The FNB apology to the ANC

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Oudtshoorn. 27 January 2013. 07h15. The FNB apology to the ANC, about the advertising campaign that troubled ANC sensibilities, sickens me and rises up against every fibre in my political, social, and philosophical being.

Here is a short twitter discourse involving FNB CEO Michael Jordaan, and consultant Richard Simmonds, selfconfessed “ChangeMaker and RuleBreaker“…

@RichSimmondsZA: If #FNB turns the #YoucanHelp campaign into a true #ActiveCitizenship campaign we will all help.

@MichaelJordaan: That remains the plan.

@DrewanBaird: Ag please… Dís ‘n horisontale tolvlug. Skade gedoen.

@RichSimmondsZA: Are you saying you would rather leave SA than do something to change SA? #ActiveCitizenship @michaeljordaan

@DrewanBaird: 1) Absolutely not! I am active every day – 2) Backing down is inexcusable. Period. #FNB failed. Badly. 3) Start by id’ing problems; speaking against it; NOT backing down.

Earlier I tweeted a few lines. In the matter:

Latest #FNB offering: Free with every ipad – a bike. But it can only backpeddle

Latest from #FNB: Debtor objects to letter demandig overdue payments. Bank apologises, promises not to write again.

FNB: Fact – No Balls

I also wrote Jordaan suggesting that FNB stands for First No Backbone.

FNB is a great bank and derserves its international innovation award through and through.

But the message that FNB has delivered is that it is better not to irritate the ANC.


The ANC, as is the DA, is deserving firstly of our individual and collective criticism. Heck, the reasons are all around us, even if we choose not to acknowledge it!

FNB failed in its civil duty… In service of its prime duty: shareholder wealth creation.

Nothing wrong with that!

But then FNB should never have engagedin the first place.

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2 thoughts on “The FNB apology to the ANC

  1. Drewan ek lees nou net Media24 dat Helen Zille het ook geld by ons Indian broers gekry genaamd die Guptas. Ek wil net weet of jy dit kan bevestig of nie, gaaf sal dit wees. Ek dink net as een ou die morele hoegrond bo die ander ou vat dan moet hy onberispelik wees as dit die regte Afrikaans is. Ons almal weet die Guptas is Zuma se eie “bankrollers” nou wat nou?

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