Add the cost of the deputy mayor’s body guard and driver…

Western Cape DA Chair and minister of local government Anton Bredell even financed an expensive PwC audit last year to tighten the organogram. That the advertised posts are, according to Bitou Corporate Services, incorporated in this document smacks of political interference; and speaks to the folly of the expense.

The duties of a deputy mayor, pardon – “executive” deputy mayor – can be disposed of by a busy person in half an hour before breakfast, to borrow a phrase once used by an efficient old school Oudtshoorn director about a then new appointment in “strategic” management.

You should ensure that the “Executive Deputy Mayor” not be afforded three staffers to help him fill his daily 30 minutes, and at ratepayer expense.

Please see to this matter.

O, and have Cope support Gouws from Cope coffers if you please; he is of no use to us in Eden.

In conclusion: If Cope cadres support the DA for personal benefit only, please rather dump the “cooperation agreement” – we locals can’t afford the luxury of the Cope support.

Yours truly

Drewan Baird

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4 thoughts on “A letter to Mosiuoa Lekota

  1. Mfundo. You could just have a point there. Either way it would seem that we have reached that happy but very dangerous state of affairs where the opposition and the ruling party are in complete accord on everything. At that point I submit the opposition loses all relevance especially in an instance such as this when a blatant irregularity has been exposed and they remain silent. One huge happy family and the residents of Plett pay for their jollies!!

    I am not saying oppose for the sake of opposing but when it’s called for, do your work. Let’s hear it from Marius and the ANC. Now’s the time to show your mettle in opposition, issue a statement and bring a motion to council.

  2. But if you include Memory then the ANC are 7-thar’s why they are quiet hey

  3. I have one question for the Honourable above.
    How long sir do you think it is going to take for the Taxpayers to get ‘gatvol’ of all these unnecessary and often unauthorised waisteful expenditure, corruption and incompetence before the public start witholding their taxes to all the predatory “elite”and gravy trainers, cause that dear Sir is when your income will disappear over night and the municipality will collapse, all because of political meddling and continued ineptitude that you helped create !!.

    The writing is already on the wall for more than 84% municipalities, Tswane been the latest today who are late in paying salaries. When this starts happening are the people going to come to your house en mass to look for answers and retribution ? Will you be up to the challenge if this happens ?

  4. Why is the ANC being left out of the loop and off-the-hook -if Mr Craig will excuse the unintentional infringement on his trade mark.

    The ANC has 6 councillors out of 13 on the Bitou council. They are the only and official opposition in the council and as such have a duty of oversight over the doings of the ruling DA led DA/Cope coalition. They have a duty to their constituents and indeed those of the DA who are being let down by their parties in government. A duty to all residents of the Bitou municipality. A duty further reinforced and cemented by their oaths of office inter alia, “…will obey, respect and uphold the Constitution and all other law of the Republic;”

    That duty of course applies equally to the 13 councillors, but if those in power do not honor their oath of office, as appears to be happening in this instance, it is the duty of the opposition councillors (ANC) to kick some arse.

    How about it, where does the ANC stand on this?

    How about asking Marius Fransman to give some clarity on the ANC’s position?

    Do they support this jobs-for-pals move in Bitou or not?

    It’s worth a try, even though the DA and COPE do not respond to questions, maybe the ANC will set a good example in this regard for the others to follow.

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