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Oudtshoorn. 1 February 2013. 08h30. O!O first revealed Cope’s extortion in Eden in December when the Bitou deputy mayor, Adam van Rhyner, boycotted a council meeting in solidarity with the claim of Vyjani Gouws, Cope Western Cape leader, and political advisor to the Eden mayor, for a 14th cheque.

It is now clear that much more than the extra R25,000 odd remains at stake, despite the curt January 10 message from Theuns Botha, DA Western Cape “deputy” leader: “We had a successful meeting, thank you.”

Cope wants more positions for its unemployed. The party even demanded directorships! But it settled for something less – surprise, surprise.

Botha; and Cope’s Mosiuoa Lekota, Leonard Ramatlakane, and Nic Koornhof assured O!O in January that all was well and the relationship between the DA and Cope above suspicion.

But all is not well.

As a matter of fact, Cope has the DA over a barrel in Eden.

In addition to Gouws, Cope Eden spokesperson Allan Kock was also “parked” in Eden District Municipality after the May 2011 elections when the DA won Eden outright. The two cadres had to be “accommodated” by arrangement to secure the DA / Cope “cooperation agreement”.

Prudent Eden DA councillors complained about the cost of carrying the dead wood. Eventually the Eden DA constituency head, Botha – also the DA’s head of government business – forced Kock on Bitou, where he was positioned as “office manager” to the Cope deputy mayor… to the irritation and vociferous objection of judicious DA councillors in that municipality. Bitou DA constituency head Donald Grant followed his boss’s lead. Remember, the DA consists of yes-men and women; of flunkies – they do as they’re told, or else… Johann Brummer, the main objector to Kock’s redeployment was since “automatically” removed as councillor by a DA computer.

And you thought it was only the ANC that appointed and redeployed cadres!

Two Bitou advertisements appeared in the Southern Cape media this week: For a “Personal Assistant to the Deputy Mayor” – R127,992 per annum; and for a “Clerk: Special Programmes” – R89,678 per annum.

Kock’s cost to Bitou is believed to be in the region of R240,000 per annum.

The Bitou ratepayers is therefore funding the DA / Cope “cooperation agreement” to the tune of some R450,000 per annum – in a council where Helen Zille, DA Leader, sold “control” to unsuspecting Ward 2 voters in December to return a DA candidate to council… something her trusting supporters duly did.

This outrageous waste of ratepayer money is justified by the DA leaders as being necessary to maintain the relationship between the DA and Cope.

It’s chequebook politics, irrespective of how it is spinned and the cheque is drawn on the ratepayer account.

Plett residents clearly recall Anton Bredell’s comments after the 2009 elections that no “nonsense spending” would be tolerated in Bitou, or anywhere the DA governs.

Bredell’s office even sponsored an expensive PwC audit last year to tighten the organogram. But Cope wants nothing of that. Cope wants money for its members. And the ratepayers must cough up.

There shall be an independent option for voters come the next municipal elections. Voters can avail themselves of that option, or continue unabated on the road to political perdition.

By the way, the duties of a deputy mayor, pardon – “executive deputy mayor” – can be disposed of by a busy person in half an hour before breakfast, to borrow a phrase once used by an efficient old school Oudtshoorn director about a tn new appointment in “strategig” (sic) management.

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Now they steal oxygen!

10 thoughts on “Now they steal oxygen!

  1. Jy reg Ed dit is “n ANC raad hulle kan maar se wat hulle wil. Donderdag is nog “n ANC kader as Director Corporate Services aangestel. Nou se jy vir my waar het jy nou van dit gehoor dat die Daceivers ANC mense aanstel?

  2. Pletty

    If I’ve said it once… Where on Earth do the cadres learn their phraseology; their diction; their mot (in)juste!?



    By me Bitou is an ANC council.

    Any arguments to the contrary?


  3. Mr Ed, you’re a man of words and I’m hoping you can help me here.

    I was reading the ad for the Clerk: Special Programmes position in the executive deputy mayor’s office. For no real reason, but you never know when something comes up that may suit you and get you onto the gravy train.

    I think I’m quite well suited for most of the functions, but one throws me completely and I’m hoping you can help with the one thing now standing between me and submitting my application for this seat on the gravy train.

    Here goes: ” Assist with the building of institutional support structures and mechanisms to effect the mainstreaming of transversal issues.” WTF?

    Oh! Never mind. Too late! I’ve just looked at the foot of the advert and I see applications already closed on the 1st of Feb. Dammit. Phew! That was quick. Just 24hrs to apply….

  4. Chris. Daardie toerisme ding stink tot in die fondamente. Daar is oor jare hard gewerk om ‘n goeie plan daar te stel en dit uit die hande van skerminkels en raadslede te hou. Die raad het selfs die besluit geneem om dit te vermag, maar wat toe gebeur is dat ‘n raadslid teen daardie besluit opgetree het en die hele ding terug sy hande en die van die skerminels gesit het.Hou vir Wallington hier dop, hy is ‘n groot tjom van Donald Grant. Dit is net ‘n kwessie van tyd.

