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Oudtshoorn. 29 January 2013. 05h300. My reports have been categorised by a leading South African communications guru as being “acerbic”.

I admit pride.

One of the most awkward outcomes of my acerbity is the DA’s attitude of snubbing O!O overtly while consuming O!O covertly.

It is, apparently, my persistence and approach that irks so.

First Helen Zille, on June 2, 2010 already, compared me to the boy who cried wolf. She did speak to me again though, when I was somewhat useful during the 2011 election campaign.

Then Theuns Botha said, in April last year if memory serves, that it’s “not nice” to be confronted day in and day out with one’s shortcomings, and especially not by a friend. After a while, he said, one does not want to braai with such friends any more.

I am here to tell you that the dearest friend is the one who critisises. I have such a friend. I consult him regularly. I regularly get something approaching a snotklap. And I go back for more.

If there is one thing I am not prepared to suffer, it is a leader surrounded by flunkeys.

Both Zille and Botha, and their cadres, have it, especially, about the insulting nature of my accusals and exposures.

Well, I think it would be particularly mendacious to coach blazing botches in beguiling banter.

Then, over the week-end, Zille tweeted about the ANC offence at the FNB advertising campaign…

“It is pure power abuse to bully a private company. The ANC should be defending people’s rights to criticise, not stop them.”

“Even if they were “wrong” that is NOT THE POINT. Freedom of speech includes freedom to offend.“

“Liking the ad (or not) is NOT the issue. It is free speech. Particularly important to defend when you DISAGREE WITH PEOPLE.”

When confronted about her objections to Julius Malema’s then suggestions that she slept with her cabinet ministers, Zille replied: “There is a difference between offending someone and defaming them.”

And then: “Martin Luther seriously offended the ‘Holy Roman Emperor’. Nelson Mandela seriously offended John Vorster. Pioneers often offend old order.”

I replied: “I often agree with you; often not; this, however, is spot-on. Perhaps it touches some point about my town, Oudtshoorn?”

For Helen Zille and her band of mediocre white men, as Noseweek once described her cabinet, with a record in Oudtshoorn as atrocious as this – click here – to be offended by anything I may say or write, is preposterous.

Robust criticism is the very foundation of organisational success. To shun it is to fail.

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One thought on “On criticism

  1. Nou sit Zille self met hande in die hare oor al daai lekke brekfists in die verlede, nuwe kantoormeubels ens op die Gupta’s en New Age se rekening ?. Slim vang sy baas en die ‘kettle called who black….? ”
    Plaas dat Zille en haar ‘mediocre men” ag geslaan het op kritici, nou word hul self met hierdie laaaang verwagte plank geslaan. Rampele bied nuwe hoop !

    Het Bredell en Barnard al bedank ? (Theunsie is in elk geval al oppad uit ! Hy moes in die eerste plek NOOIT OOIT daar gewees het nie ! Hoe langer hy bly, hoe minder vrinne om sy braaivleis vuurtjie ,”the road ahead is still going to become very very lonely for him !!”

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