Cope threatens to go walkabouts

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Oudtshoorn. 15 January 2013. 14h50. Oikofugic is a really great word. It’s a noun meaning obsessive wandering.

After the blackmail attempt by Cope’s political appointee in Eden, Vujani Gouws – Wessie van der Westhuizen’s “political advisor” – Oudtshoorn’s Cope councillor earlier today said there were two Cope factions in the Western Cape – one for, and the other against cooperation with the DA, and that Cope may possibly discontinue its support for the DA in Eden.

This may be a further act of blackmail, or it may be something more serious.

Gouws, who is fixing for a 14th cheque, is still absent from his duties in the Eden mayoral office at this time.

One is discombobulated by the sheer superbia of it all, don’t you know!

Surely the voters of Eden, and of Oudtshoorn, and of Bitou have a right to know how their elected representatives are attuned!

Especially as the DA had won overwhelming support in the December Bitou by-election for its “control of the council” line.

O!O did mail the Cope leader, Mosiuoa Lekota, to determine the state of affairs.

Hopefully Lekota knows!

I’ll let you all know when I know.

Ye gods and faeries! Icosa in the DA camp and Cope in the ANC camp… So deurmekaar soos kots in ‘n tuimeldroër, met permissie.

Die plaaslike politiekuste is ‘n spul grapjasse.

Cope wants to wander… I wonder why.

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6 thoughts on “Cope threatens to go walkabouts

  1. Hulle is almal ‘n klomp fools. Die uitvoerende burgemeesterkomitee stelsel moet verander word na die uitvoerendekomitee stelsel dan sal hierdie sterte (Icosa, Cope en Npp’s ) nie meer die (honde)groter partye kan vermaak en afpers nie.. Dit is baie onwaarskynlik dat Lekota sy rug op die DA sal draai.

  2. My,my,my……..did the CPC and CNC decide this because their provincial leader cannot get a bonus….bonus?

  3. CNC, CPC, Whatever, Guys admit it , YOU are a joke. Not one of these deals, were democratic. A party that has a so called leader that flatly refuses to have a democratic conference, and keeps provinces tied up in court, is exactly what the ruling party wants. Enjoy!

    O!O, maybe do yourself a favour and contact the Cope Provincial head and get some detail on Vuyani and Cohorts.

    If the way forward is to disengage from the DA, then so be it. It was never agreed on branch level anyway.

    The DA has relied too much on this National “deal” and I think it is high time for change.

  4. Yes you are right O!O because the initial decision was taken by the Congress National Committee(CNC) even the though the CPC felt different.

  5. The Congress Provincial Committee(CPC) of Cope has released a press statement yesterday where they were communicating decisions of their meeting of 12/13 January 2012. One of their resolutions is” to terminate the mutual co-operative agreement wich exist between the DA and Cope within the Western Cape”.

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