    Van Rhyner is ‘n grap. Kan jy jou voorstel hy het nie minder as drie mense in sy kantoor nodig terwyl ons almal weet daar is vir hom niks om te doen nie en al was daar sou hy dit nie kon doen nie. Shame.

    Die ding gaan nog interesant word. Nou moet ons net wag en sien hoe reageer die DA wanner ‘n raad wat hulle beheer dinge doen wat absoluut 100% indruis teen dit waarvoor die party staan. hierdie keer kan hulle nie agter die verskonings van aparte vlakke van regering skuil nie. Dit is uit en uit ‘n verkragting van dit waarvoor die DA staan.

    Ek stem. O!O doen ‘n great job.

  5. Someone above seems extremely naive.
    Lets give it a month or two and see if you will still be so naive
    I hear the moon will be completely green tonight after 8 pm….mmmm ???

  6. “No need to panic. Donald Grant is dealing politically with this little political hiccup inside the DA.” Hahahaa It’s the 1st of Feb not APRIL.

  7. OK. so what happens now? Should we panic?

    The bad news is that we cannot expect the MEC for Logal Government, the hyperactive Anton Bredell to do anything. This is a municipal decision taken at the municipal level of government and provincial government cannot interfere.

    The good news is, there is more than one way of skinning a cat. A municipality may be a separate and equal sphere of government, but within the DA as a party there are no such constraints.. Members, especially public representatives must stick to party policies and directives or pay the price. The party’s hierarchy stretches seamlessly from top to bottom. Defy the party line and you lose your membership and your cushy job. That is a powerful weapon in the hands of the party leadership and as leaders it is their responsibility to ensure that the party’s policy and principles are carried out.

    In November/December when no less a personage than Helen Zille asked us to vote DA in the bye election so that the DA can retain control of the municipality. Implicit in that is that retaining power in Bitou allows the DA policies, principles and philosophies to be applied in the running of the municipality rather than those of the ANC. Good idea.

    A question is where does the DA as a political party stand with regard to cadre deployment, more specifically where does the DA stand on the issue of employing party members in jobs in municipalities?

    An easy question to answer. All one has to do to see where the DA stands on cadre-deployment into municipalities That kind of behaviour is anathema to the DA. To quote just a piece from an official DA press statement just 2 days old. Fresh. Current.

    “South Africa has witnessed the damage which cadre deployment has done to local government and even the ANC itself has come as close as it will to admitting the failures of this policy. If the City of Johannesburg truly cares about its residents and providing them with quality services, they will do away with cadre deployment as well as publicly reveal the names of their officials and their appropriate qualifications, if any.”

    So, where does that leave us here in Plett?

    The DA asked us to vote for them because they need control of the council in Plett to enable them to apply DA policies to how our municipal affairs are managed. Sounded like a good idea. We did so overwhelmingly. We gave the DA control. The DA has control. DA policies will be applied. All good.

    Apparently then the adverts for obviously airy fairy political positions created in the Deputy Mayor’s office is the work of a DA council which is for some unknown reason unaware of the DA’s position on such matters.

    Obviously the DA will not allow such abuse in a municipality it controls.

    What will follow is that those concerned will be called in by their immediate political boss, our DA Constituency Head, Donald Grant. He will read them the riot act and tell them to cancel the whole ill-conceived exercise of creating unneeded political posts for political deployees and to pay back the money wasted on advertising these political positions to the municipality.

    If for any reason they ignore this instruction from their political leader, he will bring disciplinary charges against them in terms of the party’s constitution. They could very well under those circumstances be dismissed from the party which means they will also lose their council positions.

    No need to panic. Donald Grant is dealing politically with this little political hiccup inside the DA.

  8. Drewan Cope se Adam van Rhyner kon nie eers sy mense in New Horizon van huise voorsien nie, hy was al die tyd net daar vir homself. Dit is die natuur van die party hulle is “uitvreters”.

  9. Surprise, Surprise what a day for DA-governance. I must say I have the utmost respect for the OO, suddenly I understand what and un-biased journalist should do. I still want to know what is the OO’s official position on the Gupta’s and Zille, the wasted legal cost of R24million in Bitou and The Bitou Tourism Strategy developed by Peter Wallington one of the new advisors to the Bitou Mayor who conned the ANC into paying him a scandalous amount of R349 000. OO let us know what you think.

  10. Dankie OO, krapppp al die DA etter wonde oop. Die publiek dring daarop aan !
    Zille en die Guptas, Bredell, Theunsie en die Eeden Munisipaliteit het iets in gemeen, wat- raai self !!
    Stort die etter en begin van voor, is Rampele die oplossing ?
    Wat se Barnard oor alles ? Al genoeg gehad, gaan hy loop voor Bredell die trekpas kry ?

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