Pietersen wins appeal

Beleagured ex-MM escapes prison

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Oudtshoorn. 1 February 2013. 16h15. At 10h35 this morning Noël Pietersen was exonerated in the Cape Town High Court and his conviction of 15 February 2012 set aside.

O!O was first with the news within the hour. The NPA functionary who took O!O’s first enquiry exclaimed: “How do you know about this!?”

During the Regional Court case no witness could remember exactly what transpired during the time of the alleged crime.

A roleplayer intimately involved with the appeal told O!O on condition of anonymity that the High Court had little alternative but to find in favour of Pietersen as the evidence clearly indicates that Tinus Mathyssen, then Acting CFO; Thembani Gutas, Director Corporate Services; and Diane de Jager, DA Mayor, all knew about the payment of Pietersen’s personal legal fees from municipal funds… and elected to do nothing about it.

The actions, or lack of action, by the senior municipal management team and by the council at the time was seen by the High Court as at least tacit approval of Pietersen’s use of municipal funds.

It must be remembered that it was the DA that ultimately installed Noël Pietersen as municipal manager of Oudtshoorn, after the ANC Administrator, Louis Scheepers, appointed him.

When Nic Barrow revealed Pietersen’s wretched management background in an attempt to prevent the appointment, the then DA constituency head, Sidney Opperman, infamously told a delegation at Gotland House: “As julle wil boks, gaan boks in die Oos-Kaap”.

Even the DA MP, Opperman, wanted Pietersen appointed!

This matter was reported to Helen Zille who failed to act.

Oudtshoorn will be long in recovering from… Well, not the Pietersen saga as such, but the idiot management of the DA and the ANC.

One is disccombobulated by the sheer backwardness of the Oudtshoorn Councils so far this millennium.

Several chapters are still outstanding in the multi-party Pietersen saga: The Supreme Court of Appeals hearing in the Nel v Pietersen case is scheduled for this month, and in May Pietersen will return to the Oudtshoorn Regional Court to continue proceedings started on Monday.

Elephants are ‘afighting, and as usual the grass is damaged.

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6 thoughts on “Pietersen wins appeal

  1. IP, julle gaan baie geld mors aan hofkostes, maar julle het seker genoeg gemaak in die
    goeie ou dae! Daar is een ding wat ek geleer het uit “sommige” sogenaamde Afrikaners, “hulle is hardkoppig
    en onnosel (x2)”! Watch, Listen and learn IP< kWb

  2. KWB, nie so haastig nie boeta !
    Noelie se onlangse Klagstaat waar hy en Avoduur en Mogale moet verduidelik is nog hangende.
    Die sports het maar net beginne vir die manne !

  3. KwB

    Dooms het belastingbetalergeld gebruik om sy persoonlike regskoste te betaal.

    Diane de Jager se raad en amptenary het anderpad gekyk.

    Ek is bly Dooms gaan nie tronk toe nie. Want ‘n hele spul sou moes saam gaan.

    Dit was belastingbetalersgeld – en NIEMAND in die raad of in die amptenary het ‘n flenter omgegee nie.

  4. O!O, ek het jou gese jy laat die pap op die vloer val voordat dit aan die kroos gevoer kan word. En die kommentators se bekke is stil. So sal dit een na die ander weerlê word. We salute you Noelie, deurdruk comrade, bloudruk comrade. Wat sê ou Nicolas Natas? Julle sal beter pas op http://www.leeblikkies.com

  5. The sad, sad reality of life in Oudthsoorn (and elsewhere) summed up in one sentence:

    “This matter was reported to Helen Zille who failed to act.”

  6. Soos reeds gese, n lewe van Klagstaat tot Klagstaat vir Pietersen nou sy voorland “all by its own making, that is why cowboys should not cry”

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