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Oudtshoorn. 19 December 2012. 14h00. The thing about the DA that makes it impossible for me to support the party – and the thing that eviscerates the DA slowly – is the condemnable practice of eliminating alternative thinkers and critics from the party. It is a death knell, to be sure.

An organisation is as strong as the critics at its breast.

Here’s the thing: We need candy floss!

When you hold a stick in the candy floss machine you only get a thin deposit of hard sugar on it.

But when you agitate; when you move the stick about inside the machine, the lovely, sweet, wooly spun suger attaches for the delight of all who partake.

We need candy floss politicians.

The DA, however, consists of flunkies. They don’t agitate. They’re not allowed to agitate.

Without presently considering the merits and demerits of the events or cases resulting in their sanction and even suspension, four Mossel Bay ward councilors are currently under a DA federal storm cloud: Susan Moodie; Flip du Plessis; Nickey Lodewyks; and Gibo Gerber.

Moodie’s DA membership was terminated for her use of the taboo “K word” in May. The DA can certainly ill afford such outrages and the extreme sanction, now under appeal, followed upon the Mossel Bay Council’s finding that she be fined and apologise publicly. Moodie’s utterance is certainly unacceptable and damaging to the DA brand.

Lodewyks’s DA membership was also terminated. Having served for 20 years in the Mossel Bay Council, also as Speaker and Deputy Mayor, he was found guilty of contravening the DA’s constitution. He ‘unilaterally’ ‘interfered’ with the DA’s efforts to finalise the Point development.

Gerber and Du Plessis had their memberships terminated, but the sanctions were suspended for the duration of their terms as councilors. They differ with their caucus colleagues in matters relating to the Municipal Manager, Dr Michele Gratz.

Gerber had the entertaining temerity, in answer to an ANC question in Council about his silence, to wrap a cloth around his mouth, don dark glasses, and sit on his hands – to the mirth of all but the DA caucus members.

Such behaviour do not go down with the ‘Dear Leaders’ in the Marks Building.

Yet, again without entering into virtues and faults, Eden Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen and Bitou Mayor Memory Booysen, are above action; are members in good standing.

Ye gods and faeries!

Also sitting pretty are Diane de Jager (Oudtshoorn); Sumeia Ndayi (Bitou) and the vast majority of no-nonsense party line adherents warming council seats in Western Cape municipalities.

Johann Brummer, having so damaged the ANC brand that the DA won Bitou in May 2011, is out.

So are Jemayne Andrews; Beverley Cortjé-Alcock; Delina Goedeman… the last recently won her vacated seat back – for the ANC.

Johan Koegelenberg (Eden) and Pierre Nel (Oudtshoorn) have been shamefully left in the lurch; used; abandoned… regular O!O readers know the details by now.

How to keep one’s position in the DA? Keep one’s mouth shut.

How to open oneself to sanction? Open one’s mouth. Question the Dear Leaders.

DA councilors in good standing with the Marks Building are cadres acting as and when instructed by the “Deputy” Leader and his cronies.

That’s fine.

As long as I am not expected to support this farcical “alternative to the ANC”.

I want a councillor who is able, keen even, to put his finger right under Ivan Meyer’s nose and tell him to back off for the benefit of a particular community… Which may not exactly fit the “bigger picture party needs and demands”.

Well, all right, Ivan doesn’t really count. He’ll have to ask permission himself to breathe. Perhaps Theuns Botha’s schnozzle represents the more pertinent political protuberance.

Where I’ll be casting my next vote I do not know at this time.

I do know, however, where I simply can not go.

Will someone, somewhere, please get elected to a local council to represent the residents and not some political party?

Give me a team consisting of the likes of Johann Koegelenberg (Eden); Johann Brummer (Plett); Gibo Gerber (Mossel Bay); Flip du Plessis (Mossel Bay); Nickey Lodewyks (Mossel Bay); Beverley Cortjé-Alcock (Cape Town); Jemayne Andrews (Cape Town); Derick Welgemoed (Beaufort West); Wilton Kawa (Oudtshoorn); Mary-Anne Mngomezulu (Plett) – to mention but a few only – and I’ll show you a council run for the residents.

For the rest of ‘em…

As long as they toe the party line they’re all but useless to their constituents. Why waste a vote on ’em!?
Hier is Jan F Cilliers se Trou

Ek hou van ‘n man wat sy man kan staan,
ek hou van ‘n arm wat ‘n slag kan slaan,
‘n oog wat nie wyk, wat ‘n bars kan kyk
en ‘n wil wat so vas soos ‘n klipsteen staan!

Ek hou van ‘n man wat sy moeder eer,
in die taal uit haar vrome mond geleer,
die verraaiersgeslag in sy siel verag
wat, haar verstotend, homself kleineer.

Die oog wil ek sien wat ‘n traan nog ween
vir ‘n heldegeslag, in hul rus daarheen,
maar ‘n blits van trou in die traan van rou,
wat aan liefde weer gee wat haar bron is ontleen.

Vir my d’Afrikaner van durf en daad,
wat mammon’s eer en loon versmaad,
sy hoof en sy hand vir sy volk en sy land
en ‘n trap van sy voet vir laag verraad!

O, ‘k hou van ‘n man wat sy man kan staan;
ek hou van ‘n daad wat soos donder slaan,
‘n oog wat nie wyk, wat ‘n bars kan kyk
en ‘n wil wat so vas soos ‘n klipsteen staan!

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4 thoughts on “We need candy floss!

  1. One of my favourite favourite literary characters – Bertrand de Poulengey – in George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan: “We want a few mad people now, see where the sane ones have landed us.”

  2. This article makes me think of the following George Bernard Shaw saying: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” This certainly was, and still is, a lot of food for thought in my life.

  3. Colin… Colin,,, liewe Colin ! Did you even get the jist of this expose ?

    OO, vir wie stem mens nou eintlik op Munisipale vlak, wanneer beide die ANC en die DA nou ewe VLAK is ? Iets waarmee ek geruime tyd al worstel en vir my stemgeregtigde kinders leiding probeer gee. Ek is tans oortuig dat n wegbly stem die enigste manier is om op Munisipale vlak die hopelose partye in die bek te ruk. Hul verbeur dan hul proporsionele “meal ticket” en as hul persentasies drasties afneem en meer mense bly weg, gaan hul hopelik die ‘intensiewe sorg “se les leer wat hul so broodnodig moet leer onder n ja-broer, ja – baas skaapagtige navolgings mentaliteit niemand baat en almal net meer verslaaf in n diktatorskap inlei !!!!

    Intussen spoor ek ONAFHANKLIKES aan om te staan en het ons geleer uit die dubbelstandaard -DA fiasko met al hul leuens op Bitou se Wyk 2. Arme Craig – “like a lam to the slaughter” omdat sy ryk invloedryke ou pappie so gese het.

    En daar gee regter Desai vir Grant nog n snotklap vandag. Hoe pateties is hierdie spul DA nie – dit sit net nie in hul pype om dinge reg te kry nie. Vra maar vir Bredell en die UITERS SWAK regsadvies wat hul altyd inwin. Dis soos vir n swak dokter aan te hou betaal wat jou aanhoudend verkeerd diagnoseer en die ou lamsakkigge siektetjies neem net al meer toe.

    Die DA is self een van die dae in intensief en dan het Zille die vermetelheid en arrogansie om die swakste SA President ooit, (Zuma) te kritiseer terwyl haar eie DA lugkasteeltjies intuimel. !

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